Love And Peace Means Getting Along With All People

I think we should get along with all kinds of people, and never regret great people. I know there are some bad things happening in the world, but it’s better to be happy and positive. Don’t worry about the world. We all should unite with each other, but if some don’t want to, then let us do it with others who do. Don’t listen to persons who want to do you harm. They’re the ones who are living pitiful lives. Most of us are happy. It doesn’t count the sports to change our lives, but our lives that are more important. Count us more with God and Jesus. Love thy neighbor. They’ll love you back. Show kindness underneath all that hatred of some of you. We are all different and not perfect. God brought us here to be role models. This should bring you joy, understanding humanity, and love with each other. It’s the kindhearted emotions and feelings that count the most. We are not here to start a war with anybody. We are here to be friends, and care for our home planet. Love. Peace. Love & Respect Each Other. Take care. Freedom. Liberty, God and Jesus will always be with you all.


My Favorite Cartoons

My favorite cartoons were The Warner Brothers Cartoons. I used to watch The Loony Tunes show all the time on each Saturday when I was a kid. They are so funny. The cartoon from the show I get a kick from is Speedy Gonzalez, which he tricks Sylvester the cat every time when he tries to eat him. I have watched Donald Duck’s cartoons, and Mickey Mouse’s cartoons. I loved watching them do goofy acts. My all time favorite cartoons, which I used to buy cartoon books from was Calvin and Hobbes. I used to read them whenever I get the chance every single day. It was Calvin the kid who played with his stuffed toy tiger called Hobbes. They were best friends, but the tiger wasn’t real, and it was an imaginary toy tiger. If I remember correctly. I don’t have any idea where those books are now. I’ve bought them since I was a kid a long time ago, but I do remember the cartoon characters from my memory. It was much fun reading them, because it was human, and very funny. Those cartoon books were decent in funny ways to enjoy them as a kid. I don’t watch those cartoons and read them anymore, but sometimes I do watch other cartoons when my nephews arrive at my home. I used to really love reading Calvin and Hobbes back then. I also used to love watching The Loony Tunes Show whenever it was on.