A Letter to a Vampire


Vampires (Photo credit: Velovotee)

Dear Allysa,

My love for you is strong, even if you’re a vampire and I’m not, but only a human. The ranks of your kind is awesome and a great cult. I want to find the rest of your patch group. We’ve visited many of your vampire friends. I drank blood, but didn’t like it,yet I got sick from it, and  you cured me. what’s the secret recipe you have to cure me? Should I call you my vampire lover or wife? Make me a vampire, so I could fight against your enemy wolves. I want to be a hero vampire, and suck blood of all humans for eternity. We belong together. I don’t care what people think about you. We’ll make the moon red and the sky as well. I’ll learn from your cult ways. My precious time will be that you suck blood from my neck, even if it hurts me. The fun will start after that happened. There should be no light on this Earth, but only darkness throughout time. We love the sense of the coldness, but wouldn’t like to step into the sunlight. I saw your friends sucking blood of human cops, and human American Citizens. My letters from you are written in blood. I want you to be my muse of becoming a vampire. I love vampires. I’m sexually attracted to vampire women. I’ll marry you any day of any year. Don’t listen to those people that say you’re dangerous, yet I think you’re harmless. Our love for each other is great and that’s all that counts. Let me tell you it’s all that really counts are sucking blood from humans. Join me in this adventure of sensing humans being victims from us. We’re not regular people, and vampires are artists. Those vampire capes make me love to wear them. The sky should be dark red, and vampires should go to Heaven, and have their glory in Earth. When I become a vampire I’ll have powers greater than any human living on Planet Earth. I’ll gather fans as a vampire, and be obsessed by the idea. The concept of it is there, and should be attempted. We should all try to become like you striving for it, and than the world will become a better place, so for now my dear vampire lover, tootles, and bye, for we’ll thirst for blood once again. Remember the dark is always pleasurable.

Sincerely Your Love,

Andrew Curry


Afraid of this Planet

Dear World,

My name is Scott Pearl and am very afraid for my life. There are no humans here on Planet Earth, only vampires, witches, and aliens fighting each other. It took me by surprise when I woke up and suddenly I was in a shelter home, instead of my own home. But, you couldn’t believe that vampires and witches are treated here as homeless, and wounded victims. It’s very strange and I tried to escape from this place, but the authorities grabbed me, but I pulled away quickly by jumping and running out of the place. Outside I could see alien invaders fighting off space suit vampires. I’ve never seen a war like this before. I used to be in the military fighting war criminals at the Middle East, but not quite something like this. I see alien chicks that are pretty hot, but rather stay away from them. It’s like I’m in La-La Land and can’t seem to grasp it’s reality of Planet Earth. Instead of being called Planet Earth I call it Planet weird. Stay as far away from this place or stay fighting here, because there are no lives left in other planets and it’s only this one. What a nightmare, and it’s real. Instead of living peacefully, we’re living it in wars between fiction characters, but this time they’re real. I won’t be living soon, and someday I might turn into a vampire or maybe even an alien. I don’t know what God has planned for me, but it sure is creepy, and am not comfortable here. I would rather escape in a spaceship, and look for a planet that is happy and peaceful. I will thank my lucky stars if God ever bring back the humans I used to see here, and it would be a positive one to tell you the truth. I’m afraid for my life right now. I’m signing off and will escape from here today or in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Scott Pearl


This country is now called The United States of Vamprica formerly known as USA. Vampricans live in this country and have bitten many people in this country. Half of the criminals are vampires and some mortal criminals have died from being bitten. The Vampricans are citizens and residents. The politics are much different, and I don’t know to explain how the U.S.A. became the U.S.V. It’s a long story, and has to tell the whole history.

From a different point of view are black vampires slaves that used to be owned by white American vampires. Imagine of how all the other states would be precept as living vampires. In Africa the poor vampires are almost dying, because of not too much blood. The U.S.V. is trying their best to help Africa all they can, but it’s not enough. There is simply not enough blood to give to the poor Africans. All this sounds complicated. Canada is now Vamprica too, and God knows what the other countries are Vampiricas. My name is Arnold Brants and I’m trying to survive as a human in this proud country that used to be for the Americans.

We now call ourselves Vampricans and should be proud to be called by this race. I don’t like the name, and am trying to make this country back to where it was before. When I walk around the streets I see people buying blood all over the places and the movies here showing are only about vampires. Most of these once being Americans want to suck my blood, and I fight them off. We have a Vamprican President that’s a Vampiricrat. There used to be Vampublicans as Presidents in this country. What happened to the old traditions of Republicans and Democrats? This all seem to disappear in a matter of seconds.

The government is much different then, instead of collecting money they collect blood. Here I’m in hiding and trying to survive. I’m trying the best I can to make this country back to the United States of America back on its feet again. I want you to wish me the best of luck, because I need it. I need all the help I can get. Pray to God this all resolves, but it will take many years and most of my entire lifetime to make it what it once was. The military are now vampires now, and this world is filled with vampires today, and will always stay that way.

The Paranormal

Paranormal Smoke

Paranormal Smoke (Photo credit: Nicky Pallas)

We all have different reactions of the paranormal; I thought that I’ve had that experience before. Many time I’ve heard a thump on the door without anyone present outside by the door near my home; no one present at my door. I’ve heard lots of peculiar stories and started to wonder if I should believe it. However, you do anything it’ll be the most talked about topic; some will say is real, while others say is a hoax. My life is simple enough to say that I have lived it. My experiences are normal, but I don’t know about yours. You’ll probably say that you’ve had that weird experience; in fact there’s a heaven and a hell; also a limbo. We don’t know where we’re headed, but you’ll rather prefer Heaven. The problem is that God doesn’t release spirits that once lived in our lifetime or before. So, how are we to say that these ghosts are haunting us? And are they coming to us friendly or hateful? In this case the answer is: No. There’s not quite evidence to judge anyone by their real life experiences; a lot of impossibles have happened in our time, and it’ll continue to happen. So far, we’ve solved one thing: that not all things are impossible; everything is doable. In my mind the paranormal happenings should be considered, I think this has to be kept secret, if not then we’ll be at the funny farm or at a mental hospital. My advice is to keep it to yourself.

My Take on the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Batman has always been my favorite Super hero. On the generation of the 80’s first ever serious Batman movie was excellent, but sadly all the sequels of the franchise flopped, and the franchise never recovered from its failure blows. We had to wait for an awesome Batman to come, and it was a long wait. No one took it seriously, but until they’ve decided to revamp the franchise with the first serious Dark Knight (Batman) movie called “Batman Begins” since 1989’s Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, but the 1989 movie started it all. Well, not all people went crazy for it. The real movie which is a sequel that turned Batman franchise around was “The Dark Knight”, which the acting of Heath Ledger’s Joker was really better than Nicholson’s Joker. The movie is real darker than the original back in the late 80’s. Christopher Nolan is a pure genius to recreate Bob Kane’s creation of the franchise. The characters of this decade of the 21st century is far best then the older movies of this Batman back in its heyday. Those were different eras. But I’ll take the new Batman rather then the old one anyway. Batman’s Bane the last villain in The Dark Knight franchise is far best then then the previous two Jokers in this franchise. It was Tim Burton’s Batman that started it all. For me the best movie out of all Batman movies was “The Dark Knight Rises” Tim Burton amazed us with his own Batman in the 80’s and 90’s, but I enjoy the old ones as well as the new ones. The best girl villain was Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises movie, and if you haven’t seen it, then I recommend you to see it. It’s a great cinematic epic art of all these colorful characters. Batman will always be around, and they’ll make way better ones. My favorite movie series is “The Dark Knight Trilogy”. But you have to give most of the credit to Tim Burton, because he’s the one who started Batman back on the map in the Silver Screen. Most of us won’t ever forget these great wonderful movies.

Don’t talk to the Wall

The time I talked to the wall and it talked back. I was stunned and speechless. The wall has brought me great memories like putting pictures of sexy women on the wall, and putting famous posters of my favorite singers. I thought of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and didn’t know that I could break it that way. The movie showed me ways of overcoming the wall. It has erased the doors and created a wall, but I’ve destroyed it to make a hole through it.

By the way my name is Walt Freeman, and am new to this experience, however me and it has made great friends through the years. I didn’t know that it could cuss out bad words and I complained to it. The wall apologized. This is a simple story of boredom.

But, out in public I and the wall walked together on the sidewalk by the neighborhood. People were staring at us saying “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????????????????” I simply said “I know this is bizarre, but it is what it is.” The wall slapped me, but I told it is the truth.

This an experience I want to avoid and not talk about, because of my embarrassment. However, you could see its funny side, perhaps not. The wall explained he didn’t want to be a building or a home. But, I told it that he has to in order for people to stay safe and have a healthy environment.

The incident was all over the news, and all the people watching thought it’s hilarious, even the reporters laughed when they reported the story. Life is now changed and my friend it came back to my home and back to the structure of my home. Its mouth and resemblances as a person has disappeared.

Walls are there to protect you, and thank them for it. I’ve never thanked a wall ever in my life, and this was my very first time doing so. What am I to learn from this? Am I ever going to have a normal life because of it? I don’t think so.

Well, I still lead a normal life, even if people laugh at me from the weird experience of the wall in public. Until, then

The iconic "marching hammers".

The iconic “marching hammers”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

don’t ever make friends to your wall, and you’ll never have this experience in your lifetime.

The WoodsCamp Vampire Murders


Vampire (Photo credit: virginsuicide photography)

Holly has been bitten by a vampire, and escapes from her neighborhood of WoodsCamp are a place where homes are surrounded by trees and roads 15 yards away. The South part of Havor County is a forestry place where there are trees, flowers, and bushes near scattered homes of where vampires’ haunting are seen and experienced from the neighbors at 134th Avenue and 65th Street. The neighbors don’t always come out, because of them being attacked by vampires. Holly quickly runs left once she is halt by Adam behind her. She quickly falls down.

“What is simply the matter with you little tramping?” he asked

“There are vampires all over my neighborhood haunting people!” she explained

“Don’t be silly there are no vampires.” Adam said

She ignored it. She grabbed him by the shirt going straight right, than quickly ran to solve the problem. Once he is dragged into this mess a vampire grabs him. The vampire starts biting him from his right neck.

In fast forward motion she grabs a huge stick a few inches away with spikes in front, and hits the vampire in front of her once he tried to get directly at her. He tried to get her. Holly runs straight and sees other vampires at Havor County biting her friends Sam and Stephanie 20 yards away. Holly hides to see that the vampires are done with them. There was a whistle behind her left. She grabs it for an opportunity she had to take.

Adam quickly grabs her to bite her from behind. She notices that he too is a vampire. She dashes away to the right. She blows the whistle loud. He can’t stand the sound of the whistle. He tries to stand up to cover his ears.

The other vampires at Havor County did the same. The dead victims do the same also. Adam kicks her downward of both her feet. She pushes his feet upwards. He quickly falls down behind.

She runs to the neighborhood staright across to the right 1 feet away to see a Stillo light. She knows that by using it by pushing its button makes sunlight appear all over the sky. By doing so the sunlight appears and, then all the vampires are vanished.

Peter Pan is Old Now

Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods

Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Never Neverland Peter is now towards getting 80 years old and thought that he would never get old. He thought that he’ll never grow up and stay a little kid forever. There he is in his home looking all glum that he can’t play anymore and all the lost boys are with their parents. Tinker Bell is dead and he can’t find any companions to play with forever. He only has the island he loves so much and pretends to play with food. But, the mermaids he always saw were still there, but now old as he is.

He knew at some time he’s going to die and wonder if God will ever receive him in Heaven. Wendy and her brothers are now married and have jobs. But, when Peter Pan became old his long time friends, like Wendy, John and the others are now dead, but their kids and nephews are still living in a normal world. This isn’t what Peter wanted and he believes in the Fountain of Youth, but doesn’t know where it is.

Poor Peter Pan, and for sure that God will receive him in the Heavens. Why not? He rescued Wendy, her brothers, and the lost boys from Hook and his goon pirates.

Once he’s with the same suit that made him the famously known Peter Pan is now wearing off and no longer could do the things he could’ve done when he was a boy.

Well, that day Peter Pan died of natural causes and met Jesus alongside with God in his place. Jesus created Peter’s own version of the Never Neverland island and Peter Pan was so thrilled that he hugged Jesus thanking him for this favor.

Well, the real Never Neverland is soon now deserted and now belongs to the mermaids. But, they can’t get out of the water, because they only live underwater. The place was truly deserted and has no living beings on the island grounds. Peter Pan sure hoped there would be new lost boys, pirates to fight with, and someone like him as well. He truly cares about Never Neverland and the people in it. But, once he’s with God in Heaven he could no longer save the place. But, he lived happily for it’s what God wanted for him.