Music Review: “Monkey” by George Michael

Women go nuts over this song, Monkey. Most women feel that men are always on their backs. Some girls love their monkeys on their backs. I like this song, because you can be playful with women this way. Is it that you like the monkey, or do you like me? This phrase is so cool and famous. It is a classic. We feel that always there is something going on behind our backs. This song is playful in ways to romanticize with women and girls. I give this song 3 stars out of 5. Three thumbs up!


January 30, 2017

Right now I am in good spirits. It is smart of me that I didn’t decide to take another publishing class just between a week to restudy my former class. This makes me feel out of space and breath.

The smart thing to do when I finish a class is I take a month off to restudy it, and then take the new class the next month.

I don’t really think that the movie Batman and Robin did destroy the main actors’ careers. But, the movie was a complete disaster when it came out. After all that the actors got to be in more movies that became successful. One actor went to start in a police detective show. I don’t know what happened to Alicia Silverstone. It sounds like we’ve never heard from her again. Well, that was only one actor gone down. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in the Celebrity Apprentice reality show.

I think only that one movie was destroyed, as for the actors they went on to have successful careers. I think.

I have a short period of time this month.

I finished watching Sneaky Pete. I watch now the show Zelda: The beginning of Everything.

I got to see birds flying from palm tree to palm tree. They are so little. The traffic here is heavy today.

I am at home now.

Well, I hope that most of you enjoy the weekend! It’s time for me to say goodbye! Till the next time!