Nature Is The Best

I love nature. I love animals. Nature is the greatest thing to experience. You can look at flowers, plants, or see animals playing with each other. You can water the garden in your front and back yard. In this way the plants won’t die off thirst for water. You can also give them plant food from the stores they sell. Looking at dolphins is the best. You see them swimming having fun with their friends. Most animals play with humans. Studying about space is one thing normal to have fun with. You can learn a lot from astronomy. You can learn much from science. Most trees live longer than us, and others don’t. Organisms live longer than us and than anybody. They are little tiny animals we will never see them, but know they are there. There is a lot to learn from nature and you can even enjoy it. Nature is always the best to enjoy.


Positivism is to Regain It

Once you feel sorry for yourself, you begin to feel that everyone hates you. This is paranoia. No one hates you. Try to regain your positivism back. It doesn’t take one day, but it will be your human effort towards it. I know right now you are thinking to yourself that you can’t, but you can. You just have to trust yourself, but not your mind. Your mind plays tricks on you, and this is why some of you have paranoia. Feeling great about yourself is a huge step towards rebuilding humanity. Try to think of one simple thing to be happy about. It can be your parents loving you. It can be that your plants are happy. One little thing can make you positive again. If I feel out of focus I think of one simple thing to regain positivism back. All of us want to be positive. Don’t be positive for the wrong reasons, but for the right ones. You can regain your positive side by loving and caring for animals. Domestic dogs caring for you is another way for you to feel positive. Positivism is all around us. We just have to use it the right way.

I Love Animals!

My favorite animal is the dog. It helps you to cheer up, they care, and it protects you. I love animals. Some animals are harmless. I used to have around 35 hamsters in my home. I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s true. I had to give them for free to a pet store, because they was a nuisance to my family. I have seen and touched parrots, but you have to be careful to do so. You need to have a trainer with you to pet it. they can bite, and have large beaks, but they are friendly. Some people have pet snakes. It’s one animal I dislike the most. Anybody has different taste for different animals they like. My brother, his wife, and kids have dogs, and cats in their home. My mom brought me parakeets one day, and they sang beautifully. I don’t take care of pets at all. I am not very good at it. I just want to pet them and look at them. I also play with them. I think humans and animals almost think the same, but different. We can do more stuff then they can. They can do other stuff they we can’t. The best I love so far is the dog, because it understands us. They care for us if we’re in need. All kinds of animals if treated kindly can be kind towards you. Weirder things have happened. Of course, we have to be careful. It is just those who train animals that understand them. It is a big difference. A dog is easily your family pet, if you treat it right.

Pet Animals Are Wonderful

Most of us have pet animals that are domestic. When we take care of them, and show them we care for them they repay our favor by giving us love. An animal like a dog can be sincere to us, if it is trained properly. It protects us. It shows that he/she cares for us. It’s playful. They understand our feelings. We understand their feelings. It’s like you have found a buddy. Animals can be funny when they want to make us happy. We should talk to them, even if they are animals. They are delicate, and need special caring. Cats need love also. They understand what we go through. Pets do need us the most, and animals like dogs are good protectors for us. I used to have pet animals. I have had only dogs, parrots, and hamsters. There are other domestic animals that are kind to us. I think we should be kind to them back. If we can get along with nice people, then we can get along with domestic animals. They will thank us once we do. They are family, and are our family members.


English: Galveston Island, TX, September 17, 2...

English: Galveston Island, TX, September 17, 2088 — Dogs displaced by Hurricane Ike are sheltered at the local center set up by the Humane Society. Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A dog is a man’s best friend. We always hear that saying all the time. I think they feel our emotions. They even love us and protect us. The would do anything to walk with us and play with us. Dogs are wonderful animals. They represent kindness. But, dogs are special in the category because they know how we feel. All they want is for us to be happy and all they want is for themselves to be happy. Obviously some people don’t want to touch dogs, simply because they don’t want to. They protect our home and are great friends to get along with. They communicate in ways of trying to help us. They want to be hugged and loved. I have had a dog as a pet. I cared for him, fed him, and walked with him. He was my best friend. Pets are great friends to be around with them. They keep you company anytime possible. Most dogs are trained by cops for catching criminals. They are also trained to sniff out drugs from criminals. These dogs make our lives living more easy. There are huge dogs and small dogs. However, any animal you want as a pet is fine, because it loves you back. We also love them back as well.