The Kid that Gives Me Everything

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Alex Newton is a kid with a special power. He has the power to give me stuff. Hi, my name is Buddy Harris, and this is the story of Me and Alex. We walk around the blocks of Chicago, and I tell him I want to see a movie. He gives me a movie by appearing in his hands that hasn’t been bought by anybody yet, I tell him thanks. Later I tell him what flavor of ice cream I want and it appears in his hand vanilla chocolate ice cream. This kid has the power to give me anything by using his hands.

I tell him to let’s go see this movie, which is Scarface starring Al Pacino. He agreed instantly, and so we went to see it at my home. After we have finished watching the movie we were talking about how great it was. I told him as a joke that we should have women super models for each other. And guess what? They appeared out of his hands.

My new attractive Caucasian girl is called Allegra, and his blonde attractive girlfriend is called Betsy. They don’t mind to make out with us, and so they did it for us. The next day it was us with a chick for each one, and I tell him it would be neat to have a Porsche of one each for us. Guess what? It appeared out of his hands.

Mine was a pink Porsche, while his was a grey one. A year later Alex gave me a career as a movie actor without any experience. He is a photographer with no experience, and actually knows how to take pictures of anything. We both got married to the women supermodels, have a glorious life, and careers. It was all thanks of his hands that have magical powers.


Fear of Harmless Things

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is in our small habits that we fear things that aren’t a danger for us. For example some fear of clowns, famous celebrities, and etc. Some of the time we don’t overcome it by not forgetting it it stays with us in our lifetime. By not paying attention to it, and focused on the realities of life, then our lives are more fun and interesting. I don’t know why some people fear these things that aren’t of any harm, and don’t have any answer for it. Some people fear small birds that look strange, and they are harmless. We carry different emotions and reactions towards stuff. This isn’t healthy, but it is what it is. Most people aren’t afraid of anything, and have no problems enjoying their lives. We need to respect people that are fearful of harmless stuff that appoint of no danger to them. Maybe, we’ll hear their sides of the story of answering that simple question why. I think it comes in childhood of what you don’t know how they got it. Most parents don’t really think their sons, and daughters are fearful of things that are safe. It’s just silly behavior, and some of us have it. But, they forget about their fears and enjoy their lives. I have heard that some women are afraid of big spiders, and any kind of that sort. Perhaps, they do have reasons for it. I just think that it is their genes that cause this mechanism in their minds.

Are Ghosts Real?

The '68 Comeback Special produced "one of...

The ’68 Comeback Special produced “one of the most famous images” of Presley.Keogh 2004, p. 263. Taken on June 29, 1968, it was adapted for the cover of Rolling Stone in July 1969.Keogh 2004, p. 263.Rolling Stone 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thinking about ghosts being real is hard to imagine. We tend to see our dead relatives as ghosts, and our parents believe us. They tell us did you greet them, and we would say of course we did. How do we know if ghosts or the paranormal exist? Would it be frightening? In this case Yes and No. We have crossed some days, which we have seen ghost celebrities like Elvis Presley, and Amy Whinehouse. We don’t know for sure if this is true. Most of us believe that this is all an illusion, and that mind tricks us. I have always thought of my deceased family helps me in this dangerous, and safe world any way they can. Most of us say that we protect ourselves all of the time, which this might be the partial truth. Some people imagine that they have seen a person they know that used to be their friend, before the tragic accident happened to him or her. The occult simply believes these things that there are ghosts. I can’t tell you if it is true about ghosts looming around our neighborhood, and other places. All I could tell you is that stranger things have happened out of the impossible. A question comes like this: Have you seen the ghost of Michael Jackson? You would say “Of course not silly!” In this case I am right. The reality of the world is that there are real ghost investigators trying to rid of ghosts in peoples homes, stores, and anywhere else. They may come in two ways they want to haunt us or they want to apologies for all the horrible things they did to us. However, you would look silly talking about ghosts being real in front of skeptics. And believe me there are all skeptics out there. People tackle this theory most of the time. They just simply don’t wish to believe in such rubbish. Want to know what? I don’t know if I could believe it for it is very personal to all of us. However, silly that may sound. You might laugh at all this silly nonsense. But, how do we know whether to believe it or not? I am here to just tell about this theory that it goes in two ways from people’s perspectives.

On The Godfather

The Godfather

The Godfather (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The novel by Mario Puzo should be the greatest novel of all-time. The movie should be number 1 on the movies all-time greats list, which makes sense. Most of the world loves this movie, which Marlon Brando, and Al Pacino make great Godfather mafia bosses, because they do it excellent. I have seen all the Godfather movies, and the best one is the first one. The sequel, however is great too in its own credit too. This is a no brainer, I think this movie should be on top of all movies listed in the movie industry. My favorite part of The Godfather movie is where Al Pacino brings down a corrupted cop, which is the best scene of the entire film. Most people love mafia movies, and I am a huge fan of all of them also. Mario Puzo has stamped his legacy on this novel, which will always be remembered and adored all of the time. My favorite characters are The 2 Godfathers bringing justice to the family brought on to generations. The characters are colorful, and the movie itself is excellent, and so is the novel. The novel and the movie have a case to be number 1 of both great Movies, and novels of all-time.

Wanted: Ghost Biker

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline (Photo credit: Frank Kehren)

From the Police Detective’s office desk:

We have a search warrant for a wanted ghost criminal. He goes by the name of Allen Baker. He has killed 1,000 innocent citizen’s live in the city of Chicago. This man has been seen by police, and federal agents, but each time we try to arrest him he disappears. We have some video tapes from citizens of this city showing the ghost biker killing people. Sometimes it’s 3 when he appears in the night, and after several days it’s 6 people in the day. Be careful when he ever steps in your neighborhood. He drags his victims with a chain by driving his motorcycle on the streets strap at their necks. If you have seen this individual report it to the police. He is highly intelligent, and dangerous. Don’t try to be the hero by capturing him, and giving to us, just do what we say, and we’ll handle the rest. This is for expert authorities to handle this criminal mastermind.

Signed by Police Detective Nayer Hearst

On The Music Industry

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many singing talents come and go. The music industry was dying, but in 2013 is the year that saved the music industry with old singers, and groups reinventing themselves, and new talents coming in. My favorite all-time singer is Mariah Carey, and she is the reason why music is a power house, which she’s one of the reasons why. Music in this year has no problems being successful, but I don’t have any idea of it going very far, and it could go one of the two ways: strong or weak again. Well, if it stays on course from this year, then it will be saved. This year is saved for now at least. Michael Jackson has saved this industry all of the time. It depends on new singers, and groups to fill the music industry’s shoes that many past singers brought us. I hope it gets better from this year to the next ones. In the 80’s music was a powerhouse, but slowly declined as in second place, but 2013 is the year that has returned back to a powerhouse. It isn’t easy for an industry to go this high, and I think the staff of the industry needs to be credited with this big turn around. However, millions love to hear new and old songs. The next years will become more interesting in this music industry, which is a magical place.

The Stairs to Heaven


HEAVEN (Photo credit: Telstar2000)

If you want to go to Heaven you have to do good deeds to good people. Your heart needs to be kind to others. Once you are dead you see the stairs to Heaven, if God gives it to you. It all depends what you do on your living life. Remember he doesn’t judge you by your success, but with your past of what you did once it is time to go. The mind imagines it for you where you’ll end up, and this might not be a lie. In fact it is a hint where you’ll be headed. If you think where you will be, it might not be where you always imagined to be. Heaven is beautiful, and you will celebrate with God of all your glory. Don’t worry about this in your lifetime. Remember your guilty conscience tells you what you did wrong. There will be no problem at all if you did the right thing, and this is the correct path. Your family ancestors guide you, and help you to lead a clean healthy, happy, and sober life. Being a bum is the worst thing you could be, instead make something of yourself like a fireman. You need to be true to yourself, and let your family guide you towards goodness.

My Alien Pet Dog

English: Alien Jewelry. Take me to your leader...

English: Alien Jewelry. Take me to your leader Aliens arrived but the citizens of Earth were busy squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. No leader could be found that represented the planet so they went home again. Better luck next millennium earthlings. Sterling silver and torch fired enamels. 25x42mm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Braddock Waters wants an alien pet dog, and it’s cool with his parents. But, how are they going to take care of it, and feed it what? He looked at an alien magazine of alien animals and decided that having this kind of pet is cool. Me as a narrator thinks its cool for him also. But, the story is on Braddock not me.

So many of his friends have alien pet dogs and they already know how to take care of them. They keep giving it to animals to feed on. I think that light serves these alien dogs as drinks. You could have glue to serve them and they’ll actually love it. Me I don’t want an alien dog, but it seems that he wants one real badly.

The neat thing is that they can fly and drive UFO spaceships, but how are they going back to their pet owners at home? Simple they come back. Well, his parents drove him to the alien animal shelter and bought him an alien pet dog. You could see that this alien dog is cute and friendly, but it needs to be fed humans. They catch human bones and play with their pet owners of a game of catch.

Currently, I don’t play with alien animals and don’t consider the animals here on Earth to be aliens. Braddock is having a hell of a time with his new pet and named him Oscar. A common name for a human but to an alien dog as well.

The alien magazine he has shows him all kinds of planets and places he’s never seen where they were born. He wants to visit to all of those alien planets with Oscar. There are places there that he could have fun and make alien friends, so long as they don’t think of him as food.

We humans eat animals that are legal to eat, and those aliens eat humans. Aliens think we’re slaves for them and give them all their benefits. Braddock thinks they’re friendly and the aliens only want to be friendly with him.

He goes to planets like Mars and encounters aliens as being friendly to show all their activities there. His dog gets along with them, because he’s an alien too. Oscar grabbed his owner’s shirt and asked him if he could go to the alien dog funhouse. Braddock said sure we can and they went.

A weird story for me to be writing this you think? Yes it is.

Oscar gets along with the other alien dogs, and plays with them there. The place here freaks out Braddock a lot that he no longer wants to stay there, but he’s got no choice. His alien pet Oscar loves it there.

Narrator: I would hang out with aliens and don’t think they actually exist. If I encounter one the first thing I would do is run and stay away from it. Who knows where they’re going to take me as an experiment for them to test.

Braddock in my terms had the guts to buy an alien dog, go to these alien planets, and meet them. He hangs around watching his dog having fun with other alien dogs wondering if he can go back to Earth, because he’s bored to death of this alien lifestyle and this strange alien planet. But, there’s no convincing Oscar from going back to Earth.

In reality Braddock now is all bones because the alien dogs ate him and including his alien pet dog Oscar. And so both he longer exist.

Narrator: So much for a happy ending that never was!!!!! This is definitely a sad ending!!!!! If Braddock’s parents found out they’ll be saddened and depressed, which they wouldn’t know what to do.

His parents put Braddock and his alien pet dog missing all over the news in his home planet. They described both of them. Oscar will be remembered as the most respected alien family dog for the Walters family. And as for Braddock will be remembered that he never had any problems with Oscar.

The humans all over the world will sadly miss Braddock Walters and Oscar.

Narrator: How could this be Oscar the alien dog that loves his own owner? This can’t be. This story doesn’t make sense. You try to make a story like this, and you won’t know why you’ve wrote it.

Well, all the Earthlings in Earth will think of the two as friendly friends that never took advantage of each other. Braddock’s parents already miss him lots and wish that they both come back, but right now it’s an impossible task for that to happen.

Narrator: I think you’ve heard enough of this story and I don’t know what you think of it. For me I would forget I’ve ever read this. But, it was fun writing it. Hope you’ve had fun reading it.

If you like it let me know.

The Sandy Beaches of Naples, Florida

English: Naples, Florida: the beach Nederlands...

English: Naples, Florida: the beach Nederlands: Naples, Florida: het strand Français : Naples, Floride: la plage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have went to the beaches of Naples in Florida plenty of times. It is relaxing with people laying on the sand talking to one another, and playing in the beach. I love the walks there to explore new things happening. I go with my parents walking near the shops, and restaurants. I have gone once to a hotel that has a beach behind it, and loved them both. The hotel was elegant, and the beach place was pure beauty. Walking by the shops is relaxing. I have stopped at a Starbucks sat down and read the newspaper, and then the next I go to a restaurant to eat fish or lobster. Just hanging out and having fun is great to get away from everyday life. I have gone with families, and friends. Most people go to catch the sun, and just amuse themselves to see people playing beach volleyball near the beach. Just by going visiting new places makes you feel that not only where you live is the only fun there. There are tons of places to go to have fun, and explore.

About Madonna

English: Madonna at the premiere of I Am Becau...

English: Madonna at the premiere of I Am Because We Are at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She is a true artist that made it up big time, when she began her singing career in the early 80’s. The Madonna we know and truly love is charismatic, and strangely bizarre. The early videos were decent and clean, which people came to love her in music videos she perfected in her own right, the later one’s turn into a bizarre twist that some other fans didn’t quite like, but she still had an audience for it. Fans come to love her and hate her,but I idolize her. I just love her songs that are entertaining for me, and most of us. My favorite videos are “This used to be my Playground”, and “Deeper and Deeper”. The first one I’ve mentioned is clean and innocent in the honesty for the movies about girls playing pro baseball which the women’s pro league was banned a few years later. It was history in the making for “A League of Their Own” at the box office, and starred alongside Tom Hanks. The second had a strange outcome of party with strange people who had the most psychedelic funk fun to it in “Deeper and Deeper”. We seem to worry about those balloons in the video. I for one like how she’s attractive in that video. There you go two of my favorite music videos. The books she wrote were for the public to read, which one is strange. I think this book was called “Sex”, which come to mention. It meant having all the pleasures of sex anywhere, and it took very far. The other one is a children’s novel, which she wanted to make, and these two were a huge success. She still carries a wide audience. Once the concert is performed by her the whole seats are filled as in they’re sold out. But, we can still see her on TV, because we have to wait for months for that to happen. I am her huge fan. If you’re of her taste of music then this is for you, if it isn’t then go for something else. She did it all, and is a true superstar in her credit. Her music will be immortalized, and won’t ever be forgotten. She is and will always forever be loved by millions of fans around the globe.