Have Fun On This Last Day of 12/31/13 And The New Year!

New Year's Day postcard circa 1900

New Year’s Day postcard circa 1900 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want all of you to have fun in this last day of 2013, because the next year will be great. Now make 2014 proud and optimistic. Enjoy the festivities, reunions, and what’s ahead in your life. Remember to control your tempers, if not you’ll end up paying for it. Reflect on the positives of 2013, and make positive memories on the coming year. Enjoy 2014 with friends and families. Say “Happy New Year” to your families and friends. Remember to hug them, because they care about you. Happy New Year again everyone. I can’t wait till it is 2014! I am so excited! Make you New Year’s resolution for 2014! I want to see those smiles! Be Happy!


Haunted And Tormented By Ghosts

This morning was perfect. It was very foggy, b...

This morning was perfect. It was very foggy, but not freezing cold nor rainy. Naturally, I went out hunting for “ghost trees”—the cool combination of fog and foliage. I normally shoot landscapes with short lenses, but a recent “mistake” revealed that a long lens is even better for controlling just the right amount of fog in the shot. So this is an initial foray into long lens landscapes. Details: handheld, 70-200mm L, contrast adjustments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people try to figure out who is responsible of hurting our feelings. The most likely answer might be the ghosts; however they may be celebrities or average people no longer living. One thins is clear you can’t play with your feelings, because you won’t act normal at all. Ghosts appear in your mind not in front of you. This is kind of different. We get tormented by this telekinetic thinking, and they play with your mentality. If you are depressed the paranormal doesn’t care for it, because they haunt you anyway they can. It may be in certain places that they may appear in places, but in others you don’t see them. If you go to a cemetery try at least to concentrate on your deceased loved ones, then the other ghosts won’t play with your feelings. Ghosts may have many reasons to haunt you in any way possible, and most of the time is out of revenge. We control our minds. Ghosts go through your thoughts of what’s bothering you, and when they sense it they’ll always bother you. Some ghosts are pests, and you have to call the paranormal investigators to get rid of them. The most simple thing is to always be happy, and they’ll leave you alone. When you see different shady appearances in your view, it may be that you’re seeing a ghost world, but you’re in the real world. This is a different way of being distracted. If you don’t pay attention is when ghosts appear tormenting your mind. They have their own special ways of spoiling your fun throughout the day. If it gets into your habits they’ll always make your days a living hell. The best way possible to avoid this is for your mind, spirit, and you to feel happy, then they’ll leave you alone. Remember ghosts love for you to remember the bad pasts, so avoid these things for it affects how you’re going to lead your life. Some ghosts love miserable people all the time.

We All Are Human, Not Robots

To learn and not to do is really not to learn....

To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know. (Photo credit: planeta)

Comfortable Seating, Learning Resource Centre,...

Comfortable Seating, Learning Resource Centre, Edge Hill University (Photo credit: jisc_infonet)

We all do mistakes, and it cost us some of the things we want accomplished. But, I think by learning them you achieve it back, because we are optimists. All of us are human beings when we do bad things we don’t mean to do on purpose or by mistake. I sometimes did things on purpose, and the other things by mistakes, but I learned from them not to repeat it again. Most of us learn not to do bad things again. However, some of us feel we still have some bad habits we still have we didn’t take out, and it is fine to think this way, as long as it isn’t negative or offensive. All of us aren’t going to think the same. All of us are going to do the opposite, and think different of each of us by how we act. I am an opportunist. I quickly grab happiness wherever I could find it, even if it’s the smallest things. I think by taking into consideration of understanding people, rather then bashing their dreams God will be happy with you. Whatever gets you ticked-off, or pissed-off on every little thing it makes your life at a disadvantage. I am talking on both sides of whatever you intend to do, but the good sides always wins. Being depressed about every little thing makes matters worse, and it could ruin you. I think by being happy of what your teams in sports did try to accomplish of winning games the next year will be better. But, nothing is too late. We all carry that jive that we feel vulnerable when we want things accomplished, but later you will succeed. I think for myself, but no one else. We want to be nice, and generous people, but it all starts at one day at a time. Some of us feel jealousy towards others. If you think that I haven’t felt any jealousy towards some people, then you’re wrong. We all felt it, I have felt it. But, we learn to deal with it and forget it. Most of us are talented on some levels, and some of us show off. I think by showing off you’ll learn to regret it. I think some of us think we’re high-class, and think of others as low-class. God didn’t built this world that way, and he built it to accept how we are.  We aren’t meant to get angry at each other. Be easy on the stuff you enjoy, and don’t take it out on anybody. We can’t change how people think, but we can change our way of thinking the positive way. Everyday is an adventure and opportunity. Achieve your goals by being an opportunist, and an optimist. Ignore the skeptics. When we do mistakes we all are human, not robots.

Presences Of Ghosts !?!?

English: Henry Fuseli - Hamlet and his father'...

English: Henry Fuseli – Hamlet and his father’s Ghost (1780-1785, ink and pencil on cardboard, 38 × 49,5 cm) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever experienced something unnatural? How is it that most people talk about ghosts and the paranormal? It seems to me that people talk about it, because they have had some kind of experience of it. Maybe, some of us have seen our late close relatives come back to talk to us for a reason. Maybe, ghost are here for only one reason. Some of the movies about ghosts are greatly exaggerated. When you have seen ghosts it’s the presence of them that haunts you, and when you see them you actually feel sorry for them for a reason. There are other movies that don’t exaggerate about ghosts, and they make it seem real. The fact that ghosts exists or don’t is stated upon the view of people of what they want to believe. However, you can’t control ghosts, which they do whatever they want in the real world. Some ghosts want to reach us on some levels that they can’t withstand being relaxed without us. I think in Heaven it seems pretty lonesome, but in other cases they may be visiting dead friends of theirs that are now angels. We shouldn’t worry about these things, because they can’t do anything to us just like in the movies show us. When you sleep everyone in your dream tends to believe that the paranormal do actually exist, but when they wake up they don’t care for it. There are many different people that have different views of ghosts appearing in our dimensions. Some don’t believe in all of this. I can’t tell you if I’m a believer or not, yet me talking about it may seem silly to others. How are we sure if it does seem silly? Maybe, it might be serious. You never know. Base your own opinion about it, or simply don’t just care for it, because you think it’s all rubbish. It’s as simple as that.

Emily Cisount’s Christmas With Ghosts

Ghost fear

Ghost fear (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Dear World,

My name is Emily Cisount and my Christmas celebration was very strange. I used to live in a normal world with humans and animals surrounding it. When I was walking the mall I got transported into a ghost world. This was the time of Christmas exactly the date of December 25, 2000. It was the year where I got to spend the year with friends and family. Instead I have spent the time of Christmas with ghosts. I never knew that ghosts love spending the holidays in Christmas and the new year. It happens so that they celebrate every holiday of the year. I have walked into a time travel loop hole. All the ghosts kept looking at me when I stepped inside the ghost world. All the ghosts kept looking at me as if I’m a strange species, and I look at them like they were once human also. These ghosts were never human, and they were born this way. I have seen their houses when suddenly a ghost family invited me to their home. They have a mansion where it could fit hundreds of guests. I saw hundreds of ghosts having fun. I went along with the party and had tons of fun. I danced with a male ghost and he talked friendly to me. His name is Whales Brandon and he tells me that he writes biographies of celebrities. I told him his job is pretty neat. After that we singed Christmas carols with guests and ghost hosts. We all were talking about all kinds of things. I even ate their food, and it wasn’t ghost food. It was normal food we eat back home on planet Earth. I guess we can call this Planet ghost? I guess so. Well, it wasn’t so frightening after all, as a friend, family, and guest. My ghost friend finished his party at 1:00 am., and I waved goodbye to him, his family, and all the invited ghosts. I went walking at the sidewalk, and then suddenly I got transported back to the mall with my normal friends. We all went home and slept all through the night.

Sincerely yours,

Emily Cisount

Beautiful St. Augustine, Fl.

St. Augustine, Florida: Castle Warden, home of...

St. Augustine, Florida: Castle Warden, home of the first Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, and part of the Abbott Tract Historic District: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine, Flor...

The Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida, in about 1901. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I went on a vacation in St. Augustine, Fl. I saw how wonderful this peaceful town is. I have gone to almost 3 coffee shops that was decorated as old ones like in the early 19th century. The town is perfect for older, and young people to retire that is so quiet and calm. There is a place where you can walk through the streets by looking at stores, restaurants, and there is the littlest school for kids ever built from the 19th century. The king of Spain has visited St. Augustine on a special visit. Me and my parents spent the whole weekend on a hotel that was beautiful, and in front of it you can see the bridge right next to it. On the right side of the hotel is another place where people live. The town has like more than 22 fishing restaurants. All the boat owners go to fish out fishes of all kinds on the sea. This town is the most richest fish market in the state of Florida. There is a Mexican restaurant that we went to that has the most delicious tacos and steak I have eaten there. The place is neat and decent. Right around the area is a museum called Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and loved it. I saw many strange things that I didn’t know were true that is so bizarre. It is interesting. You can hop on a tour bus and when they guide you through the town they tell you all about its history. My parents and I went to a restaurant called Froggy’s a place where the youth go to dine out and have fun. The people here are really nice. It’s nothing like where I live from in Miami, Fl., but Miami is also a beautiful city. I saw carriages with horses transporting people to sightsee or go to a location they want to go to. The sea is much different and different from any other places. In front of the bridge there are two lion statues one on the left and one on the right. You can walk straight to one of the side of the bridge if you want. near in front of the right and left outside of it is a park where you can walk to see stores, homes, and restaurants. You can also see people ride bicycles. Most people ride bicycles more here then any other place. The most gorgeous town is the calmest you receive then any other noisy city.

Set Your Mind At Ease

a new dawn

a new dawn (Photo credit: new 1lluminati)

The mind is a vulnerable living thing, but it is also smart, and active. In order for you to be calm think slowly about not harming your brain. There are a lot of things, and situations to put it in danger. One example is if you are hearing music that  you don’t like, but you are pretending to enjoy it, then you aren’t setting your mind at ease. Remember being negative by getting angry kills your brain cells. Pick the right things that you want to do, and enjoy entertainment. Remember that not all things you hear, read, and watch you will be entertained by. The other thing is find the right career you will be serious about, and it is important for you to know is if you’re comfortable with it. You can do anything you want, but first listen to soft music first for a while to think freely. This will help you make important decisions that will change your life. Always make the right decisions that are positive. When you are having fun in public relax, and don’t trouble your mind by making things up in your mind. You need to stay in moments when you are socializing and having fun. Your mind can’t be at two events at the same time. Take care of your mind, and take each day slowly. This process always works. You need to feed your mind positive things, and make it happy. It needs to be active. Your mind needs a break in the night by sleeping. Use this advice: Set Your Mind At Ease. Think three dimensional not one dimensional, and this will help your mind.

For Those Who Are Depressed: Try To Enjoy The Holidays!

Jesus is waiting for you.

Jesus is waiting for you. (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

If you have had problems with certain people, and feel bad about it try to enjoy the holidays. I know it’s depressing that most people don’t want to talk to you, but at least have some positives going into the new year. If you are a loner try to make your life meaningful in a positive way. You will be surprised by how many loners there are. We all have problems, and we can resolve them. committing suicide isn’t the answer. Don’t try to find a dangerous way out to make yourself happy, because if you do you no longer exist. Your family comes into this picture to help you cheer up. Some of us have major problems, and we try our hardest to be happy. The small problems you have are no big deal, and can easily be resolved. One year of your misery is no big deal, because coming next year there’s the optimistic and positive you. You can erase all your problems by making yourself happy. If you are happy, then everyone is. Don’t forget your grandparents who love you the most. Your parents want for you the very best in life, destined to do great things. Be cheerful on the holidays and try to at least the see Jesus Christ’s story from his perspective, and how he wanted for peace for us all. This certainly will make you feel better, and it’s his story to tell upon you. He had it worse then we all  did and also you. Once you have seen the movie The Passion Of The Christ you will start to accept that it’s not only you with problems that you want resolved. You have friends to help you feel positive and optimistic. Be an optimist. Not a pessimist.

My Ghost Teddy Bear

English: Picture of a teddy bear with head tur...

English: Picture of a teddy bear with head turned slightly to the left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Parents,

This Gary Oldmen your son talking about my teddy bear named Alex. I didn’t think that my teddy bear would have been turned into a ghost. Even if you still don’t believe me, this stuffed toy did turn into a ghost and was walking all around our home. A few days ago I have lost sight of him, but I couldn’t keep track of him. When I started to go back to school Alex came out of my backpack and started bothering every classmate in my class. All my classmates got scared, and you both knew that he exist now. This is totally confusing to believe it. He began kissing little girls, and drawing all around the chalk board. My teacher told me to put him back in my backpack, and I did. When the school ended Alex started moving and punching inside of my backpack, but I had it shut with the zipper closed. All the kids on the bus keep looking at me weird and scared. I finally arrived at home. I came at my home for you both to open the door, and you opened it, as I came inside. I went to my room, and opened the backpack. Alex came out and started going berserk all around the house scaring and bothering us all around our home. The both of you call the paranormal investigators, and they came in half an hour. It was a long day and night for them to figure out how to get rid of Alex, but finally they did. They left at midnight once they’ve captured my ghost teddy bear Alex. Wheh!That was close! I am so relieved. Well, thanks again with this problem. I have a story to tell to Barbara Walters in her show about Alex the ghost teddy bear. I have to appear in her next show in several days. This was a wild goose chase.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Oldmen

Stop Talking About Negative Events

America's Funniest Home Videos

America’s Funniest Home Videos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it is time to spend time with your friends and family don’t talk about your bad recent, or past problems. They have had enough of your pessimism. You take it to the next level when you repeat things bad that have happened to you. If you do this it’s bad news for you. Everyone knows how some people act in public, but this doesn’t mean you can’t stop it from affecting you. Your family and friends want you to be happy, and not focus on some people who are clients or workers acting negative on you. Instead, talk about what happened in your life, which there are funny moments in our lives we can tell to friends and family. Also, you may see some people doing funny things by mistake, and some of the people laugh at it. They simply think it’s funny that’s all.  We all have some history that is really funny, and sometimes our funny moments get caught on camera in shows like America’s Funniest Videos. We don’t all get to appear on TV of our funny embarrassing moments, but at least it’s something to talk about. There is much entertainment to talk about. You can also focus on the positives of your life. Reflect on your good past, and you will be at peace. Listen to music of any kind, even if it’s offensive it doesn’t matter. I watch too many mafia movies that they use cussing words all the time, and I enjoy them. You can also look at decent movies as well, or the only movies you like are decent. Any kinds of things to share and talking to your friends about positive is worth fulfilling. Remember when you talk like you’re not well in your mind, you lose your chance of acting nice to people the next day. Every words that comes out of your mouth will be received negative or positive, and if you offend someone, then you’re asking for it. Remind yourself to take control of yourself when some people are being offensive towards you. Don’t lose your cool. Whatever happens bad in your days, just forget about it. Also, erase it from your memory quick. It only reflects on you, and your family if you drag them with your negative words of negative events to them, Let your mind be at ease. Watch TV whether it’s bad or good entertainment, as long as your mind is off negative events. The next days will be better. Our days sometimes have bad and good times all mixed in one day. This is what we call mixed-emotional days. The world isn’t against you, if that’s what you think. Nobody is after you, like you see in the movies. Talk about the good things that you saw, and leave the worse stuff behind. Once you do it you’ll feel good about yourself.