Been Very Busy

My apologies that I haven’t posted fiction stories here in WordPress but I have been too busy with FanStory. I have entered and am entering in writing contests every day. I am also posting my memos, fiction stories, and how I am improving all posted in FanStory. I am real busy in reading on how to make novels. I will get to you all soon enough. Be patient. My time is becoming limited. But, I will post fiction stories in WordPress soon. I hope that you understand. In these both websites I have improved much in my creative writing and also poetry. Be safe and behave, or else! Love and peace to you all! ✌️❤️👌


Writer’s Quote

Using your mind to research, investigate, proofread, edit, let your manuscript sit for weeks, and later publish your book is when you find your professional success as a novelist. All you need is hard work and much luck.