Have Patience On Your Life And Career (Friends will come back to you)

I know most of us feel and act like kids when we don’t get our way. I have, but take it easy in High School on wishing for big dreams to be an actor, cartoonist, writer, or etc.  These things take time to accomplish as you grow up. Things and friends will come back to you, if don’t have a happy social life, depending on your attitude and moods. These things take time. I sometimes used to feel angry when things like magazines and books didn’t come the day it was supposed to, and this is me acting like a kid, but I get over it easily. The mind is always tricky, and most of the time it tells you that it’s the end of the world, and you’ll be isolated for life. People change, and don’t always stay the same, unless you change positive. I have had bad thinking before, and most of us have. Some of us don’t want to grow up. I am more mature now. I am a little shy, but am getting accustomed to not be. I am not scared, but have some little defects, and most of us do. In my mind when I don’t get the things I want I get mad inside, but I don’t act it out anywhere or anyplace. For some people it takes time for them to be happy, like I used to be. The best thing to do is keep it inside, and get rid of it. My best solution is to always look at the bright sides on all areas of the your darkest days. I have regretted things that I shouldn’t have done wrong to people some days before, but I learn from it from time to time. I am optimistic, and could care regardless of how old I am. In my life I discount all the things like books, movies, and things that satisfy me, which I shouldn’t care for. We should enjoy them, like you, and I do, and go on with our lives that count the most. I don’t care about useless things, we should care about our lives, friends, and families. Growing pains is part of growing up. We will live happier days, regardless of the results bad or good. Remember one thing we all are different, think different, and some are smarter than us in life. What I appreciate the most is my life, and God. The problems will go away, regardless of your age, and people will come back to you. It will happen to me, as it will to you. Have patience, because most of you are young, and life shouldn’t be wasted, because of useless things. Life counts the most. Don’t ever act you’ll be a kid forever for that is a curse upon yourself. Be an adult, accepts all days as it occurs in any way, and keep away all the junk coming your way, instead enjoy them. . Your life and God is your most important priority.


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