What I did

Several weeks before I went into a Gap store. I love it there. The sweaters I love the most. I have bought a limited edition of the Gap Mickey Mouse sweater one in brown and the other in red. I go there whenever I get the chance. I am practicing writing and am getting better. I am being patient on trying to win first places and trying to get recognized writer of the month. I am reaching higher goals in the literature business. I study writing in Barnes & Noble whenever I get the chance. My hard work is paying off. My favorite sport is basketball.


Have Patience

Have patience with my writing because I make mistakes and typos.I’m still learning but have lots of writing experience. I am a nice person and want to entertain my fans in a friendly leisure environment. Keep reading!

What I Think

I think that neither nice persons shouldn’t have bullies. If you do encounter them teach them a lesson by using the Back to the Future method. You can learn a lot just by watching the Back to the Future trilogy movies. Nice people shouldn’t be anyone’s punching bags. Instead hang out with nice people.