Enjoy Life, While It Lasts!

We don’t have any idea when we are going to die, but we can’t worry about that now. We need to live life, and fulfill our destiny. There are so many things to be thankful for. At this moment don’t worry about everything that is going to happen, or something you want accomplished. Instead live life happy right now at this moment. We are going to live longer or shorter lives, but there’s no time to worry about that now. We can enjoy life whatever the results are going to be. Be happy for your friends, and families. Live for today, and stop worrying about the future. Happiness comes in today, not for the further future, that you have to wait desperately to be happy. Happiness is right now at this moment. Take advantage of today by living positive, and optimistic. Love. Peace. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Believe Anything You Want About Aliens

If you want to believe that aliens don’t exist, then do so. Nobody is stopping you. If you want to believe they do exist, then do it. It’s your choice, but they’ll be skeptics who don’t believe. Most people don’t care about this subject. I think in my opinion it should be left alone, and for the authorities to handle it. Sometimes they get it wrong, and we have to protect the friendly aliens ourselves. There are bad ones who won’t attack us. But, let me believe that there are actual beings all across the galaxies, and universes. There are so many stories of alien abductions, and these might have happened for real. We once were considered aliens. I know most of you might be offended by me saying this, but don’t be. There could be humans from other planets, and as well as animals of the same ones from here on Earth. Most people who believe shouldn’t be judge to disbelieve about it. The topic is interesting to me, even if most of you think it’s real funny. There are most people who believe they do exists. I think they may be real. Who knows? It probably might not. Believe what you want, but let the others believe that they are real, and leave them at peace. It’s half of the people in our society that believe aliens do exists, while the others do not. Base your opinion. 

Vampire Angels

From Anthony Dawkins:

I didn’t know that there were vampire angels until I saw most of them. Do they fly at their victims and suck blood on humans’ neck? Yes. This is new to me. Vampire Angels have begun to develop this year. They’re the new kind of breed. They have their own culture. Some of them tried to bite my neck for blood,  but I escaped from them. I tried to look for vampire angels books in the library, But they don’t exist in any of the library books. Do vampire angels have halos and vampire teeth? I think it is the case certainly. Probably so. If they exist then they are here to haunt us forever. It won’t come easy for me, and humanity to survive. They can drink blood and fly anywhere their hearts desire, because of their strong strength. I started to think of how to stave them with the wooden stick at their hearts. It failed. How did the angels become vampires? Maybe, they were bitten by vampires and now they’re vampire angels. I will study this and become an Angel Vampirologist. Since, that profession never existed I will be the first to have a career at it. I will be a teacher later, if my students want to be Angel Vampirologists. I think many will go into this field. This should be a career to end such a thing that exists right now, and find a cure to turn them into normal angels again. Until, then in this world I’m in a new horrible nightmare I can never escape from. 

Promising Brand New Years

Promising Brand New years start with promising futures for people all around the globe. Feeling positive makes it even better, and the future much brighter. This is no time to throw your life away. This is your year to reign supreme and do it with style. Be cool this year like there’s no worries at all. Don’t be a vegetable. Make yourself useful, because we are here for a reason. This year makes New year resolutions. These times make it the right choices. Be happy when a chapter of your life opens.

Shadow Vampires

Journals from Scott Pierson,

Do shadows bite and drink blood from humans? Yes, and I’m a witness of it. I call them shadow vampires. One bit me in the neck and it was a female shadow vampire. Shadow vampires fascinate me. But, me thinking of one has delighted me even more. Shadow vampires are friendly and they’re your friends when in time of need, especially when you want to become like them. Be friends and make amends with them. They give you great advice, trust you, and have faith in you. They’re there for you when you’re in trouble. Ask the shadow vampire if it is your friend, and it will gladly say “Yes, I am!” proudly. Cherish your shadow vampire. I know I did.

New Characters Revealed In Batman’s Prequel “Gotham”

The predecessor of commissioner Jim Gordon has been revealed. A young Selina Kyle (Catwoman) will appear on the show. They have not yet revealed about a young Jack Napier (Joker) will appear just yet. They have said the show starts next season on the Fox channel. There will be an Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), and Alfred Pennyworth the butler to Bruce Wayne will be on the show. It is certain that Batman will be on the last episode of the final season to don the cape. Robin Lord Taylor will play Oswald Cobblepot, David Mazouz will play a young Bruce Wayne, Carmen Bicondova will play a young teenager Selina Kyle, Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock predecessor of Jim Gordon, and Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth. In my opinion I think we will see a young Jack Napier in Batman’s prequel “Gotham”. If most of you care to watch the show then do it, if some of you don’t, then don’t.

Have Patience On Your Life And Career (Friends will come back to you)

I know most of us feel and act like kids when we don’t get our way. I have, but take it easy in High School on wishing for big dreams to be an actor, cartoonist, writer, or etc.  These things take time to accomplish as you grow up. Things and friends will come back to you, if don’t have a happy social life, depending on your attitude and moods. These things take time. I sometimes used to feel angry when things like magazines and books didn’t come the day it was supposed to, and this is me acting like a kid, but I get over it easily. The mind is always tricky, and most of the time it tells you that it’s the end of the world, and you’ll be isolated for life. People change, and don’t always stay the same, unless you change positive. I have had bad thinking before, and most of us have. Some of us don’t want to grow up. I am more mature now. I am a little shy, but am getting accustomed to not be. I am not scared, but have some little defects, and most of us do. In my mind when I don’t get the things I want I get mad inside, but I don’t act it out anywhere or anyplace. For some people it takes time for them to be happy, like I used to be. The best thing to do is keep it inside, and get rid of it. My best solution is to always look at the bright sides on all areas of the your darkest days. I have regretted things that I shouldn’t have done wrong to people some days before, but I learn from it from time to time. I am optimistic, and could care regardless of how old I am. In my life I discount all the things like books, movies, and things that satisfy me, which I shouldn’t care for. We should enjoy them, like you, and I do, and go on with our lives that count the most. I don’t care about useless things, we should care about our lives, friends, and families. Growing pains is part of growing up. We will live happier days, regardless of the results bad or good. Remember one thing we all are different, think different, and some are smarter than us in life. What I appreciate the most is my life, and God. The problems will go away, regardless of your age, and people will come back to you. It will happen to me, as it will to you. Have patience, because most of you are young, and life shouldn’t be wasted, because of useless things. Life counts the most. Don’t ever act you’ll be a kid forever for that is a curse upon yourself. Be an adult, accepts all days as it occurs in any way, and keep away all the junk coming your way, instead enjoy them. . Your life and God is your most important priority.