Music Review: “Anyway” by Martina McBride

Anyway is so very special to me. I carry it deep in my heart. The song is a true masterpiece music video. It tells about if your dreams are shattered you can always make new ones and still believe in yourself. I love this song and it is my number 2 favorite song. My dream is coming true because of this song. I relate to it. All the problems I have had. I overcame them. This song is for anyone who’s dreams have been crushed. It says that if someone brings you down get right back up again. Anyway is a special song and it makes me believe in myself. The message I love the most from is, “Dream it anyway.” I will never forget it. I will always remember this song. It is my true inspiration. I give this song five out of five stars. Five stars.


Music Review: “Ride” by Martina McBride

I listen to this song everyday to get me inspired and believe in myself. Ride is a song of hopes that dreams come true. It tells you that you have to fight for it in order to make your career successful. Martina McBride has an excellent singing voice and she is real crafty when it comes to songs. This song brings in people that have major problems they can’t believe that they’ll overcome. But, they figure a way out to solve them and believe in themselves that they can have peace. This is a true song in its words. It brings people together. Another song I listen to is Anyway by Martina McBride. These two song make me believe in myself. I can do these two songs without to believe in me, but I decided to listen to them. They carries a strong message, Your dreams can come true. You just have to believe and gain hope. I give this song four stars out of five.