Whichever Advice is Good…

Follow whichever good advice you think is helpful and stick to it, if you want. I am just trying to help and just am giving you my opinion. If your advice is helpful then mine, then use it and be true to it. One reminder is that they have to be good ones and not bad ones.

Half, Positive And Half, Negative of Our Histories

In order for all of us to sacrifice and change for good, we need to experience our negative history in our present time. I don’t mean the Cruel ones, because we all only should experience the positive experiences. I mean the simple mistakes we do upon good people, which we hurt them unintentional, or intentional. We learn not to do it again. Funny how these two experiences are mixed into our lives. We tend to forget about bad experiences, but there are some people who want some of us to make up to them, which is good and not a bad thing. But, I think it is much better to begin another life with a second chance in mind. Most people won’t think so and think that the first approach is much better. It is funny of how our two past Histories stick and how some of us get viewed from our negative histories. I just think of the positive Histories and that life moves on from there. I bet several of you have that problem. One way to do good is to forget about the lonely life you have and live happy. Things change in this regard. I don’t really think that everyone thinks the same, but most people do. Forget about the negative Histories sticking to you and how you are viewed by it, if you are a good person. You can change it around. Be nice and make your personality nice and decent. I know what some of you are going through. Hang in there. Life gets better as you grow older. Remember age doesn’t matter in this case. Only you matter, if you are nice. Be positive and ignore the criticism. Live your happy life. Be optimistic. Think for yourself.