My Memoir

These past two weeks was a calm, and relaxed break from my writing fiction. I am ready now to study grammar. I needed to refresh my mind, because I was being careful of it by not going mad and out of ideas. Too much writing does really hurt a writer from writing all of their fiction stories. I took a break for two weeks.

I will start writing and see where I stand in my craft of writing. If I am not where I should be, which I already know, I will start improving. At this point I am an intermediate writer. But, I am a fast learner. I think about grammar and my stories very much. It is the only thing I think about each day, and then everything else comes later.

One very good thing is that I know most of the grammar material. The lucky thing is that it will always be stuck in my brain. I love thinking about words and all of the English structure. I tap my fingers on the computer keyboard on trying what to type. If there is something I think that should be typed. I don’t waste much time doing it.

I will start studying again grammar tomorrow. This first day coming back to it will bring my mind fresh for memorizing it and being familiar with it. A lot is based on its language structure and most people don’t know it. I took like almost 20 years to study it. I still am doing it today and in the future. When I first started studying grammar the first year I used to hate it, but with many years later I love it. Grammar is my number one favorite subject.

I was reading about astronomy and fiction novels these past two weeks. I was watching The Science Channel. Most of it was about the aliens that were here in Earth in ancient times. I also see Ancient Aliens in The History Channel. I was reading A Brief History of Time. I am trying to understand it. I know most of the astronomy, but am trying my hardest to understand it.

What is back in my mind is general relativity, the theory of gravity, electromagnetism, dark energy and dark matter. I understand that a black hole is a black void floating into space. There are a millions of all types of black holes. What I have learned is that all of space billions of years later will be dominated by a huge black void destroying and dominating everything in the Solar System. That is just one theory of the Solar System’s destruction. There are plenty more of theories in science.

I was watching Blue Bloods today and is one of my favorite shows. My other favorite show is Gilmore Girls. I started watching it and am in season one, episode 4. I also watch Luke Cage. I was listening to the music of Britney Spears and Beastie Boys.

Well, my friends, have a nice summer! Be safe! Be nice! Be kind! Be courteous! Behave! Show respect! No fooling around! Don’t betray anyone, or else! Share your interests with others! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


June 23, 2018

Most of us good people have a Marty McFly inner-self in all of us in order to stand up to bullies. We can’t change back our history pasts, but we can learn to be better persons. I stick to the present and enjoy life all of the time.

I am taking a break from lifting weights today and tomorrow. I feel great in health. I want to get stronger and I will.

I love reading astronomy. Everything about space is so amazing and neat. I used to watch Through the Wormhole and tried very hard to learn everything about science. The last season of that show was all only about social science, which is the only one I didn’t see. I love reading science. All of it is so interesting and exciting.

I am going to take a grammar online course, which is the second part of it I need to take. I know most of my grammar. I have a passion for it. Grammar is so much fresh in my memory that I know it by heart. I love grammar and is my passion.

I will start again to watch The Science Channel. I disregarded not to see it and started wondering why. It is because I was watching NBATV to see the analysis of my Miami Heat and see where they got better and where they are at.

I took a break from studying writing and I did some work in fanstory some days though. I think that next week I will start again to study grammar, which I took a weekly break from. My mind is fresh now. I will decide which day I will start studying grammar again. It will be perhaps Wednesday or Thursday give or take.

I love The Beatles and their songs are awesome. I used to always listen to them when I was a teen all the time. I also listened as a teen to a lot of Elvis Presley music. I didn’t care that it is so old and boring. I got used to listen to music way older than me. You can say I have many wise years beyond me. I am the wise Yoda. Kidding. But, I am very smart and wise.

I remember that I used to read War and Peace. I was at page 997 and never finished reading it since. I got bored of it. I couldn’t get to those times. It was way before I was even born. I saw a movie of Leo Tolstoy though and enjoyed it, because of me as a writer now. I saw it eight years ago.

When I was a teen my favorite war movie was Gone With The Wind. I used to have the VHS tape a very long time ago. I still love that movie. Great movie. Margaret Mitchell wrote that only novel. But, it made her famous.

Now I always remember my favorite all-time movie, Freedom Writers, because I am a writer. I love that movie because it is a true story. I have learned many things from it.

Well, my friends, have a great summer! Be nice! Be kind! Show respect! Be courteous! Behave! No fooling around! Be yourself! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤