Most Ghosts Are Happy!

When a famous person dies they leave a legacy. They turn into ghosts. However, those ghosts are proud of their achievements. I think most ghosts are happy that they have led a great humanity life. Some other ghosts aren’t so happy. When important people such as firemen, politicians, and etc., die. They are happy that they did their jobs, saved people, and got closer together with family and friends. These kinds of supernatural beings are not gone, which we think they are. However, some famous celebrities have led troubled lives once s/he dies, they are once happy finally at peace in Heaven. They would see that they never wanted problematic lives in their humanities, but once they’re ghosts they can live in peace. These supernatural beings share their own glory with God in Heaven. They never forget their friends and family. The most important is that the Holy Spirit is still there with us.


If Ghosts Were Real!?!?

There would be all kinds of chaos if ghosts were real. We have to understand that some will come here for good reasons and others for bad ones. They will be known as phenomenons when we realize that they came back from their graves. The whole world wouldn’t understand some of their sides of their stories. We need to be more human about them. Maybe, they want to reach us. The most probable reason they come back is because some have been murdered, and they want to come back to their loved ones. They feel feelings for us. For others they want to tell us some things personal to the loved ones. Ghosts most of the time in some movies are represented as monsters. The majority of the people won’t understand why they are here in the real world. They simply won’t understand. They will be cast as evil things that want to tear us apart. The turning point for us would be to understand them. Give good ghosts much caring. Tell them that we understand what they are going through. Maybe, we’ll reach a point where they will thank us for it, and we will let them be with us for a short time in this world. What ghosts want is to know that if we are alright.

Aliens Might Be Our Friends In The Future

I think it is too early to tell if aliens will be our enemies. One possibility might be that they could be our friends. I think most people have grabbed the theory that aliens won’t do us any harm. It is possible that they don’t want to start a war with us. This isn’t new and most people have that kind of idea in their minds. Before, I really didn’t know about this view, but it took me much years that this might be a fact. Don’t get me wrong the idea of aliens starting a war with us is still there. I don’t think that they are here for that. In my point of view they want to befriend us, when they probably will come to this scenario. It will come into play. It might or won’t. I have accepted the fact that aliens are like us in a human manner of us. They’re human you could say? I think this might be a yes or no answer. Of course, we think that aliens are like us: humans are human. Aliens are alien. Most of us would think so. Throughout history we have heard of alien abduction, and them coming here on our home planet where we’ll never see them again. But, I know this fact isn’t easy to grasp. Maybe, it is easy for most people to grasp. In the future we’ll know the elusive answer to that question: Will the aliens come to us at peace and be our friends? I think it is most likely for a fact. Some other people will tell you: no. But, then what do we know what is going to happen? The fact remains that they are never coming here to greet us or deceive us. Most of you don’t need to worry about this in your lifetime. But, I know you already made up your mind about it. It probably won’t happen in your lifetime, but later. Time will tell if it does, or doesn’t.

You’ll Have A Hard Time Finding Aliens

Scientists, and astronauts want to find if there are life on other planets. I do believe that aliens do exist. The aliens are laughing at us, because we are searching for them, which they know we won’t find them. One side of us says that we’ll find them, while the other side says they don’t exist, and don’t try to bother yourself about such nonsense. Most people don’t worry about it, and they go on with their lives. This is the correct response. We need to enjoy life, while we’re living once. We can decide whatever point of view we look at it about aliens. They aren’t worried about what we are doing, and if we find them. They will welcome us with open arms. I think talking about aliens is great, and there is nothing wrong with that. Let some people talk about it in peace. If you don’t believe it, then ignore it. My belief is that aliens don’t waste their time thinking of us trying to look for them. I think it is great that aliens are getting the most attention from it, even if they won’t be found. Eventually scientists, and astronauts will succeed. It’s just a matter of when. Whatever you want to believe about them they are just chilling on their home planet.


The religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit after biological death begins a new life, which may be human, animal, or spiritual depending on the quality of a previous life’s actions is called reincarnation. The Kabbalah, Cather, the Druze, and the Rosicrucian do believe in reincarnation. Many North Americans, and Europeans have developed an interest in reincarnations in recent decades. The origin of this subject began in The Iron Age (around 1200 BCE). The Greek Pre-Socratics, and the Celtic Druids have taught a doctrine of reincarnation. The ideas associated with it have arisen in different regions, or might have spread as a result of cultural contact. It is believed that reincarnation is the life cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, which is recognized as a replica of natural agricultural cycles.