Enjoying The Holidays This Year!

Right this year I am thinking of laying back and to enjoy the holidays. I need the break off and I deserve it. Just to let you know next year I will be very busy with WordPress and FanStory! I am happy that this year was very successful for me as a writer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


The Letter M

The audience was seated in a conference speech. An unknown being was waiting to make his speech to the crowd. It was the letter M. It is seven feet and 12 inches tall. It was painted in red.

The host presented the letter M to the crowd and gave it a chance to make its speech announcement. Close to the microphone he called out, Murder. The crowd became stunned trying to figure out what it meant. Suddenly the little words, “Murder” comes out of M. The murder words are painted red as M as well.

M calls out “Murder” again plenty of times. The doors were locked tight. The words go inside the fans’ bodies causing them to soak out lots of blood. They all start to die. M also kills his hosts with the words “Murder” doing it for it.

M did all the killing. There was no one left alive. Everyone is killed, but not the letter, M. He repeats still calling out. “Murder!” all the time. There was blood splattered all around the room. Dead bodies all on the floor.