Music Review: “Yesterday” by The Beatles

The song Yesterday by The Beatles is a great song. You feel like the past day you were in doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is right now in the present. Once you think of yesterday you have to think of good memories you’ve shared with friends and families. The good times that you have had. The most important moments of your former past day. If you have had a bad experience yesterday forget about it and create a new good day. So, you can say that the next yesterday did feel like a good memory. Yesterday is a song to remember about happy times and then creating new ones. I give this song four and a half stars out of five. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Music Review: “The Edge of Heaven” by George Michael

George Michael has done this time in the song, The Edge of Heaven. This feels like I am already in Heaven. The catchy rhythm and rhymes of this song is wonderful. The beat to it is awesome. It makes you think of going upwards with your afterlife. This is what we need to think of beautiful things. The main thing is that you get to be happy and have fun with it. You certainly feel like you’re in Heaven when a beautiful attractive girl sits next to you, and later dances with you. We all want to be in Heaven. Deservedly, so. I like the dancing in this music video. The song is hyper and exciting. I would certainly be in Heaven with this song. I give it three thumbs up out of five. Three thumbs up!

Music Review: “Young Guns” by George Michael

Young Guns is a song where girls misjudge some guys as jerks who are not. Their friends back them up by telling them that they didn’t do anything wrong. Boys go out with girls as cool young guns. This a cool bad image of a bad boy style. This song is real fun to dance with, because it is the right kind of wrongful. Maybe, to most women that the bad boys image isn’t cool, but to others it is. It is simply only for fun, and not to make it into a reality. I picked this song because it is cool in a dark bad image. I give this song three stars out of five. 2 thumbs up!

Music Review: “Monkey” by George Michael

Women go nuts over this song, Monkey. Most women feel that men are always on their backs. Some girls love their monkeys on their backs. I like this song, because you can be playful with women this way. Is it that you like the monkey, or do you like me? This phrase is so cool and famous. It is a classic. We feel that always there is something going on behind our backs. This song is playful in ways to romanticize with women and girls. I give this song 3 stars out of 5. Three thumbs up!

My Favorite Rock Group Is…

My favorite rock group was and still is Foreigner. I love their songs because they are awesome. My favorites are I Want To Know What Love Is, That Was Yesterday, and I Don’t Want To Live Without You. They still perform in concerts all around the world. They always sing their old songs as well. I love most of their songs.

Music Review: “The Man Who Sold The World” by David Bowie

This song is mysterious in a creepy way. In the song, The Man Who Sold The World we get to see how the singer gets to meet this man and witnesses the bizarre stuff he does. He tells us that he had deep personal conversations with this man. We get to know The Man. He explains to David Bowie why he sold the world. This song was sung by another artist named Kurt Cobain from the alternative rock group Nirvana. However, the two versions from these two singers are different in styles and music. I love this song. It is my favorite David Bowie song. I also love the version from Nirvana. Both versions are awesome! I give this song three and a half stars out of five.

Music Review: “Behind The Mask” by Michael Jackson

The music video Behind the Mask shows most of the fans who have learned Michael Jackson’s dance moves. It’s entertaining. It’s also funny. I love the song. It has beautiful rhymes. You can understand what the song is talking about, but we just like it, because it’s fun to listen to. The music video is the one I like the most. They show most of Michael’s dance moves. I give this song five out of five stars. Very entertaining.