December 31, 2018

I am enjoying life right now. One of my favorite Back to the Future fiction characters is George Mcfly. He is a real man who overcame his own bullies. I admire him for that. He is a nice person and doesn’t bother anyone. It’s awesome that he got Loraine as his wife and both are cool people. The trilogy has a happy ending.

I think nerds do become cool and normal people. They are normal people just like we are.

I love grammar and am happy with it. I also have a passion for my writing.

I will still go for the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators. They will always be my teams.

My favorite kids movie is Toy Story.

I listen to a lot of hip hop and Jazz. I also listen to pop music.

Well, my friends, Happy New Year’s Day! Enjoy the festivities! Be kind! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤