February 27, 2017

This month is almost over, and I am still studying. Some of the techniques of self-publishing right now puzzles me. I am new to understand it. The smart thing is that I am reading it everyday.

Self-publishing an e-book is very difficult. It is not just the way it is done, but the way you present an e-books. The novel needs to be checked for grammar, errors, typos, needs polishing, and then editing several times. Self-publishing is hard work just like writing a novel is.

This is my second class of self-publishing. I am now understanding some of the rules and regulations of copyrights, and that all goes around traditional publishing and self-publishing.

I am very busy.

Next month I will be in the same online class.

I didn’t see any squirrels today. I saw birds outside. They look beautiful.

I was reading Spooky Action At A Distance by George Musser. It is very hard to understand and I am doing my very best to. I think I seem to understand some of it. My mind is capable of understanding Astronomy. But, I feel like a huge Astronomy expert buff yet at least not yet. Don’t get me wrong I know half of the astronomy that some people don’t still know. Most people tell me that I understand it more then them. I think I do. It is all very confusing, but love the subject. Somehow, I will understand all of it. I love science as well.

Well, I hope that all of you have a great month to next March. It is one day away from it now. Bye, friends! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


February 22, 2016

These past few days I was following the crime series Bloodline. I am on episode seven, or six. I understand most of it.

This week is passing fast, and I don’t even feel it. The reason why weeks pass at rapid speed is because we are productive doing things in our lives.

My home is great and am feeling in high spirits.

I always study and now I am in class. I am doing well.

Well, this is all I am writing. See you in the next post! Have a great weekend, friends! Love and peace to you! 🙂 ❤


Ghost Feel And Seem Real, Or It Isn’t?

Have you ever thought of ghosts that are tracking your everyday life moments anywhere you go someplace? Most of us seem so. I think if anyone has recently died that we do feel like if they still exists. This is part of the ghosts’ illusions. Think about it.

One way to know this is from the shocking death of Bruce Lee, for example. He died a long time ago, but his death is still a mystery. We feel his presence as if he is really here with us. It is strange when you think of ghosts helping you out, even close late family members. Think of it. You lose the closest person next to you, but it feels like s/he still exist. Creepy right? Well, I don’t know how to explain it.

There are lots of reasons why this feels so odd. We want our late friends back. There are lots of speculations that we see ghosts that we recognize. How do we know if we’re seeing them? Do we know if they are real?

Most of us think of ghosts, but really see that it is pure nonsense. Is it? We have to consider that our late family members are helping us. Ghosts might appear it may be. One thing however they appear at us when they want to say their last goodbyes to us.

People have different theories about ghosts. Some realize that you never see ghosts, and it is only in fiction, yet we always feel them. But are they real? A puzzling question for most humans that find interesting. Most people have different opinions of it. There will be people who think entirely different from anybody. Do we feel them? Are the late famous, or late important still alive, or are they ghosts that we see? This is how we feel them and come not sure of the theories of them. We are yet to realize if it is real ghosts we witness.