Grandpa Crow’s Autobiography

It is grandpa Crow’s final day. His granddaughter Sari knows he will no longer be here. She just turned 32 and is happily married. She only wants time with her grandfather. Crow speaks to her telling her to remember him and keep him in her heart and mind always.

It is so hard for Sari that she tears all over the floor. Crows softens her gently. She talks to him. He tells her that she loves her, and she tell him the same. Grandpa Crow has spent his last breath, and his heartbeat goes into a completely straight line.

She drops her head to the bed and starts crying constantly. But, something strange is happening. Crow’s body turns into pages, book cover, words, signed book, and etc. She held up her head and no longer saw his body. It was gone.

Sari notices an autobiography book. The title said Crow Lenders: An Autobiography by Crow Lenders. A long book of her grandfather’s entire life. She became happy. Inside there was his signed autograph. Sari feels strange but glad she has his book to remember him of his life.

She goes out to her family and tells them that her grandfather is now an autobiography book written by him. A week later, she starts reading the book. She gives it hugs and kisses.


Be Glad that You are Yourself

Lots of people change they become good. The most important is to be just yourself. This is all what your friends and family wants. Be glad that you are yourself. You are unique. No one can replace you. You are a good person. You are not judging people by anything. You enjoy life. You are among good things and good people. Think of that for a second. Don’t take no one or anything for granted. You shouldn’t judge people and anything all for nothing. If you are ignorant of things, and people, then you are the one that is going to lose everything. Accept people and things in life. You will breath easier and think logical. If you think logical then your mind stays normal. If you think angry and full of hate, then your blood pressure raises up to the danger zone at your own dangerous risk. Be glad that you are among good things and good people. Especially, be glad that you are your good self.

You Have Family and Friends

Don’t be like feeling down on bad luck. You have your family and friends with you. They love you. They want the best for you. Just don’t throw your life away. Be happy, optimistic, and positive. Think happy is my motto. You took a lot to get from here to there. It isn’t the end of the world. There will be other chances you can gain in life. Everything changes for the good of people. Your family is depending on you for great things to come. Your friends also help you along the way. You are not alone. You are with people who care about you. Be positive and happy. Think happy.