An Ounce Of Depression Causes……..

Even if you feel sad for a minute it does affect your life. Don’t even think for five minutes to be depressed, because it can wipe-out the current days of being happy. Most people go overboard over past experiences that were too painful to forget. We need to forget negative memories, and remember the good past memories. If you attempt to feel sad for half an hour or procrastinate on every little thing it ruins your whole day of enjoying life. You need to be depressed-proof, that means you have to feel happy inside and outside of yourself. Don’t even think for a second, or a few just to feel negative feelings, because your friends and families might seriously need your help, which in this case you won’t be focused. The only thing to do is “Live For Today”. Most people are doing it. Think of your money to invest it in a nearby bank, and track it of what is happening with it. It doesn’t hurt to check your money activities. Don’t walk gloomy every time you are in public. If you feel dark, then the minutes of your happiness is diminished, and the hours passed won’t mean anything. Strangers won’t care about your depression, which they’ll leave you as another bum on the streets. You are better than that. Start acting responsible for yourself. Be something of yourself, rather than dwelling on past negative memories you’ve once had. The hours, minutes, seconds, days, and years don’t care about you they just pass away. You need to feel positive and optimistic. Take charge of your life, and find new friends. Don’t reflect on your age of what you never had, and start living in future opportunities. Live life, rather than dwelling life. 

New Planets In Our Galaxy

Scientists have found 715 new planets outside our solar system in our galaxy by using the planet-hunting Kepler Telescope. The margin number of it are now about up to 1,700. The new planets are in systems like ours, which multiple planets circle a star. Four of these new planets are in habitable zones, where it’s not too cold or too hot. The announcement from NASA was confirmed today this Wednesday.

Stop Blaming People For Your False Acussations

What I mean by false accusations is to stop blaming people for your jumping to conclusions of what they didn’t do wrong. Our minds get crazy all of the time, but most people know how to handle it. You can’t assume that everyone is against you, which most aren’t. People just mind their own business, and they have never thought that they have hated you. It is just one thing that strangers don’t know why some people do this, which is the whole truth. Most strangers don’t hate you they just don’t know you. One false saying to blaming an innocent person who has nothing to do with your problem is you’re asking for it. Try to live happy, and happy without making up problems. I think if one person bothered you, and you don’t know who, then stop giving false accusations to the wrong people. The mind works in ways that it chooses to blame the wrong person that never bothered you, or given you problems. If you do blame an innocent person, then that person will get angry with you for the right reasons, and it’s your fault for false assumptions. We need to figure out who did the wrong thing, instead of blaming others who didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t assume the false accusations to someone you know by your mind tricking you, and try to figure out with your family, and friends who’s the guilty party. It’s like a detective Sherlock Holmes’ novel, but it is way more serious. Don’t let your mind rule you, instead let you rule your mind. Think the problems through, and try to listen to your friends, and family, which may help you solve whose at fault.


The religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit after biological death begins a new life, which may be human, animal, or spiritual depending on the quality of a previous life’s actions is called reincarnation. The Kabbalah, Cather, the Druze, and the Rosicrucian do believe in reincarnation. Many North Americans, and Europeans have developed an interest in reincarnations in recent decades. The origin of this subject began in The Iron Age (around 1200 BCE). The Greek Pre-Socratics, and the Celtic Druids have taught a doctrine of reincarnation. The ideas associated with it have arisen in different regions, or might have spread as a result of cultural contact. It is believed that reincarnation is the life cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, which is recognized as a replica of natural agricultural cycles.  

Comet ISON deminishes into the Sun Encounter

The comet ISON made a closest approach to the sun encounter. The comet’s nucleus broke up into the sun’s intense heat and powerful tidal waves, once it passed within 730,000 miles of the sun’s surface. The comet reappeared tiny, and gradually growing fainter into the sun’s direction. Most scientists agree that visible remnants are small visible rubble. Comet ISON has failed to survive the sun encounter.

The World Is Kind To Us

Live in a world that is open arms to us all with full of caring and kindness. Don’t live in a world where chaos happens, and we won’t ever live in peace. Our world is kind in the sense of depending where you are. If it is where you are at peace, then it’s a peaceful world. We get to do anything we want, and we get to enjoy what it offers us, but having respect to others. Life is more than a game. it’s a lifestyle where we talk about ourselves, and others, but not the mean way. We are good deeds, respectful, and kindhearted people. We forgive each other, and the best thing is we get to do great wonderful things. We become great in our careers. We help each other. But last, but not least, we are happy and optimistic.

Oh,no! You Have Made A Serious Mistake!

Most of us make real serious mistakes to people who don’t deserve it. Have you ever thought that the person whom you made a mistake on is blaming himself or herself. Things happen all the time. We need to be patient to one another. Some of us get mad at innocent people for no reason. There is no reason for crying wolf. In my reference if you want a second chance in life try to be friends with those people again, take them into consideration. You need to understand that they are different than yourself. However, your friend may be flamboyant or eccentric treat that person as you would treat yourself. Don’t make the same mistakes again. We all are forgiven for our huge costly mistakes. It’s not like high school that you’ll never see those people ever again, because you did them wrong. This is different. The friends that you have had stay with you. No harm, no foul. No mistakes again, another chance for you to make it right. Look around you nobody is blaming you, and you have done nothing wrong. Enjoy life, rather than regretting it. Let’s leave all the regretting to the jerks.