Florida Panthers Status

Do the Florida Panthers look like Stanley Cup contenders on paper and ready to win Stanley Cup titles?

Yes, definitely, even if some reviewers don’t think so, I would definitely say Yes. I think that they also will prove all doubters and skeptics wrong. The answer is that Yes, they look like Stanley Cup contenders on paper and will win Stanley Cups in real life. Go Florida Panthers!


Pray (poem)

Pray for good things

God will grant your message

Pray for your family to be well

Pray from support of your family

and only trust in them

Praying for your soul is healthy

New Year’s Resolutions

Your New Year’s Resolutions should be never heckle any nice person, never be the Joker or Harley Quinn in real life, and show respect to everyone that is friendly around you. Have great happy holidays! Peace and love to you all! 🙂😇❤ 👼 God bless you all!