About Harley Quinn And The Joker

It looks like The Joker has a girlfriend and her name is Harley Quinn. I love this character. She represents the same thing the Joker does is to hurt people’s feelings, while having fun with it and do serious crimes in Gathom City. I think Harley Quinn won’t disappoint the fans in the new movie “The Suicide Squad“. I will definitely watch, but only when it comes on DVD. She is a bad girl criminal in this new movie upcoming in theaters near you. I think both of these characters will be fun to watch them fighting crime. It’s a whole other different kind of entertainment. She is playful in a dangerous manner. I think if you fall in love for her, she might hurt you badly. She is in the same category as the Joker, but she is a female, which is worse for Batman. We always knew about the Joker. I love how he humiliates Gotham City Citizens. He has his girlfriend to add it up more for fun. He will laugh once he hurts the bad guys with entertainment. Harley Quinn is up to the task as well.


My 2nd Favorite Movie is American Gangster

My second favorite movie is American Gangster, right next to Freedom Writers. I was impressed by how this movie was well acted out and very good drama. I am interested of how Frank Lucas became the tops of the drug Leader. His story is fascinating. It isn’t pretty, but it is interesting. Frank Lucas was a Gangster, and actually was tops of the mafia in North Carolina. This did happen for real. It is a true story. The mafia that Frank had made couldn’t be stopped. The only cop who stopped him was the one Russell Crowe played in the movie American Gangster. Frank smuggled drug heroin delivering from Vietnam to American soil. The real cop who caught him was Detective Ritchie Roberts. This movie is great to watch and very explosive violence for anyone who loves mafia movies. I would recommend it to them. This movie had impressed me, and would love to watch it again. Ridley Scott directed it, and Denzel Washington portrayed the role of mafia Gangster Frank Lucas. It’s worth watching!

I Am Watching the show Veronica Mars

I have picked up on watching the show Veronica Mars, and love it. I am still in season 1, but on episode 6. It is interesting. For anyone who is interesting in watching this show. I recommend it. Veronica Mars dedicates her life through solving and tackling the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune. Her best friend was murdered and her father was removed as county sheriff. This is an interesting show for me, because I love how Veronica solves hard crime problems that usually wouldn’t be by people working on the job for it trying to tackle it. She goes into places where the authority wouldn’t. She goes trying to find out who killed her best friend through all this.

The Last Episodes of Sons of Anarchy

The last episodes is going to be how Gemma and Juice is going to get murdered and by whom. I think that Jackson Teller probably kills Juice, and then someone else kills Gemma. Gemma is the guilty party for the murder of Tara (Jackson Teller’s wife). We don’t know yet how the series is going to end. It might finished disappointing, or perhaps not. It all depends on how the creator sees it. So, far Juice is in jail. Jackson’s son knows who killed Tara Teller. Gemma is trying to keep it a secret from her son Jackson for her safety. The creator said that Juice is the one who is going to die. The fans of this show say that Gemma is going to be murdered. The last scene of the episode was when Juice is shown in prison killing a cockroach. Jackson Teller will ride into the sunset with his son, somehow. We’ll wait how all this mess unfolds.