I am Reading The God Particle

I am reading The God Particle. I am learning much about the cosmos. I am trying to make sense of the quarks, and particles. I think about positrons, antineutrino, and Electromagnetism. Considering I am doing well on it. This is very heavy stuff. I am from the beginning of the book of the author talking about how he got to be a scientist or astronomer of trying to make sense of The God Particle.

I have much to go on this book. But, it is cool to learn this stuff. I am thinking about photons, and antiprotons. From the basic formula I think it is earth, fire, water, and air.

Anyhow science is getting to be familiar to me. Most of the time I think all the astronomy theories are very strange, but fascinating and interesting. The talk about the dead star of its origin of The Big Bang. I don’t know how the universe will end. There are so much theories about it. I can’t really tell which one will happen.

Anyway I love this book. It’s educational.


I have Watched the Show Cosmos

I saw two episodes of Cosmos. The first one I watched was about lead poisoning. I have learned that lead poisoning is dangerous to us humans. It kills most of your cells, and make us grow stupid. It can also kill you. Just one person convinced the health organization that this is true and a fact. He has even fought the gasoline company to ban it for good. The other episode was about a scientist who tries to find out how old is the planet Earth. It took him almost his whole life trying to find out, but eventually discovered it in his older years. He approximately projected it to be 4.54 billion years old. Both episodes are fun and educational to learn from. I saw from episode 1 to episode 8 this month. I have about four or five episodes left to finish the television series Cosmos. Carl Sagan wrote the book Cosmos.