Nature Is The Best

I love nature. I love animals. Nature is the greatest thing to experience. You can look at flowers, plants, or see animals playing with each other. You can water the garden in your front and back yard. In this way the plants won’t die off thirst for water. You can also give them plant food from the stores they sell. Looking at dolphins is the best. You see them swimming having fun with their friends. Most animals play with humans. Studying about space is one thing normal to have fun with. You can learn a lot from astronomy. You can learn much from science. Most trees live longer than us, and others don’t. Organisms live longer than us and than anybody. They are little tiny animals we will never see them, but know they are there. There is a lot to learn from nature and you can even enjoy it. Nature is always the best to enjoy.


Why We Need The Sun

There are many reasons why we need the sun. It gives us life to us all, and the plants all around the Earth. The sun is our energy resource. We need it so we can see the day, and in the day we can clearly do whatever we want in our busy schedule. It’s true that the sun is our ally, but it’s an important ally. It gives plants growth. The days are beautiful, without it it would be night all the time. It’s where we get the energy source from. The sun is most important to planet Earth. Mother nature can’t live without it. Without the sun we wouldn’t be living. There would be no plants. Thanks to the sun we have beautiful days, warm weather, and better lives for plants, animals, and us humans.