January 11, 2015

Today is a calm day for me right now. Yesterday I have eaten brunch with my parents at my sister’s home with her husband. I was playing with my nephew, which he was real happy that I was with him. Today I have taken a walk and gone to McDonald’s to buy breakfast for me. I met my friends working there. I have finished watching season 2 of Justified, but am not happy that I need to rent season 5 of it. Someday, it’ll be free so I could finish watching it. I will continue seeing it. I will start watching season 3. I am still on season 1 of Veronica Mars, but can’t watch the Veronica Mars movie, because I have to rent it. I hope sooner it’ll be free later on. I am still reading Gone Girl. It is interesting. I am thinking about what I should do next. I will relax at home and study my course today. I also watch Ancient Aliens, and cosmology show and movies. It is interesting to know about the aliens that came here to build our civilization. I love the history of astronomy books, and history. I watch Joel Osteen’s show from time to time.

I Am Watching the show Veronica Mars

I have picked up on watching the show Veronica Mars, and love it. I am still in season 1, but on episode 6. It is interesting. For anyone who is interesting in watching this show. I recommend it. Veronica Mars dedicates her life through solving and tackling the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune. Her best friend was murdered and her father was removed as county sheriff. This is an interesting show for me, because I love how Veronica solves hard crime problems that usually wouldn’t be by people working on the job for it trying to tackle it. She goes into places where the authority wouldn’t. She goes trying to find out who killed her best friend through all this.