Goodbye, David Cassidy (RIP)

Today an important celebrity child icon actor has just died. David Cassidy died today. He was 67 years old. He was a child actor for the show The Patridge Family. I am deeply saddened by this huge loss, even if I didn’t know him. This time we will all mourn him. Goodbye, David Cassidy. We will always remember you. (RIP) David Cassidy  May you have your glory with God up in the Heavens. We will never forget you. Goodbye! ❤


Be Friends With Nice People Instead of Being Enemies

No one likes a fight and a war. No one wants to start a fight over something silly, or that is already settled. Some people take their personal lives way too serious. I think it is time to go to a Psychiatrist for therapies. You will start to feel better. Some have anger management problems and they want to be that same stubborn self. I think we need to do away from anger, because it creates much violence and crimes all over the world. Read a psychology book, or start reading some Psychology Today magazines. I bet that you will be feeling fine. Think for 10 minutes of what you are doing, or talk to someone before it gets way out of hand on you. The smartest choice is friendliness. Don’t confront whiners. Don’t confront people who hate innocent things. Just ignore them. Be yourself and start to act normal. Occupy yourself by reading books and listening to music. Take time off to let out your steam from your mind. Be happy and nice.