The Movie I’ll Never Forget is “Dances With Wolves”

I’ll never forget the movie Dances With Wolves. It stars Kevin Costner and he directed it himself as well. It sets back in the westerns. I love it when a union soldier unites with the Indians. They become fast friends. In the middle part of the movie the union soldier almost gets killed by his very own men soldiers. But, his friends the Indians rescue him and they kill all the remaining union soldier. I love the part when Kevin Costner becomes friends with the grey wolf. They get to know each other. Both of them are their for each other, but there was a moment where the animal never wanted to become his friend. What I love about the bonding part between both is heartwarming. Kevin Costner’s character falls in love with an Indian girl. I just love the storytelling, and the music is beautiful. This movie shows how the Western was in American history. I just love the colorful characters and its background. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves Westerns.