Be Friends With Nice People Instead of Being Enemies

No one likes a fight and a war. No one wants to start a fight over something silly, or that is already settled. Some people take their personal lives way too serious. I think it is time to go to a Psychiatrist for therapies. You will start to feel better. Some have anger management problems and they want to be that same stubborn self. I think we need to do away from anger, because it creates much violence and crimes all over the world. Read a psychology book, or start reading some Psychology Today magazines. I bet that you will be feeling fine. Think for 10 minutes of what you are doing, or talk to someone before it gets way out of hand on you. The smartest choice is friendliness. Don’t confront whiners. Don’t confront people who hate innocent things. Just ignore them. Be yourself and start to act normal. Occupy yourself by reading books and listening to music. Take time off to let out your steam from your mind. Be happy and nice.


Don’t Trash Nice People Who Want To Be Your Friends

I know that some of you are mad at certain nice people, just because of their negative pasts. Just don’t throw them away just because of their dark pasts. We all have sinned. Even I did before. Try to make friends with people who wants to be your friends. Don’t judge a book by its cover. What I mean is that you haven’t read their whole story yet. There is still something else missing that you left out. The one important missing part is that they want to change for the good in them. I know it is really hard and difficult for some of you to do this, but at least give it your full effort. We can’t stay mad at each other forever. Hate is even worse. My story is that I have changed by not doing bad things, that I shouldn’t have done. We all make mistakes. We’re not perfect. If you choose to ignore them, then you’ll always be tormented for the rest of your life, whether you have most friends or not. Most lonely people are happy and they deserve a second chance at their social lives solved. It takes guts to be friends with lonely nice people, but it takes a coward not to be friends with them. Don’t leave them like they are trash blown away in the wind. Some of the nice people’s stories are sad. However, their other side is happy and positive. It is time to make amends with them. I was lonely once before. I think giving them that chance for most of us is worth the effort. And plus you will gain another extra friend, which it doesn’t hurt. It will boost your social life, and will make you a winner. My advice for today is befriend nice lonely people. If you don’t, then you know what unpleasant circumstances are coming to you. God will thank you if you take my advice. He will love you for it. Remember don’t miss anyone out. Always believe in God. There is no reason anymore for hate.

Life is Great and Full of Wisdom

Having a sense of freedom, and caring for true friends is great. Family and friends is love. Never act like a jerk on anyone, and that is including on nice people. Be a decent person. Act like an adult, and not a jerk who for example starts taunting innocent people just for fun. If you make fun of nice people and their things you will ask for it. Love God and not the Devil. Listen to your parents wisdom. They are there to guide you. You will see a big difference of people’s personality once they act it out. This will show you who to trust and not to. Life has its many wonderful rewards. I love my life. I love my city I live in. I love my family. Having fun and caring for people will make you a better person. Care and love for people who want to help. Help yourself. Help others. Care for love, and stop caring for hating innocent stuff.

Read Something that doesn’t Affect You

I have no trouble reading crime books, history, novels, and astronomy. I do however avoid reading other books that I don’t want to read. If something in a book of a subject bothers you, then don’t read it. There are plenty of books to read, which some could fit to your liking. We aren’t going to read everything that interest us. We can read some in our lifetime. Most of us spend time reading most books, but not all of them. Pick something that doesn’t affect you in any way. If I were you I would read a fantasy novel, and in this way you won’t be bothered at all. I love reading true crime novels to know what happened in real life. This is not the only thing I read. I like reading on other people’s blogs on WordPress. I spend much of my time studying how to write, though. Choose wisely of purchasing what to read, and try not to spend your money. Balance your money that you have in your bank, and use it for emergencies, just in case something happens. Reading is fun, but not to be tormented or affected in any way. If you feel this way you should avoid reading biography books, and anything that is controversial. I don’t have any problems reading both subjects, but you have to choose wisely. As I’ve said before.

A Healthy Family Lasts Forever

Most of the people aren’t bothering anyone. Most people are friendly, but family is the one who trust on you doing the right things. Not the wrong. Love is family. Some of the people think that doing the wrong things are cool, but it isn’t. People make sins, and most of us learn from it. Relatives helps a great deal when you need important things. They teach you how to love, care, share, and respect. Never trust a jerk who is out to betray you in any way. If a jerk has betrayed you, than s/he will face the consequences. Family tells you not to pay any attention to bad and evil people. False hope people aren’t the solutions to a better life. True hope people are a solution to a healthy life. Family sticks with you, and help you out. Trust your family more, because they will be with you forever. Always family comes first, than friends second.

Your Life is Meaningful, but not a Curse

No one ever has curses on their lives. I think life is supposed to be enjoyed. Life is meaningful in many ways. Think about things that make you happy. Feel positive about life. Enjoy whatever is out there. What I do is think of something that is positive and I go with it. Don’t jinx your life. Don’t let anyone jinx your life as well. Choose what you want to do. Go out and have fun. You can stay at home to relax and enjoy doing things. Read a book or magazine. Your life is not a curse. It is meaningful. The people who come up with those stuff that anyone can have a curse is not true. It is the opposite. Your life is mindful. Stop thinking about curses. Cursed don’t even exist. They are just make-believe. You are not haunted. Your life is decided by God. But, watch out what you say about things, sports teams, and people. You can get in real big trouble if you do. They say walls have ears. So, I would be extremely careful of you saying mean things at home also to anything or anyone. The best bet is to have no hatred towards anything. The choice is to like or dislike things to most of you. If you don’t like those things, then let someone else pick it up to enjoy it. It is that simple. No strings attached. Let things happen when most people or some want to for the positive. I think the most important idea to do is for most of you not to get bitter about meaningless things, for example all sports teams in general. I think that some people exaggerate almost about anything like sports, people, and etc. Choose to live life, and don’t bully anyone, wherever you are. Life is meaningful. This isn’t the end of your life. It is the beginning. Life isn’t a game of trick or treat. Life is fair, and not unfair.

Take Away Your Sins

I have sinned before, and made up for all of them. We all want to be without sins, but some of us did have it. I am happy and positive. You should too. I forgot about all of my problems and mischiefs. I think we go through a process that we do the wrong things without ever realizing it. The next day we feel bad, and want to apologize to the same people. This is the best thing we should do. I think we can be friends again. I have changed my habits to not make fun of people ever again. This was a sin for me. Most of you can do this. It is easy, but it isn’t a simple process. Most people have to witness you that you won’t do it again. I think this is doable. I did it. Tell me about some of your sins, and we’ll forgive you. No one should be left out. Remember that anything is possible, but some things have a little percentage of happening. Focus on the things that are reality, then you will begin to feel positive. Our lives are different. We don’t think the same. The smart thing is to think happy for what you have. After all that, your sins will go away. My sins have been gone away, and yours will too. Trust in God that everything will be fine. I think that some people don’t want to take a chance on some of us, and they won’t change their way of thinking. However, the other side is much bright. Listen to your friends who are there for you. Remember God and Jesus will help you along the way. Most of us will be sin-free.