The Birds Destroy a Nice Country

The country of Geukia is sitting tight and cool with its population of millions people  intact living their lives however they can. Most people are busy working. Others are having fun at parties and events. Geukia is busy.

In one fact the birds did not take a liking to the way of life of the country of Geukia. They love living there, but the people are a hassle against them. They were thinking of destroying this place, the animals, and its people. They can’t stand the insanity of being messed around much.

Most Geukia people were doing all kinds of positive activities, while others the depressing ones. Being homeless, going to music concerts, going to work, doing illegal stuff, trying to get back home, being at sports arenas rooting for their teams, and etc. Everyone was busy doing all sorts of stuff.

Suddenly, all the bird species flew their rage all over the country of Geukia. They were destroying everything in its path, throwing all types of fires big and huge. The people are suffering by getting killed from these vicious animals.

All the buildings, things of nature, and places were falling down collapsing. The birds can see their own destruction happening of a once proud happy country. There were only a few persons and animals left standing. But, they all soon died. Nature itself is taking a beating and now gone to bits. It’s all the birds’ doings.

They dropped more types of fire to Geukia again. Till the country is no more. It is gone and so are the people and animals living in it. All gone. Just the quiet depressed place where it has nothing now.


October 23, 2017

I got up early today. I went to IKEA yesterday and loved going there. I got to eat healthy. I saw some things that I like for the house. I have erased the bad things I’ve done in the past, but it’s in my record. But, there are most good things that I’ve done and am proud of, even though I am not proud of the bad things I’ve done in the past. Again, I have erased them. It will be there in my history painted, and I guess that all of you have the same thing as well, and most of you have erased the bad things. Good for You and me! 🙂

Now I lift weights everyday and do exercise. I watch what I eat. I am happy now. I am at a happy place. I have forgotten all the bad memories and so should most of you to live happy.

My Miami teams are doing well. What I will do now is eat the cereal Special K. I laid off the sugary cereals. Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

My Some Mistakes

There are some things that I’ve done wrong, that I have wished that I could make it up to those nice people. But, I have learned from them, and I have grown up from them. They did the right thing. I was sometimes wrong. We are all human and so am I.

October 20, 2017

I love words, sentences, literature, backgrounds and concentration in my writing. I want to write horror novels for you all to enjoy and look forward to. You have a right to hate my antagonists. They are evil monsters, but fun to read. The only problem is that horror novelists get a bad rap because of their antagonists and it shouldn’t be that way. It should be for fun reading and not for bad things to happen. It’s not our faults and we’re just trying to do our jobs is to make people happy. It should be friendly for most people. You can even have a love/hate relationships with the antagonists and root for the fiction good characters to defeat them. If you don’t want to don’t read horror novels, but it will make our lives better if most of you do. Thanks for understanding!