The WoodsCamp Vampire Murders


Vampire (Photo credit: virginsuicide photography)

Holly has been bitten by a vampire, and escapes from her neighborhood of WoodsCamp are a place where homes are surrounded by trees and roads 15 yards away. The South part of Havor County is a forestry place where there are trees, flowers, and bushes near scattered homes of where vampires’ haunting are seen and experienced from the neighbors at 134th Avenue and 65th Street. The neighbors don’t always come out, because of them being attacked by vampires. Holly quickly runs left once she is halt by Adam behind her. She quickly falls down.

“What is simply the matter with you little tramping?” he asked

“There are vampires all over my neighborhood haunting people!” she explained

“Don’t be silly there are no vampires.” Adam said

She ignored it. She grabbed him by the shirt going straight right, than quickly ran to solve the problem. Once he is dragged into this mess a vampire grabs him. The vampire starts biting him from his right neck.

In fast forward motion she grabs a huge stick a few inches away with spikes in front, and hits the vampire in front of her once he tried to get directly at her. He tried to get her. Holly runs straight and sees other vampires at Havor County biting her friends Sam and Stephanie 20 yards away. Holly hides to see that the vampires are done with them. There was a whistle behind her left. She grabs it for an opportunity she had to take.

Adam quickly grabs her to bite her from behind. She notices that he too is a vampire. She dashes away to the right. She blows the whistle loud. He can’t stand the sound of the whistle. He tries to stand up to cover his ears.

The other vampires at Havor County did the same. The dead victims do the same also. Adam kicks her downward of both her feet. She pushes his feet upwards. He quickly falls down behind.

She runs to the neighborhood staright across to the right 1 feet away to see a Stillo light. She knows that by using it by pushing its button makes sunlight appear all over the sky. By doing so the sunlight appears and, then all the vampires are vanished.