David Became A Ghost From Being Depressed

Dear Diary,

My name is David Shards. I have never felt happy my entire life. I started to wonder why. God kept me telling me if I don’t start acting positive I’ll soon turn into a ghost and so I did. I was walking the neighborhoods, malls, and public streets when nobody recognized me. Finally, they saw me as a ghost. I was famously known from the news media. I hated the attention from the public. They wanted to know how I died and why did I come back as a ghost. I told them that I didn’t die and I became a ghost, because of me being depressed. The news media joked around and asked me if I feel happy I would turn into a human again. I told them that will be the exact cure. So, everyone cheered me on. I left the news people and went on my own. Once I was walking the public areas they kept cheering me on to the recovery to turn human once more. I felt better and soon some of my body parts look like human flesh. I could see my few fingers on my hands are soon human flesh. I went through days and days as the crowd kept on giving me positive support. And you know one day I turned into a full human again. I am dressed with clothes on. I feel positive, optimistic, and happy once again. I came back home and my wife Elisa greeted back in. She is very happy I found a happy place, and that I am human the second time, also. The next month I was all over the news, and I went to talk shows to tell the world about my transformation from human, to ghost, to human. The conversations with the talk show hosts were interesting. This for me is by far a surreal experience.

Sincerely yours,

David Shards


October 28, 2015

I haven’t seen any animals today in my neighborhood. What I saw was cloudy clouds ready to burst rain. Me and dad took a short walk outside.

I have watched all of the episodes of Blindspot. I still need to watch the last two episodes of Quantico.

Looks like today I am going to read and relax. Later in the afternoon I will exercise.

There isn’t much action today. My home is quiet. I intend it to be that way. It relaxes my mind. I can think better. I still can think when the music is on.

What I am planning to do is just see if I could write more and read writing reference books. I did seal my dad’s architecture plans of his clients. I worked at the computer of architecture plans.

When I went out I was thinking of how FBI’s did their work. They have to be secretive in order to catch and arrest bad guys. It is serious work. I watch FBI shows and they interest me much.

I also want to see what I will type on my notebook papers. It looks like that I have nothing in mind, but will come up with something somehow.

Okay, I will be signing-off, and writing-off! Till the next post adventure, friends! 🙂

Meeting The New Joker in the Movie “Suicide Squad”

In my mind this might be the best Joker yet far out of all of them in the Batman Universe. It is still the same essences, and its concepts. He is creepy, a freak, and crazy. He has the same elements that all the old Jokers have had in the past. I think the difference here is that he is another different kind. My point of view of The Joker is the same a sadistic freak who kills people to entertain himself. Clearly him in The Suicide Squad paints another framework to study him closely. Most of us know that Harley Quinn will be in this new movie, but all the attention is to Jared Leto’s Joker. If we see this movie we will see him differently and maybe strange to look at his image. But, yet The Joker for us is entertaining, because of the love/hate relationship we have for the character. These criminals probably will be out there to save the world. The one thing is that we have to see the movie before judging and The Joker itself. I know it sounds funny talking about him like this. But, it might be shaped this way. Most of us love to hate him, because he tortures Batman. In later movies we will see him as a real bad criminal with that love/hate relations of us with him. The word we use for the Joker is hate. Yes, hate! We will see what unravels in the movie The Suicide Squad once we go to see it when it comes out. Anyway, I will watch the movie, as well. What can I say he’s entertaining! 😀 🙂

October 27, 2015

Today I was walking a mile with my dad. We spotted a squirrel by the tree once it came up on it. I have watched Blindspot and it was an awesome episode.

I am planning on reading novels, and do exercise again. I feel like this is everyday routine and it feels great.

My favorite show right now would be Blindspot, because it is about the FBI trying to stop the terrorists. I am also watching Quantico, which is also an excellent show. I kept watching a French show called The Three Musketeers. I am thinking of watching the whole series. I know the show is in French, but I love it still.

I have tried to watch Orphan Black, but didn’t really get into it. It was boring. It wasn’t for me.

I was thinking of how I should improve on my writing. It seems that in my posts I have shown tremendous improvement.

I am still reading ‘salem’s Lot.

Yesterday I found out a little bit more about dogs and how they are geniuses. They exactly know what we want. It’s incredible that they understand us. They are our companions.

Amazon prime has so many shows and movies to watch, and I also love Netflix.

It is great that my neighborhood has trees, homes, and animals. They day today is beautiful. It isn’t ugly like it was once several days before.

Well, I am signing-off, and writing-off! Till the next post adventure, buddies! 🙂