Underground Ghost Towns

"He met with a severe fall" from Wal...

“He met with a severe fall” from Wallace Goldsmith’s illustrations to Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buried beneath the surface are ghosts living underground towns.  I feel them in the underground soil of my planet. This dimensional line is real tricky to go in. I have tried to discover this underground town of town homes, which ghosts are living in. It  isn’t impossible to try to get there, but it needs much practice and concentration. I have a vivid imagination of how this place looks like.

My name is Harry Stockbraker and am a physicist. But, today I am somewhat puzzled of ghosts living underground down below planet Earth. This is another dimension I can’t get into. Every time I try to get there I fail by not being transported there. My mind sees a town like the England place of Europe but with town homes owned by ghosts. They greet each other by walking by the sidewalks.

I think this world does exist. I tell my friends and family about this underground connection but they don’t believe me. They aren’t convinced that it really does exist. Well, I am trying my hardest to go there and convince them. The closest to where I got there is in my mind. It does exist. If I was there it will be only for a millisecond of my time. A flash of seeing the place and its planet is fresh in my memory.

I drew a map of how the towns look like and drew the ghosts. When I showed it to my friends they told me that I am very creative, but aren’t convinced, and also tell me that I should be an artist. I wasn’t there for a career, because I already have one. But, still my friends think I am looney-tunes about the whole fiasco idea.

In this real world I am the laughing stock of the city. I am still trying to prove to friends, families, and strangers that this world does do exist. I don’t know how to get there and get my message across to them in doing so. I want to prove to them to this point.

About The Star Wars Saga

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (so...

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader duel on Mustafar.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader duel on Mustafar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people still love the Star Wars Saga. The first film of Star Wars began in 1977. It was something most fans have never seen before. It was unique and impressive. We hated Darth Vader at the beginning, but at the last movie Return Of The Jedi we felt sorry for him. I have heard news that Disney owns The Star Wars franchise a few years ago. I hope the new movies coming out will be blockbuster hits just like the old ones did. The movie that made sense to me and still love is Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith. When I saw that movie I understood everything of how it occurred. Also, how it all started of the war between the evil empire vs. the rebel alliance began. Luke Skywalker and princess Leia are son and daughter to Anakin Skywalker who turned into Darth Vader. Chancellor Palpatine was the real villain out of this saga. He wanted to rule the galaxy, but in order to do that he must have a Sith lord and an army. He had those things but failed at the end. We see the plot and story at the beginning of the movie when we read a paragraph from space between the stars. It tells us where we are in each films of Star Wars. Most Star Wars fans are waiting till 2015 for the new movie to start. I hope it doesn’t come out as a failure, but I hope it begins successful. George Lucas who sold the franchise to The Disney Company is no longer in charge. The Disney Company is. The first two prequels weren’t big hits, but the last prequel was the movie blockbuster hit out of all The Star Wars Saga. I remember when Anakin bowed down to the chancellor commanding him to kill his best friend Obi-wan Kenobi. Anakin confronted his old friend and lost. At the end of the movie we see the transformation from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader. It was interesting. We understood that in order for Vader to live he must wear a mask. If he doesn’t he can’t breathe and he dies. Chancellor Palpatine used Anakin Skywalker to get what he wanted and most of us know how it turned out in Return Of The Jedi. Some people would say that Return Of The Jedi was the best movie. I still think it was Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith. However, we see some funny moments from robots of C-3PO and A2-D2. The real jealousy confrontation is between Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in Revenge Of The Sith. These are great movies if intend to see them. They also make a great collection to your home so you can watch them anytime you want. The next big baddie in The new films will be Darth Jim. Disney has said from 2015 they are going to show films of Star Wars each coming year. I hope the best of luck to them.

Embrace Your Age And Past

Failure to Launch

Failure to Launch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t ever be ashamed of your age. I know some of us haven’t had some things before, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have it now. For example you never had a girlfriend, never married, and your 47 years old. In fact it’s never too late of reaching that goal. Some people start late in their age of becoming famous celebrities, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Most people have gained things way before us, but we can have most positive things happen to us at any age. Be proud of your age, and forget being depressed about it. There are times for anything like having a college degree at any career. I think we feel ashamed of this, because we see most people have positive stuff happen to them way before us. This isn’t a reason to feel bad about it just because you haven’t for example had many friends at your 20’s. Think of it this way your age brings wisdom and courage. It brings great expectations and great hope for you. Once you see the movie Failure To Launch about a man who didn’t get out of his parents’ home and it’s in his forties or thirties. At the end of the movie he go out of his parents’ home by marrying a nice woman and he didn’t feel ashamed by it. To make you feel better I never had many friends in high school, but I have many friends now. Once you graduate in school it doesn’t matter what happened before and after school. Some loners give up and think it’s too late to do anything. I never give up and am proud of trying to accomplish my dream of becoming a  genre fiction novelist. I keep fighting. I am a warrior. You are going to hear many stories from average and famous people who overcame their problems. The simple logic is they’ve believed in themselves. This could be you. I believe in myself. Do you? The journey and answer is up to you. The next days will be brighter once you embrace your age, past and present.

God Has Faith In You

God the Father 01

God the Father 01 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

God has trust and faith in you that you’ll make the right decisions. Some of these days your family and friends won’t be there to make the right decisions for you. You need to do it on your own in some of these days traveling alone. Some people feel that they can’t make decisions on their own, and are afraid they’ll make the wrong ones. Our brain is so messed up that we think to ourselves that we decide the wrong things all the time. Our minds this way feel weak. We know we aren’t stupid, but are afraid of doing things all by ourselves. Solving problems are difficult, even if you are on target of making friends of your own. I know this is a hard habit to break, but by deciding it the right way. You can feel a sigh of relief you did the right things. Don’t let your mind beat you in events that didn’t happen from your mind. Think stuff through and decide what’s right. You are not a kid anymore. You are an adult. So stop acting like a kid. Trust your mind in you and God. Mostly you should have faith in all you do. God knows that you can make it on your own. Trust your very own trusts, God, and you. Don’t listen to your mind of false information. Trust in yourself. Control your own mind and don’t let it control you. God will help you if you help yourself.

A Right To Have Happy Moments


Stories (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a right for you to have happy moments. When some people are troubled they have a right to be happy in some moments that are pleasant. I think most people resolve their troubled lives and live happy ever after. Well, in some cases it doesn’t turn out that way. Some people who were famous had troubled lives and even average people too. Some die this way. At the end we pay to some their respects. We all have a right to have happy moments; however, our lives turn out in any way. Being positive is great, but creating problems is awful. A person who has resolved his/her life is a person who is happy. We shouldn’t remember the negative events in our lives. Remember the happy moments and create your life worry-free. Your life should be decent and positive. Don’t be friends with jerks. Remember not all women are good friends. There are most women who are nice and decent, but you have to find the right ones who are good not bad seeds. On all sides there are good and bad people. It goes the same way for men too that there are some good and some bad. Always check first how the person is acting, and if they are jerks just don’t be friends with them. Avoid them when you see them. You should have friends who don’t betray you and they give your word. Always trust in God, and remember don’t disappoint him by going with the wrong crowd. However, your life is try to live happy and create those happy moments if you can. I know that not all people deserve to be unhappy. God wants us to have happy moments in our lives. In some of your lives will probably be resolved someday. Peace. Love. Freedom.

No Evidence Of Aliens Yet

title screenshot

title screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout history we’ve been told that we’re been visited by aliens a long time ago, and they’ve helped shape our civilization. Are we any different from them? Will they come back? I don’t know what to say, but I think that they actually do exist. The alien encounters are long histories of history. Most of us keep ourselves skeptical, and think of it as rubbish. If we meet tem we’ll be frightened out of shock and lost for words. Scientists say that we have evidence of aliens were here on Earth. But, can we believe that there’s evidence we haven’t seen? I don’t know what to tell you, but try to believe it. We come to the cold hard facts of reality that there’s nothing out there in the universe. Ancient people in ancient history in our pasts thought they have seen divinities of Gods, demigods, angels, and demons. They were the same aliens themselves portrayed as. Again we don’t want to believe it and only think that there’s only one God that shaped our civilization. Do I need to be brief? Everyone would think so. Most people would think that I’ve wasted my time writing about no realities. My fans would laugh as of saying my fiction doesn’t fit to their reality of their lives in our universe. We’re skeptical of this situation and concept. Children would be frightened if we talk about it, and we should let only adults talk about this topic. People won’t ever talk about it, because it is simply silly to them. People know what to think of the universe. But, what do they know about their own reality, and what do we know of the real reality? My guess is I don’t know, because this won’t be resolved anytime in the near future, but perhaps in the further future. This story has been told way before me, and way before us. In Mars we know that Martians don’t exist, and only organisms live there. Most people would tell you to stick with the reality we now have and come back to reality. My mom and I would think so. But, what do we know of making ourselves sane because of not talking about it? I don’t know anything to this question. But, most people would tell you they already know and it’s a no-brainer for them and us. Scientists lay out some of the questions out there unanswered, and left out. We leave them out there, because we don’t want to be cast as fools by finding evidence. Most people think the evidence found of aliens in other planets are made up by skeptics. Do we really know? Ask yourself that same question. Do you think talking about aliens is silly? Ask yourself that last question, also. It all comes down to the realities of life. You can believe what you want to believe. But, most of us already think that the evidence is clear of no aliens existing in the universe. The odds of thinking about it of the next generation may surprise you.

Be More Out Going!

The inside of The Quarter

The inside of The Quarter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were and are some people that are afraid to go out, because of their former problems. But, by going out you can help your chances of gaining friends. I know you are worried about your life, but by doing this you’ll see that people will greet you nice. They do care. Anyways by thinking like a jerk and acting like one ruins all your chances of making friends. The only thing you need to do is be yourself. Start thinking happy and be the nice sharing person to your friends. We all want to be respected, but not by the way that some people think they own us. So don’t start thinking and acting like you own everything. This is the most awful way to start, because in any way shape the consequences are against you. This is a dangerous risk and will cost you dearly most of your life. By going out you feel the freedom you always wanted. Relax and walk around the parks, or go travel to Atlantic City in New Jersey. Even by walking around the neighborhood you can say or wave hello to your neighbors. Be happy and positive by going to places such as stores, supermarkets, or restaurants. Anywhere nice outside is great. You’ll be surprised of how people are impressed by the new you in a good way. Most people love a nice caring person. We will always create problems that some of us think we can’t solve. This is the reason you have your family to solve them and guide you. By going out you feel happy again and you wash all your depressions away from your mind. The negativity won’t be there anymore, but only the positivity will always be with you. I have 3 messages for all of you: Peace. Freedom. Love.