My Favorite Show Was Family Ties Back In The 80’s

When I was a young teen my favorite show was Family Ties in the 80’s. I used to watch that show when it aired on TV every once a week. I always wanted to be like Alex P. Keaton. It was always my dream to be the most popular teen in that time. He was always smart, reads the newspaper, and always gets the girls. His two sisters were pretty funny in that show. The parents were always conservative at what they do every time. It was a decent family who had problems and they resolved them when they had to. I loved Alex’s sisters they were always cheesy at times when they go out on dates all the time. Alex was always trying to get attention from everyone he met. I think this show has five or four seasons. Once it ended it saddened me. I never wanted it to never end. Most of us move on and watch more brand new shows, and try not to stick to nostalgia. This is what we always should do look for something new to watch. But, at that time this show was the most fun to watch. The Keaton family were honest and decent.