True Life Quotes #19

“Most people realized that they let down Batman. They apologized to him. They are now willing to help him defeat the Joker’s evil ways with help from him. The whole world now believes in Batman. He is winning now because of their sacred trust to him. Batman killed and defeated the Joker.”

-Self-Help Quote Comic Life

-Raul Conde (Writer)


The Gift Of Life is: Positivity!

We should stop feeling negative all the time. Stop thinking of negative past events that trouble your mind and you seem not to let out of your system. There are people who still have the bad past events in their minds. Some have it¬†from way back in the 80’s or 90’s, and they are over now. But, they still have it memorized. We need to get over the hump of this past monster that drags most of our lives. Think of positive events, even if they are old. The smart thing to do is think of the good events that have happened recently, because all the rest is past tense. Once you get the dark pasts out or your system. You will once again enjoy life. You can even pretend that you’re going to change your past, but don’t get too attached to it. Don’t really think that you can go back to the past. There are a lot of things that you will enjoy in the present. My advice to you is don’t start as a mean person, and be nice to people. Enjoy what life has to offer. The gift of life is: positivity!

Stop Blaming People For Your False Acussations

What I mean by false accusations is to stop blaming people for your jumping to conclusions of what they didn’t do wrong. Our minds get crazy all of the time, but most people know how to handle it. You can’t assume that everyone is against you, which most aren’t. People just mind their own business, and they have never thought that they have hated you. It is just one thing that strangers don’t know why some people do this, which is the whole truth. Most strangers don’t hate you they just don’t know you. One false saying to blaming an innocent person who has nothing to do with your problem is you’re asking for it. Try to live happy, and happy without making up problems. I think if one person bothered you, and you don’t know who, then stop giving false accusations to the wrong people. The mind works in ways that it chooses to blame the wrong person that never bothered you, or given you problems. If you do blame an innocent person, then that person will get angry with you for the right reasons, and it’s your fault for false assumptions. We need to figure out who did the wrong thing, instead of blaming others who didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t assume the false accusations to someone you know by your mind tricking you, and try to figure out with your family, and friends who’s the guilty party. It’s like a detective Sherlock Holmes’ novel, but it is way more serious. Don’t let your mind rule you, instead let you rule your mind. Think the problems through, and try to listen to your friends, and family, which may help you solve whose at fault.

Life is Patience

Patience (George Michael album)

Patience (George Michael album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many times have we been broken hearted by the end of the results of our lives? Many. I think we all tend to think that everything we do will turn out positive, but some things don’t turn out this way. On the other hand the other stuff does turn out positive. Maybe you should ¬†consider the other positive things in your life, rather than the negatives. In life you can out beat those kinds of people good or bad. It’s just a way of life. But, be patient there will be a time that everything will turn out as you hoped for. It takes life lessons, and you should go them small steps until you get to the big steps, and then there’s the conclusion steps. Figure what did happen wrong, and trust me than you’ll learn from your mistakes of life experiences. The things that have happened won’t change and it will stay there forever. I think you must stop the sobbing, and try to be happy for once. There are other people who have real serious problems than you do. Remember this, and try to see the world from another perspective.