True Life Quotes #18

“Most people are choosing the Joker’s side, than Batman’s side. In my view they are letting the Joker win most of his battles against Batman. They are hating Batman in results of that. I am on Batman’s side and forever always will. I like Batman and will always hate the Joker.”

Quote Life Point of View

Raul Conde (Writer)


The Fair Trial Justice System Sometimes Isn’t Correct

I have seen some cases like the Casey Anthony trial, and I think it was handled poorly by the judge. There was plenty evidence to put Casey behind bars, but the judge decided to throw some of the most important evidences out. I don’t know why. The jury set Casey Anthony (the wrong person) free. I think in my sense they start to think that these monsters need another chance. I don’t think so. There are most criminals that were set free just because sometimes the justice system is handled poorly. This may seem controversial to most of you, but this is the world where we’re at right now. Even if there is important evidences right in front of the judge, and the authority it’ll be thrown out in some cases without them even thinking of it twice. I mean it takes some judges and some juries 3 seconds to decide, and it ends quickly with bad results. There is sometimes no such thing as a fair trial in the justice system. It is handled poorly in some trial cases. However, in some court cases are handled good or excellent. I respect the justice system, and the judges, but can some of them get it right in these times. It will happen in the future, but not right now. I have seen way too far bizarre events that have happened in this world. This is just the half of it. This is just my opinion.