Wes Craven (1939-2015)

Wes Craven was an American film director, writer, producer, and actor. He is best known for his creation of A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise starring his iconic character Freddy Krueger. He is also the creator of the Scream franchise starring his character Ghostface. His other movies include: The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House on the Left, The Serpent and the Rainbow, The People Under the Stars, Red Eyes, and My Soul to Take. He died of brain cancer on August 30, 2015. He was 76 years old. RIP Wes Craven

My condolences to his family and friends.

I loved his Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and still love it always. I have never met him, and now never will. I was sad that he is gone. But, he left us with very scary movies to watch, and supernatural characters to love and hate. In my feeling is that I never wanted him to die, but it happened. He could have made more frightening movies. I hope he will rest in peace with God and have his glory with him also in Heaven. This is sad in the horror news. I will mourn his death. He will always be in our hearts and minds forever. He will be missed, but never forgotten. He will always be remembered. My favorite character out of all his movies is the iconic Freddy Krueger. Goodbye Wes Craven! You will be missed! RIP


Exciting Times!

Check this book out! It’s a very good read! Buy it now! On sale at Amazon.com and bookstores everywhere! 🙂


I realize it has been quite a while since my last blog and I am so sorry for that. It’s just that, well, I have been preparing my book, “The Conservative Congregant” for publishing. It goes on sale tomorrow, August 30. I’ve been so excited about this book because it is about the things dear to my heart, namely homeless people and God and blessings and ministry and I could go on and on.

The thing about “The Conservative Congregant” is that it is not just one book. No, siree. It is to be a series. I’m already at work on Book 2- The Dowagers. I want to say that this is not about religion, but about doing the right thing, stepping out of one’s comfort zone to help others and the unexpected blessings that comes from that one selfless act.

“The Conservative Congregant” can be found and bought here…

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Goran Stetpark Meets Bigfoot

Dear dairy,

Hi, my name is Goran Stetpark. One day I stepped into the forest where I can’t be allowed in. It is illegal for pedestrians to just barge in it. Bigfoot was inside with all the furry little animals around him. Those are his friends. He told me to join him, and not to be sacred. I accepted the offer and went. I ask him if he’s a danger to us humans. He responds that he isn’t that he means no harm to anybody. I tell that most of the authorities are after him, because of him being a danger to the people. He knows. He explains that he isn’t the type of monster they view of him. I’m starting to get convinced that he’s telling the truth. We had a long talk about life, and I tell him of my adventures. He is friendly. At least, in my view. Well, we both departed our separate ways. I was back at my home from the long walk of the forest. A year later, I’ve heard and saw in the news that the police squad has just shot and killed my friend Bigfoot. I started to mourn Bigfoot’s death. Right then, and there I felt sorry for him, but he’s in a better place.

Sincerely yours,

Goran Stetpark

The Year is almost Over

This year (2015) is almost over. It feels like we have been here only a week, but it is flying away. I think that next year will be the best for most of us. I am so happy I have improved this year on everything. I stopped my bad eating habits, and now I will stop my drinking sodas and sugar drinks habits. It is easy to do. Now I realize what my weight is, but will get rid of it. I won’t pay attention to foods and sugar drinks.

I hope all of you have had a happy year in this current one. If not then, the next year will make you feel much happier.

I have done most of the things I needed to be done. I took three writing online classes this year (the last one is the current one I am in). It’s a lot of work, but I love these classes. After this class I will rest and take a vacation. I will write more and study more, of course.

I want to hear positives from people, and not the negatives. Nobody likes a whiner and complainer. I like people who are optimistic, nice, and show respect to others.

This Christmas day spend it with your family. Talk about life, share dinner with them, and open gifts. Most of us adults still love gifts. I don’t know why. I think we need to overgrow it, but we still love presents. It isn’t a bad thing, which is great. I think receiving love from family, and friends is the first priority. Don’t expect gifts, instead expect love from your family. The best gift you could give to someone is love. Also, thank God that he loves you.

I am fine and happy without any complications. If I fall down, I get up and stand up for myself again. If I fall again, I still get up and stand up for myself as long as I accomplish it.

I was watching the Miami Dolphins today and am glad that they have won. It’s preseason and it doesn’t matter, but I see potential in my team. I think the Dolphins will improve once the regular season starts. They will be fine.

This year I am proud of myself. I didn’t give up on anything. I am reading Blacklist and almost finishing it. I think it will take at least two weeks for me to finish it, or it could take several days.

I love reading espionage, and mystery novels. I have read my lessons from my online class. I think I understand it, but want to fully make sense of it in my mind. However, I am only thinking about these recent lessons first.

I am learning how to drive. I feel more confident once I am driving around the neighborhood. I am taking it day-by-day.

I am signing-off, and writing-off for today. Be positive and be happy for this year! Till next post, my friends!

August 29, 2015

Today I did my errands with my dad.

Now I will study grammar. I am getting familiar with it. It is tough but am sticking with it.

There isn’t going to be a thunderstorm this week in Florida, but there is a lot of hurricane season left. Here we have to be ready and prepared, if they come along.

I was watching two episodes of Suits yesterday. I liked them. All the characters I hate, but it is the way they have to be for the show to gain success.

I sealed the architecture plans and worked in the computer in architecture work.

It is a beautiful day today. I am enjoying it.

I am thinking of how the movie War and Peace was done in the 60’s. It is a very long film. It starts in the time of Napoleon when there was the French Revolution I think. I wouldn’t stick around to see it. I would rather read the novel by Leo Tolstoy. The book is very long, as well.

I have walked a mile today with my dad. I feel healthy. I don’t eat as much, and don’t drink as much. I don’t anymore eat snacks, and don’t care for it.

I went to Best Buy to see electronics. The technology that interest me most are the computer laptops and the car stereos. I love electronics. They are out of my price range for now. I saw 4K TVs and they look awesome.

I have read astronomy books yesterday at night. I am learning much from this subject. It is fun to find out how these things work in space, and why they are there.

I am signing-off, and writing-off. See you later, my friends!

August 27, 2015

I have walked a mile with my dad around my neighborhood. Today in Miami it was grey and cloudy. We went to do errands afterwards. We got back home around noontime, and stayed at home. It was a heavy thunderstorm and then, a few hours later the day cleared. It turned into a bright beautiful day. It was blue with white clouds. I don’t know if some more will come, but it is hurricane season this year in Florida.

We bought lots of water. We have enough water to give us support.

I was working at the computer doing the architecture plans. I was reading also. I studied in an online class.

Yesterday I was watching about sprites that cause lots of lightning above clouds. They are lights that hover above the clouds in space to bring much lightning on Earth. They look beautiful. They look like jellyfish with lights. They aren’t creatures, but lights that cause clouds to burst much lightning. Some of the scientists took pictures of them, and they look incredible. It is amazing.

Today I was watching about Multiverses, and universes. I am learning much from astronomy. They say that a multi-verse is a place where they carry universes lined-up in every direction. They look like round balls that carry galaxies. It is much to take in, but love it.

Right now I am thinking of what I am learning about the Cosmos.

I was reading Blacklist by Brad Thor. I am half-way into it. I am thinking about reading The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking. I love how astrophysicists explain astronomy. My favorite scientist is Albert Einstein. He made wonderful and great discoveries. Sadly, he died in 1955. I think he was 63 years old around that time. R.I.P. Albert Einstein. He was pondering around an important question he made of I think of general relativity, but I could be wrong. Maybe, he was pondering another question, which including an importance on science.

I want to read so many histories of the world. I love European history and American history. I want to read about Alexander the Great, which I have. Events that have happened before that shaped the world of how it is right now.

Well, I hope most of you are happy and enjoying life as I am. Being happy and loving others is the best thing. Hating people is the worst you can do, because it is venom in your veins. Love wins. Always.

I will read instead of watching TV. I have so many writing reference books that I will love to read. It keeps me up to date on the craft of writing. What I will say is do what makes you happy. I know I am. I am blessed. Stay safe, my friends! 🙂

After Death Soundtrack

Great choice, Jackie! 🙂 The soundtrack looks awesome! I will love reading your novel After Death, and as well as many of your fans will, too. The song Ghost Machine sounds like I will go crazy happy over it. Good luck to your novel! I can’t wait October 6! For those of you fans this is her soundtrack to the brand new novel After Death. Go get the new novel in Oct.6, 2015! 🙂

A Platform of Sorts

As with all my other books before, I have created a playlist, an unofficial soundtrack, of songs that helped inspire After Death, the third installment in the Cemetery Tours series.  We still have a little over a month before After Death is released, but I wanted to share the soundtrack with you today!  It’s been such a fun, lovely week.  I hope everyone else’s has been just as wonderful.

If you’re interested, you can find the soundtrack to the first Cemetery Tours book here.  Between Worlds soundtrack is here.  Please note that this is an unofficial soundtrack. I am not selling these songs or benefiting from them in any way.

After Death:

  1. “She is the Sunlight” by Trading Yesterday
  2. “Heaven’s Gonna Wait” by Hedley
  3. “Clarity” by Amy Conrad
  4. “Welcome to Mystery” by Plain White T’s
  5. “A Drop in the Ocean” by Ron Pope
  6. “Reason Why” by…

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Movies I Love!

I love Al Pacino and Robert Deniro movies. They are awesome! The best movies they were in so far were The Godfather Trilogy movies. I especially loved the remake of Scarface. Anything that is about crime and cops involved I love to watch. I have the whole Godfather movies in one set DVD box. It’s there if I want to watch it. I also have the movie American Gangster starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. Those movies are great and awesome. Another movie I liked much is Once Upon A Crime in America. This was an excellent movie.

I was reading books today.

I used to like Star Wars when I was a kid, but still love it as an adult. I think other movies we outgrow them, but adult movies, and science fiction we never outgrow them.

I loved American Hustle. I can’t wait to watch the last Hunger Games movie when it comes digital available!!!

The best movie I love so far, which is my favorite is American Gangster, and of course Freedom Writers (because I’m a writer.)

I saw Blood Ties a few days ago and liked it.

One movie I love from history, which is fiction is called Dances With Wolves. I love that movie. Kevin Costner gave a best performance in it. It is a touching movie.