My quotes #120

“Don’t look for perfection, but be cool and happy in life.”

Raul Conde (Writer)

My Advice Quotes #104

“Be happy and positive, because age is just a number.”

-Raul Conde (Writer)

February 27, 2017

This month is almost over, and I am still studying. Some of the techniques of self-publishing right now puzzles me. I am new to understand it. The smart thing is that I am reading it everyday.

Self-publishing an e-book is very difficult. It is not just the way it is done, but the way you present an e-books. The novel needs to be checked for grammar, errors, typos, needs polishing, and then editing several times. Self-publishing is hard work just like writing a novel is.

This is my second class of self-publishing. I am now understanding some of the rules and regulations of copyrights, and that all goes around traditional publishing and self-publishing.

I am very busy.

Next month I will be in the same online class.

I didn’t see any squirrels today. I saw birds outside. They look beautiful.

I was reading Spooky Action At A Distance by George Musser. It is very hard to understand and I am doing my very best to. I think I seem to understand some of it. My mind is capable of understanding Astronomy. But, I feel like a huge Astronomy expert buff yet at least not yet. Don’t get me wrong I know half of the astronomy that some people don’t still know. Most people tell me that I understand it more then them. I think I do. It is all very confusing, but love the subject. Somehow, I will understand all of it. I love science as well.

Well, I hope that all of you have a great month to next March. It is one day away from it now. Bye, friends! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤