True Life Quotes #38

“I think that the world has mixed feelings in all situations in this world. Instead of making friends like God always wants is World Peace we are betraying each other. I don’t see what is the point in that. Everyone loses by betraying everyone. I think it is better to do away from bad people and make friends with good people. In my view I think that the world is super very much confused in these moments. I was and always am a nice and caring person. Revenge is never the answer. I think that problems can still be solved by making peace. I don’t find any common sense in tricking nice people. I want to know why. If you do, than the part of the dark negative side will always cloud your judgments, regardless of how you’re living right now. Is it worth the tricking nice people worth it? I think it is only wasted energy. God is seeing everything and he is no fool. Once we die it is up to him which path we will end up. I am going to Heaven. Where are you going, for your sane life’s sake? I have no idea. Think carefully of your most poor misjudged decisions. Is it really worth the glory of Hell for you? Make smart decisions.”

Raul Conde (Writer)

-True Life Quotes

My Vacation Time In France

I used to have a vacation in France a very long time ago. I loved it there. I was in Paris, France for a short while. The city is beautiful. I get to go to their supermarkets and see the vegetables, foods, and fruits they have. Mostly it is handpicked to buy them. I get to go to museums and walked around France. I loved my time there. It is so peaceful.

I think that me and my family did take pictures, but I took them like 10, or more years ago. I went up the Eiffel Tower, but not too far, and only through around the second and third floor. people were talking in French. I also went to a place where I bought French bookmarks. I bought French Book Art Paintings. I was sightseeing most of the countries gardens and came walking around a huge tremendous garden free for the public.

I ate at a fine restaurant and enjoyed the food. I had a fun time at their famous museums. The art paintings there were so strange and creative, but are beautiful paintings painted by very famous painting artists. I went to a bookstore and discovered most of the French books, and French novels.

I got to go to their music store and bought several music CDs from French singers artists. In the present you won’t ever find them at my home, because I lost all of them once I forgot about them. I don’t understand the French language, but loved their music very much.

My vacation has ended at the time and went back home to Miami, Florida. I have had the most fun times there. It was an interesting trip I took like more than 10 years ago. I will never forget it. A great vacation experience!

The Present is Always Your Friend

There is nothing better than the positive present of your life. I think nobody needs to think of how their futures are going to look like, because focusing on the future takes away most of your energy to perform positive in the present. It is better not to think of the past and the future. The present is the one you should be focused on. Not everyone’s time at the moment will be perfect. Most people have obstacles in their way. It is better to walk away from those negative events. To perform at today in that time you need to feel positive and realize that you are important. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come at that instance, because it will come a few minutes from now. Remember the present is always your friend and it is trying to help you. You have God inside you, as I do too. Live in the present and stop making up your future in your mind, which you know it might or might not happen the way you thought of. Most people think about their future and they make it up, because they think they already know what’s going to happen. We all don’t really know. We just keep guessing. It will only make you negative and you will make mistakes in the moment, because of it. Think and feel the present. Use it happy and positive. The present moment is the best time you will have in your lifetime. Trust me. You will begin to be happier about yourself.

No Nice People Should…

In my view no nice people should be never be lonely and be isolated forever. The problem with this world is that most people give up on us on giving second chances, and it is unstoppable. It is very sad and disappointing. I am very disappointed on them not helping nice lonely people, because they aren’t trying hard enough. They are too soft on it, and it will eventually come back to haunt them, regardless of theirĀ  successful results. Life personal problems can easily be resolved. I don’t see any anything wrong with them trying to help them nice lonely people out by letting them hang out with friends and then everyone’s happy. Most of this world is filled with very much misunderstandings right now and it is very sad to see it like that. The world has to learn to grow up and learn from God. It is not grown up yet still. The only way is to bring equality to the people. Some of them are making it impossible and easily gave up on God, instead they are following the false God they believe in they think is really him, but it’s not him. I beg you please try harder. It will help your mental health and God will thank you for it. You will get rewarded with love and caring in return. These are just little simple personal problems. Don’t make a big deal about it.