Famous American Presidents’ Qoutes #1

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

-U.S. President, John F. Kennedy

This Christmas Think About…

I know most of you want to think about what you are getting this Christmas and to play with them. But, think about the sick and poor of the world. There are wars in most countries that will never be resolved. Be glad that you are here in the United States. It’s not because you can get things, and go see movies and shows. It’s about the freedom that you can do anything you want and need to do of importance. Most people in other countries and including here don’t have insurance to get well rapidly. Think of the sick, and hope they are going to get well soon from other countries. Including here in America as well. There are so many young people who are getting brainwashed by bad people to do bad things. Hope that the wars in this world will get resolved. If some wars don’t get resolved, then it is great to still think so. All over the world we see most stupid people doing things illegally and think that it is cool. Most people think this is not cool. It is not. You spend many years sick and not die from drugs for a while, but soon you’ll die young in later years. Think about the people for them to recover from drugs and alcohol. So, they won’t go into mischief again in life. Think of your family and friends. Think of the helpless, sick, and poor around the world. Worry about them and help them. Give the world a helping hand and about our planet for hope of the well being.

Joel Osteen (1963-Present)

Joel Scott Osteen is an American preacher, televangelist, author, and the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church in the United States in Houston, Texas. He is widely nicknamed “The Smiling Preacher”. Lakewood Church is the largest Protestant Church in the United States, in Houston, Texas. He has written over numerous books, which became successful. His first book Your Best Life Now was released by Time Warner in 2004. It was at the top of The New York Times Best Seller list. His new book You Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner is out now in bookstores, and as Kindle Editions on Amazon.com worldwide.

The Fair Trial Justice System Sometimes Isn’t Correct

I have seen some cases like the Casey Anthony trial, and I think it was handled poorly by the judge. There was plenty evidence to put Casey behind bars, but the judge decided to throw some of the most important evidences out. I don’t know why. The jury set Casey Anthony (the wrong person) free. I think in my sense they start to think that these monsters need another chance. I don’t think so. There are most criminals that were set free just because sometimes the justice system is handled poorly. This may seem controversial to most of you, but this is the world where we’re at right now. Even if there is important evidences right in front of the judge, and the authority it’ll be thrown out in some cases without them even thinking of it twice. I mean it takes some judges and some juries 3 seconds to decide, and it ends quickly with bad results. There is sometimes no such thing as a fair trial in the justice system. It is handled poorly in some trial cases. However, in some court cases are handled good or excellent. I respect the justice system, and the judges, but can some of them get it right in these times. It will happen in the future, but not right now. I have seen way too far bizarre events that have happened in this world. This is just the half of it. This is just my opinion.

Ryan Chesfield Married A Ghost

Dear Journal,

My name is Ryan Chesfield, and I married a ghost woman. The time when I was at college trying to get my degree of being a lawyer I met someone. Her name was Tara Long, and she was hot. I had to talk to her. We have met at a law class, but we were studying about law. Once the class has finished we went out to eat lunch. We talked about her friends, and family of how they did funny things. I started telling her why I wanted to be a lawyer. She became interested in my conversation, and she found that I was nice after all. We went back to college, but she didn’t take the same classes I have. So, we discussed how we can interact with each other, and agreed that I would pick her up once her classes finish. One time seven months before, I have heard the tragic death of Tara Long, but I didn’t think it was my new friend. It just couldn’t be. Well, the story goes that her husband was cheating on her while she lost her job as a waitress. The two couple started fighting over that he didn’t appear in time back home. So, she started to get suspicious of him going with other women. Once she had spied on him, he was kissing intimately with a young twentyfour year old woman. She got mad, and went back home with the pictures she took. Later, she called the police to make a report, and wanted a divorce from her husband. Well, her husband came back home, and she confronted him about the situation. They got into a huge fight, and he got the gun from his right of his belt. He shot her four times in the chest, and that’s when the police arrived. Actually the police didn’t come because of that, but for the pictures she took of her husband. But, once they found Tara dead on the living room by the couch they arrested him immediately. I remember the trial when they sentenced him guilty of murder without parole. It was a long trial. Well, here I am with Tara Long, but even didn’t even think for a second it was her at all. I picked her up from college, and went to study at my place. Nine years later, we have our master’s degree of law, we got married. It was thirteen years later, and the other problem is that we have kids now, but they are human. They aren’t actual ghosts. Only she is. When I woke up late at night I saw a transparent figure by the hallway, and it was Tara. She wanted to tell me her story about her husband, which he killed her. She told me the whole story from right there, and told her that I already knew the story. So, she said if it is alright that she appears as a ghost, but she is still married with me. I accepted the hard reality of my life. I answered with a yes, I’m fine with it. But, I can’t do anything about it. Well, here I am me and my kids shocked that Tara was the actual ghost after all. To tell you the truth I care about her.  Now me, and my kids are trying to get accustomed of her as a ghost.  

Presences Of Ghosts !?!?

English: Henry Fuseli - Hamlet and his father'...

English: Henry Fuseli – Hamlet and his father’s Ghost (1780-1785, ink and pencil on cardboard, 38 × 49,5 cm) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever experienced something unnatural? How is it that most people talk about ghosts and the paranormal? It seems to me that people talk about it, because they have had some kind of experience of it. Maybe, some of us have seen our late close relatives come back to talk to us for a reason. Maybe, ghost are here for only one reason. Some of the movies about ghosts are greatly exaggerated. When you have seen ghosts it’s the presence of them that haunts you, and when you see them you actually feel sorry for them for a reason. There are other movies that don’t exaggerate about ghosts, and they make it seem real. The fact that ghosts exists or don’t is stated upon the view of people of what they want to believe. However, you can’t control ghosts, which they do whatever they want in the real world. Some ghosts want to reach us on some levels that they can’t withstand being relaxed without us. I think in Heaven it seems pretty lonesome, but in other cases they may be visiting dead friends of theirs that are now angels. We shouldn’t worry about these things, because they can’t do anything to us just like in the movies show us. When you sleep everyone in your dream tends to believe that the paranormal do actually exist, but when they wake up they don’t care for it. There are many different people that have different views of ghosts appearing in our dimensions. Some don’t believe in all of this. I can’t tell you if I’m a believer or not, yet me talking about it may seem silly to others. How are we sure if it does seem silly? Maybe, it might be serious. You never know. Base your own opinion about it, or simply don’t just care for it, because you think it’s all rubbish. It’s as simple as that.

My Ghost Letter

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice...

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice, 21 June 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, my name is Brian Bristo. I am telling you about this ghost letter. Somehow, it has been given to me by one of God’s angel. It is referring to a former wife I have married named Avria Crystal four years ago. In other words she came back as a human and remarried me. It was far too bizarre for me to grasp all of this, but it happened. Well, here’s the letter she sent me. Read it carefully!

Dear Brian,

I want to go back to the human world. In fact God is giving me a second chance to go back to you to marry you again. I have stood peacefully up in Heaven for four years. I think it is time that I am sent back to your home. I know you are happy alone with our kids at home, but you’ll be much happier once I come back. I remember the fun years when we did everything together. We went to the movies, gone to the beach, and travel to Europe for fun. I know that this might seem shocking to you coming back to you. But, I can’t bare living up here without you. You mean so much to me and is the love of my life. I hope that you still appreciate this, because I am doing it for us. Well, when I come back wait for me with my four kids. I’ll come back within a week. Bye! See you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Avria Crystal

Well, what did you think? Weird right? Well, once I reunited with her she was happy, and so were we. She has a second chance at life again, before she died of breast cancer four years ago. I don’t know how she came back, but she explained it to me. Somehow, me and my kids understood her.