May 29, 2015

Today I ate breakfast of McDonald’s at home. I was reading The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking. I found that I understood it more then before. It makes sense to read it with a very clear mind. I also was reading “B” is for Burglar by Sue Grafton. I love this mystery novel. This is the first I am reading the ABC mystery novels. Somehow I am getting to understand astronomy, because it is very difficult to understand it the first time. It might take somewhat little for others to make sense of it. I have read characters & Viewpoints. I seem to grasp my last course I took before very well. I worked with my dad on the architecture work on the computer. On TV they were talking about the FIFA scandal and the NBA Finals. I don’t have any clue who is going to win at the NBA Finals. It seems that the Cleveland Cavaliers are well rested, but Golden State Warriors is a powerhouse. The one thing is that Golden State has struggled in the Western Conference finals. I think the edge goes to Cleveland, yet we can’t predict who’s going to be the champion. I am getting to know the mystery novels. It is not just to read it, but to study it. It’s a whole other language. I am taking the time to read mystery novels to know my genre. I think the Sue Grafton books are easy to understand.


Consult with the Freedom Bug

The Freedom Bug is just a phrase to help most of you to stay happy and positive. It is a way to feel free whatever you wish to do. I think you can’t look at anything the negative view of yours. If you view the world negative. You are the only one that views it as such. I view it as a happy, positive, and clean world. Some people don’t view it as that. Take your time with the Freedom Bug. Tell it that you want to change. You want freedom. You want to make friends. Remember that bad people you can’t ever trust them. Feel your mind free. We want to be free. We want to be happy. I am happy whatever some of my problems are. I don’t think of them at all. I think these problems we can resolve them. We can make people who don’t like us to like us for the first time. I think some people are doing the wrong things. Let them do the wrong things. Most of us are doing the right things. Spend time with the Freedom Bug, and tell it that you want to be forgiven. You want to be loved by the world. The world has many sides of everything. Remember to stay on the right side of the world. The Freedom Bug wants you to be on the positive safe side. Don’t ever give up on your social lives and dreams. I don’t ever think that anybody should feel isolated. Consult with the Freedom Bug.

May 27, 2015

Today was a day where I took it easy. I went out to Publix to buy a sub sandwich and the New York Times newspaper. Even if I don’t go out with friends I hang out with my parents. I am not mad about that, and  not to think to myself that I have had it. I just spend my entire life with them and am glad I am with them, even if I stay with them. These are the best times I am with them. Anyway, not to brag about it. I have to be in online writing classes. Not everything is perfect for everyone. It isn’t perfect for me, but I accept it the way it is right now. I have watched TV some of the hours. I am saving up money for emergencies that could happen. I have the right set of mind. It is easy to be picked as the bad person. It has happened to me on some occasions. You could say most of the time. I think I have learned my lessons, even if it doesn’t look like it did. I already did. The only important thing I do right now is not to think of it at all. I am patient on the stuff that are going slowly for me. Even if some of the things are rough on me, I keep it on the positive perspective. Right now I am reading of Michael Jackson. I was thinking of reading about Jodi Arias. I have seen the movie about Jodi Arias before. I think I know how criminals think. Throughout these times I am thinking about my writing. Even if the majority of the people don’t care, I still write to get better, understand it more, be prepared, and improve on it. Anyway, I don’t think like some people that life is tough. I just think that there are obstacles along the way. Definitely, I have much obstacles ahead in my path, but I can overcome it. I know this because I have faith, and can overcome it. I think of my own originality. When I see movies, read books, and watch shows. I see open ideas that I can use further ahead. My life is fine, and am working on all of the edges. The world is tough, but I can overcome much of my problems. I have changed most of my bad manners and mean personality. I don’t have them anymore. I think to myself of things that will be resolved for me. Much of my life is of overcoming and resolving. I have faith and am positive that all will be successful.

Jay-Z (1969-Present)

Jay-Z is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is one of the most successful hip-hop artists in America. His net worth is nearly $520 million. He has sold more than 100 million records, and received 21 Grammy Awards for his musical works. He is ranked No.1 on the MTV list of The Greatest MC’s of All-Time in 2006. His 3 albums, Reasonable Doubt (1996), The Blueprint (2001), and The Black Album (2003) are considered landmarks. They are featured in Rolling Stones list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time. He married Beyoncé in 2008. They both have a daughter named Blue Ivy Carter, born January 7, 2012. Jay-Z is ranked the 88th greatest artist of All-Time by Rolling Stones.

Nas (1973-Present)

Nas is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He is the son of Jazz musician Olu Dara. He has sold over 25 million records, released eight consecutive platinum, and multi-platinum albums since 1994. He is an entrepreneur for his own record label, and is an associate publisher of Mass Appeal magazine. He is under contract with Def Jam Recordings, and Mass Appeal Records. His debut album Illmatic released in 1994, received universal acclaim from both critics, and the hip-hop community. His follow-up album, It Was Written, debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Charts. He was nominated for Best Rap Album for his eleventh studio album Life Is Good at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. He is ranked No.5 on the MTV list of the, “50 Greatest MC’s of All Time” in 2014.

Half-midway to this year, so be happy!

I am happy about my life. I hope most of you are happy, because we are midway through this year. 2015 should be a year full of cheers and promises. I am here at my room typing. There is no reason for you to stay depressed. There should be happiness for most of you. We have movies, music, friends, and families to be happy for. You are not alone. I feel in great spirits, and so should you. We are not getting any younger, but we can pretend we are. No harm done. Life is great for most of us. At the end of this year we should celebrate of our lives being satisfied. I feel and am satisfied, but hungry for more optimism and success. Hope this year will be shiny and bright. Cheers! 🙂

May 24, 2015

My birthday party went real well. I also celebrated my nephew’s birthday Mateo, which is also on the same birthday of mine. I will watch the game between the Atlanta Hawks vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. Game 3 is tonight. Now I am getting to the point where I am going to do abdominals and lift weights to take it seriously. I already know that Cleveland has advanced, which they didn’t yet, but it looks for certain. I think we’ll see the Golden State Warrior vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. I am happy that the Miami Marlins have won two consecutive games, which is something positive to build on. I am hearing J. Cole now. It’s hip-hop music. I have played with my nephew Max. Now I will post several projects I intend to publish. I will get on it later. Right now I will watch the NBA game, while reading a book.

May 21, 2015

I woke up and took a walk with my dad around the neighborhood. It felt great that this day was filled of many Happy Birthday Greetings from families. Well, my parents were the first ones to tell me “Happy Birthday”, and then it was my friend the cleaning lady greeting me the same thing. I am happy that I got many Happy Birthday Greetings. I got ready to go with my dad to Barnes & Noble. Of course, they let me get a book and a magazine. I bought a book and a magazine there. The first stop though was at UPS. My dad got a package. I ate breakfast at home. Later in the noon time I ate with my parents at IKEA. They invited me to lunch. The food and drink tasted great. The phone at home was busy, and they all were for me, because of my Birthday. They’ve greeted me. I told all of them thanks. Now I will watch the Golden State Warriors v. Houston Rockets NBA playoff game. It’s game 2 tonight. In my home I was watching to many hip-hop and rap music videos. Right now I am reading “B” is for Burglar by Sue Grafton.

May 20, 2015

This day I am with my parents. Tomorrow is my birthday, but won’t reveal my age. I think there is no need for me to. I was watching the documentaries of UFC fighters. I am starting to watch it and will try to know their names. Before a long time ago I used to watch UFC fights. Most of them I’ve watched were the California Kid’s fights. I am interested in watching Kurt Cobain’s last days. His documentary is on Netflix. The game I am most interested in is the Cleveland Cavaliers v. Atlanta Hawks game. I want to see who is going to win that Eastern conference championship series. Game 1 starts tonight. I feel much calmer, and relaxed. Yesterday I have been reading Jackie Smith’s novel Boy Band. I will be out with my parents going out tomorrow on my birthday. I was thinking about what I should do in order to lift weights seriously. I am not concerned about it, because I will do it somehow. I saw American Sniper and loved it. I will say to myself that American Sniper is now my favorite movie. That is how much I have enjoyed watching it, because it is a true story. I am working on the computer with my dad’s architecture work. I still seal the architecture plans.

Ghosts in my Mind

Dear diary,

My name is Stephen Lurks. I didn’t feel happy these past few years. My whole families and friends noticed that I haven’t had good times with them. I feel as if ghosts have invaded my mind. They make me gloomy and miserable. I almost lost my job as a dentist, because of it. They wanted to know why I felt so depressed. I told them that I have felt ghosts in my mind making me sad all through my life. They all laughed at me, but something out of the ordinary happened. My ghosts came out of my brain. My friends and families were surprised that I am actually telling the truth. They soon believed me, and were no longer laughing, but something heroic has occurred. My friends and families fought back against my ghosts and I fought back against those supernatural beings, as well. The ghosts went away and a few weeks after I turned happy. My friends and families are now convinced that I am happy and positive.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen Lurks