Do You Need Ghosts To Help You? But, Help Yourself first, too!

If you want some good ghosts to help you. You need to encourage yourself to help yourself, too, and only you. I know this is a hard task, but it is simple. Some ghosts do help you, but they want you to do things on your own, as well. In weird ways they choose the right path for you, but you have to distinguish it that it is for a good use. They don’t encourage you to do bad and evil things. They want for you to have a healthy lifestyle. They don’t mean any harm. Find the right ghosts to help you. Don’t look for ones that give you hopelessness and depression. By finding these certain supernatural beings you need to feel good and happy of yourself. Some of the time they travel inside people giving you helpful advises. By finding good advisable ghosts look at the bright side of life, and then they will offer you help. But, these aren’t the beings that will appear in front of you and want to offer it to you. They give you hints as in the voices in your mind. When a friend helps you and gives you a simple advice. These ghosts repeat it in your mind. I think they shouldn’t be used for wrong purposes, but the right ones. But, don’t come out to people telling them that you saw them, and these supernatural beings are helping you. Keep it to yourself and let them help you. Some are there to guide you, and do things correct.


Aliens Have Accomplished Their Mission

Most people want to discover that if there is life in other planets. The answer is: yes. But, they are hidden in places where we can’t reach them, and see them for discovery. This will be the number 1 toughest assignment for NASA always. The aliens already have accomplished their mission, according to some Scientifics is to create civilizations of humans, and animals. I think we should thank them, instead of finding them to thank them for our species. They want to be left in peace. They don’t feel anything of us finding them. I think that we need to stop looking for them, because we will always fail at it. Instead we should be grateful for them for creating us. We can do anything we want, and make our dreams come true. One other reason for this is that there are other universes where we yet won’t ever go there. We are reaching for the impossible looking for them. Let me ask most of you one question. Why are most of you still looking for aliens? But, yet you won’t give me a right answer. I think it is pointless. I thank the aliens, because we can get along of any race. God is love, and the aliens do understand that. I think we should let it go of finding them. I will let it go, because for me it is pointless. It may be that we will see them, or we probably won’t. In my opinion: give it a rest. You can still talk about aliens, and there’s no harm in that. I think it is an interesting subject. What I think of aliens is just a belief of them. I don’t go there thinking that they might come, or they become discovered by us. If we exists, then they probably do. It’s just that simple. I don’t come looking for them. I know in my clear mind that they probably are there somewhere. They won’t come to any of us with harm, if they decide to come to our home planet.

Don’t Waste your Time waiting for Aliens to Arrive

I don’t think for any second that aliens will arrive soon here on Earth. They aren’t interested. They are laughing at us, because we’re the only ones searching and waiting for their arrival. I know there are programs saying that anytime soon we are going to encounter them. The possibility of that happening is 5%. We won’t be able to befriend them, or fight against them. I don’t waste precious time waiting for their arrival. It is never going to happen soon. Yes, they do exists. But, this is the reality we are facing. I think we shouldn’t waste our time on it. There are other things to do, think, and talk about. They are in other galaxies and universes we can’t go to, because if we do we will die in space. This is most likely. The miles to travel to find life is that you will reach a hundreds of years old, unless we are able to create wormholes and travel through them. You will never come back to Earth. The best thing we can do is to have discussions about aliens, and their advanced technologies. I know there are machines built here for them to come, but they will be disappointed when they don’t. So, the best scenario is to leave it alone, which I think some experts won’t do it.

Aliens might be Friends with Ghosts

It may be a slight possibility that ghosts can become friends with aliens. After all it is another dimension we are going into. Ghosts see aliens, but humans don’t see ghosts. However, I think that aliens might have the power to see ghosts then we do. We humans don’t have the power to see ghosts. I think if we see ghosts talking to aliens, we’ll be freaked out. It will be a shocker for us all. There is this possibility, though. If you get spaced out is when you see and feel ghosts. Aliens in the other hand hide where you don’t discover them most likely. Why can’t we think of this theory that ghosts will befriend aliens. It is an open discussion. I don’t think anyone else has ever thought about this. I am not the only one with this idea. It is interesting to know this. I don’t predict and think that angels are aliens themselves. However, in Ancient Aliens the series they will tell you that angels are in fact aliens. Ghosts do become friends with aliens. However, you want to think about it. They meet and talk openly about their lives. I think they have more interesting things to talk about. I won’t be familiar with both species’ conversations, but it is interesting to know.

Time can’t be Changed and Stopped

Most of us are interested about changing our pasts’ for the good of our interest. However, time can’t be changed and stopped. Time moves along when it doesn’t care about our opportunities. Whatever you haven’t done to succeed before is already lost in time lapses of the past events. In science fiction movies in some we see time being stopped by not moving, even a single pulse of anything. It is nice to go back to our past to change it, so we can lead awesome lives, but it isn’t reality. The real thing is that you have to do something today to change your life is by taking advantage of it right at this moment. I know we see our past events in our minds, and this is the only time travel possible. In our minds only. It is not the time travel you’ve expected, and it isn’t even close. You just remember of what happened before, is imagining itself again. The vision in your brain is replaying the past events. Another thing we are introduced of time being stopped in some science fiction movies. The reason time stops there is because that person wants to change his or her life. The other thing is by stopping dangerous events from happening. In reality this doesn’t happen. We need to go on with our lives by stop regretting and crying over things we didn’t take opportunities from before. What we can do is learn from our pasts. We can only be fascinated about changing time and itself being stopped. We can only envision it, but never will it ever be attempted. It will be dangerous if these two subjects falls into enemies’ hands. But, it is fictional. We leave it to watch movies of this nature of time travel, and time being stopped. I think we are far better off not having those two fictional things most people wish for. I know some have good intentions of it, but reality is it won’t ever happen.

Aliens Might Be Our Friends In The Future

I think it is too early to tell if aliens will be our enemies. One possibility might be that they could be our friends. I think most people have grabbed the theory that aliens won’t do us any harm. It is possible that they don’t want to start a war with us. This isn’t new and most people have that kind of idea in their minds. Before, I really didn’t know about this view, but it took me much years that this might be a fact. Don’t get me wrong the idea of aliens starting a war with us is still there. I don’t think that they are here for that. In my point of view they want to befriend us, when they probably will come to this scenario. It will come into play. It might or won’t. I have accepted the fact that aliens are like us in a human manner of us. They’re human you could say? I think this might be a yes or no answer. Of course, we think that aliens are like us: humans are human. Aliens are alien. Most of us would think so. Throughout history we have heard of alien abduction, and them coming here on our home planet where we’ll never see them again. But, I know this fact isn’t easy to grasp. Maybe, it is easy for most people to grasp. In the future we’ll know the elusive answer to that question: Will the aliens come to us at peace and be our friends? I think it is most likely for a fact. Some other people will tell you: no. But, then what do we know what is going to happen? The fact remains that they are never coming here to greet us or deceive us. Most of you don’t need to worry about this in your lifetime. But, I know you already made up your mind about it. It probably won’t happen in your lifetime, but later. Time will tell if it does, or doesn’t.

Alien Monsters

Nobody has ever thought there could be alien monsters, and I don’t mean the ones from sci-fi films. I mean the kind of monsters we don’t know about, and how they look like. Have you considered that these alien monsters want to kill us all like in the horror movies. Well, people haven’t crossed their minds on that theory, and don’t even know if they exist. It probably does or doesn’t. But, we need to pay close attention of what we could face, if them coming our way. When we see aliens for the first time, our normal reaction is staying in shock and doing nothing at all without any movements. You think that our species will save us from alien monsters’ invasion, but you might be wrong. We say that we’re not afraid of these alien monsters, but we are, and we can prevent an aliens’ invasion, or an alien monsters’ invasion. It’s just that our silly reaction doesn’t let us think fast, and make a secret plan to defeat them. We see in the movies that we’re not afraid of those things coming our way. Are we so sure we would react physically, and emotion to be the hero? I think not. You’ll spell defeat in a minute without even thinking. We would be standing there like paralyzed dummies doing nothing. You need to think, act, take action, and plan a strategy to protect Earth. If we don’t do nothing, then we are on a dangerous risk alert. Don’t just stand there stunned. Think, act, plan, and take action when you see them. Be careful of your insecurities when it comes to those situations. In any shape of these problems, which aren’t normal, do something before being shocked and stunned. The humans have to take a stand to defeat them.