Oh,no! You Have Made A Serious Mistake!

Most of us make real serious mistakes to people who don’t deserve it. Have you ever thought that the person whom you made a mistake on is blaming himself or herself. Things happen all the time. We need to be patient to one another. Some of us get mad at innocent people for no reason. There is no reason for crying wolf. In my reference if you want a second chance in life try to be friends with those people again, take them into consideration. You need to understand that they are different than yourself. However, your friend may be flamboyant or eccentric treat that person as you would treat yourself. Don’t make the same mistakes again. We all are forgiven for our huge costly mistakes. It’s not like high school that you’ll never see those people ever again, because you did them wrong. This is different. The friends that you have had stay with you. No harm, no foul. No mistakes again, another chance for you to make it right. Look around you nobody is blaming you, and you have done nothing wrong. Enjoy life, rather than regretting it. Let’s leave all the regretting to the jerks.

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