My Favorite MythBusters Science Experts is…

My favorite mythBusters science expert is Kari Byron.¬†I love her. She is hot. I love her sense of crazy friendly sense of humor with her zany science experiments. I love the dangerous science experiments those science experts tests. They are fun to watch. I love MythBusters and White Rabbit Project. My two favorite shows. Those experts are super intelligent I most like them for that and because the show is wildly funny fun to watch. I give MythBusters a ten. I love those shows. Two of my favorite shows. I can’t wait to also see Street Science. Another show I will love to watch on The Science Channel. I love seeing people doing crazy dangerous science experiments. Great shows! ūüôā


The Shows I Am Watching

I am watching The Man in High Castle, Hell on Wheels, Criminal Minds, and Strike Back. All of them are pretty good. I have finished seeing Blind Spot, and Qauntico. Blind Spot will come back with season 2 this February.

I love these shows. The Man in High Castle is about the Nazis and Japs take over the U.S. in the 60’s by winning the second world war. They show that the films showing the Americans winning the war could save America from its evil perils of Adolf Hitler. I have seen four episodes so far.

Strike Back is about the U.S. Army trying to end the war on terrorism. I am just starting to watch the very first episode of season 1.

I love shows about wars, crime, corrupt cops, and good cops. I think they are interesting to watch. Criminal Minds is about FBI agents trying to stop intelligent criminals from going on a killing spree and arrest them. They’re all very good shows.

I have seen one episode of Downtown Abbey and came out disappointed. very boring for me. I have stopped seeing it.

The one that I want to keep on watching is Bones. It has 10 seasons.

Justified is Almost Finished

The series of Justified is almost finished. I can’t believe it will all end very soon. Boyd got shot near the heart by his girlfriend Ava. This is the reason Marshall Detective¬†Raylan Givens is after her, because it happened in front of him. Now I don’t know how it is going to end. In my view Boyd was the one that was going to lose in the final episode. I am clueless of how it will be done. There will be four or three more episodes. Well, there are other evil people Raylan has to go after. Boyd isn’t the only one that is bad. I will miss this show so much. I never wanted it to end so soon. I will see how it all unfolds either on the positive side or on the negative side. Either way it depends on the writers how they perceive it should end. This show was the most fun to watch.

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Loenard Nimoy was an American actor, film director, poet, singer, songwriter, and photographer. He was well-known for his portrayal of the fiction character Mr. Spock in the Star Trek television series (1966-69). He also starred as Mr. Spock in eight Star Trek silver screen movies. He guest starred in various spin-off series. He wrote two autobiographies which are: I Am Not Spock (1975), and I Am Spock (1995). Both were written from his viewpoint of the Star Trek fiction character Mr. Spock. He died of complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on February 27, 2015. He was 83 years old. My condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

My Favorite Show So Far…

My favorite show right now¬†is Justified. I have followed season 1 and 2. I am following season 3. I have forgotten about Sons of Anarchy. I left it behind. Now I am more excited of Justified and am interested of how it is going to end. No one knows how it will end. For those of you who haven’t seen the first and second season don’t read this. If you did, than¬†you can. I hate Boyd to pieces. I am trying to be patient who wins the war between Raylan Givens the Marshall Detective¬†and Boyd. I don’t have any idea if Raylan will win in this show or probably won’t. So far I have seen that Boyd is with Ava and Raylan is with Winona. Art the boss of Raylan Givens is having a crisis with Raylan himself. So far Boyd is a religious criminal who gets everything he desires. Raylan hates him and wants to send him to jail for life. It is all complicated. I think Raylan and Boyd were once friends. Looks like one of them will win it all.

I’m Surprised the show Gotham has aired, but am Happy of it

I have seen all the Gathom episodes on the Fox network. Today I was watching the last one. When I saw the end of it. I saw that it will come back in two weeks. I am so thrilled that this show didn’t get cancelled. I am anticipating the next episodes when it airs each week. I am up to date on Bruce Wayne’s serious situation. My favorite character out of all of them is (Selina Kyle/Catwoman). Even if what I will write next doesn’t have anything to do with this. I am going to write it anyway. The show I was recently watching was State of Affairs, but it no longer aired. I found out in the EW magazine online that it might be cancelled, because of its poor showing. I am hopeful that this other show stays on air. But, if it doesn’t, then so be it. Gathom has had mixed reviews in the beginning, and am happy surprised that it is still airing. I am most waiting for its next episodes!!! Remember same bat-time! same bat-channel!

I Am Watching the show Veronica Mars

I have picked up on watching the show¬†Veronica Mars, and love it. I am still in season 1, but on episode 6. It is interesting. For anyone who is interesting in watching this show. I recommend it. Veronica Mars¬†dedicates her life¬†through solving and tackling¬†the toughest¬†mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune. Her best friend was murdered and her father was removed¬†as county sheriff.¬†This is an interesting show for me, because I love how Veronica solves hard crime problems that usually wouldn’t be by people working on the job for it trying to tackle it. She goes into places where the authority wouldn’t. She goes trying to find out who killed her best friend through all this.

The Final Episode of Sons of Anarchy

I have felt sorry for Jackson Teller. The final episode has impressed me a lot. Jackson Teller came in a conversation with his club about the future of his sons and Samcro. He told them in order to save his sons and club was for him to commit suicide. I couldn’t believe my ears. It had to be done. He didn’t want his sons to be criminals like himself. He rode his last ride while the police chase him. He threw himself to an incoming truck killing him. Before, that he talked to his deceased father one last time. His father was killed by his step dad, and his mom. Jackson killed himself for the safety of his sons and Samcro. One of the most interesting shows has just ended. There will never be one quite like it, until another¬†one¬†appears. Awesome series. A sad ending. The final ride. The final goodbye.

The End of Sons of Anarchy

If you haven’t seen the whole series of S.O.A. Don’t read this. If you did,than you can read it. Today on December 9, 2014 marks the end of Sons of Anarchy. As much as we love the show. Sadly, it all ends tonight. The fate now rests on Jackson Teller and Samcro. We don’t think that Jackson has a death-wish, but he probably might have one on this last episode. It is now clear that Gemma and Juice are now out of the way. We will see what unfolds tonight. If Jackson gets killed who takes care of his son? They said that he might be handed to Child Protection Services. Does Jackson get away with everything and rides into the sunset with his son. What about his ex-wife? Will she join him? There are some other questions pondering on the last episode finale of the series. Let’s figure that Jackson Teller disappears, and has a new clean slate of life after this one.

On The Penultimate Episode of Sons of Anarchy

We all knew what was coming to Juice and Gemma. An inmate has killed Juice in jail inside the prison cafeteria. Jackson Teller has killed his own mother Gemma at his father’s home in the backyard garden. These things that have happened made us satisfied, but we want to know what is going to happen to Jackson Teller and Samcro in the final episode airing on December 9, 2014. It looked as if the season has ended when we saw the episode last night, but we need to see the final one. Most of us think that Jackson Teller might get killed. Are we so sure that is going to happen? Jackson got his justice. His gang has killed the gang enemies rivals. It all comes down to the final episode. We can imagine. It all looks so clear now. If you haven’t seen the episode on FX last night and don’t want any spoilers. Don’t read this post! Watch episode 12 first! Let me know what you think about Jackson Teller and Samcro’s future.