Water: The Most Important Source

Why is water the most important sourceĀ for us all? You can’t live without it. You need to drink it everyday, and stop drinking things that will make you fat. When we get tired from doing exercises. When we need our bodies to be clean, not dirty, and smelly. These are important facts to know. Water is cheap to pay in our bills, but we need it all the time. It is used for important things. When you go to the beach you are having fun in the water. The plants need to live by water. The rain comes from the clouds to give plants and animals water to survive. Water comes from the interstellar space that makes ices into water, which water is from our solar system that transports it here to our home planet Earth. Water has lived more than the sun, and Earth combined. We have to live with it. Without it we’ll no longer will be living.


Afraid of this Planet

Dear World,

My name is Scott Pearl and am very afraid for my life. There are no humans here on Planet Earth, only vampires, witches, and aliens fighting each other. It took me by surprise when I woke up and suddenly I was in a shelter home, instead of my own home. But, you couldn’t believe that vampires and witches are treated here as homeless, and wounded victims. It’s very strange and I tried to escape from this place, but the authorities grabbed me, but I pulled away quickly by jumping and running out of the place. Outside I could see alien invaders fighting off space suit vampires. I’ve never seen a war like this before. I used to be in the military fighting war criminals at the Middle East, but not quite something like this. I see alien chicks that are pretty hot, but rather stay away from them. It’s like I’m in La-La Land and can’t seem to grasp it’s reality of Planet Earth. Instead of being called Planet Earth I call it Planet weird. Stay as far away from this place or stay fighting here, because there are no lives left in other planets and it’s only this one. What a nightmare, and it’s real. Instead of living peacefully, we’re living it in wars between fiction characters, but this time they’re real. I won’t be living soon, and someday I might turn into a vampire or maybe even an alien. I don’t know what God has planned for me, but it sure is creepy, and am not comfortable here. I would rather escape in a spaceship, and look for a planet that is happy and peaceful. I will thank my lucky stars if God ever bring back the humans I used to see here, and it would be a positive one to tell you the truth. I’m afraid for my life right now. I’m signing off and will escape from here today or in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Scott Pearl