August 27, 2018

I went out to Sawgrass Mills Mall just to go to places and hang out. I had a lot of fun there. I was studying watching grammar videos in the website I am doing good and understand more of it.

I am using YouTube to learn how to write. I also sneaked in to see some music videos. I saw some Run-DMC, Tone-Loce, and Will Smith. I decided to take a little break for now, and later will study more grammar and writing.

I drank an ice Americano coffee today this morning at Starbuck’s. I love my ice coffee in the morning.

I am waiting for the Miami Hurricanes college football season to start. I am very optimistic and happy about it. Go ‘canes!

I will take it easy today. Tomorrow I will begin studying and working throughout this all week.

Well, my friends! Have a great week! Be safe! Be kind! No fooling around, or else! Love and peace to you all! Remember, God is Watching! 🙂 ❤