Think Free

You have a right to think whatever you want. Being free is peace. I do things when I want, and where I want. For most of you this is the right pace. Befriend strangers who need friends. The more friends you have the better. Think of empty space. Space is not nothing and it is something. We just don’t talk to it and have a conversation with it. Make friends with people you’ve been friends before. It will make your life easier if you do. This is the smartest way to be the most happiest. Peace is love. Think of anything you want. Be interested in entertainment. For example I love to watch action, fantasy, and drama movies. I also love watching astronomy shows. Live free to do whatever you want to do. Having confidence and being secure is great. Feel positive about a tiny thing. It could be anything. For example I love seeing the trees that are receiving water all the time. I love watching animals. I love animals. Those are great examples of being free. Another example is that I love the Miami Hurricanes, Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and the Florida Gators win all their games. I think by being free and thinking free you will feel flow around you. Anyway, those are really my favorite teams for real. One reminder is to Think Free.

Life is Great and Full of Wisdom

Having a sense of freedom, and caring for true friends is great. Family and friends is love. Never act like a jerk on anyone, and that is including on nice people. Be a decent person. Act like an adult, and not a jerk who for example starts taunting innocent people just for fun. If you make fun of nice people and their things you will ask for it. Love God and not the Devil. Listen to your parents wisdom. They are there to guide you. You will see a big difference of people’s personality once they act it out. This will show you who to trust and not to. Life has its many wonderful rewards. I love my life. I love my city I live in. I love my family. Having fun and caring for people will make you a better person. Care and love for people who want to help. Help yourself. Help others. Care for love, and stop caring for hating innocent stuff.

Your Life is Meaningful, but not a Curse

No one ever has curses on their lives. I think life is supposed to be enjoyed. Life is meaningful in many ways. Think about things that make you happy. Feel positive about life. Enjoy whatever is out there. What I do is think of something that is positive and I go with it. Don’t jinx your life. Don’t let anyone jinx your life as well. Choose what you want to do. Go out and have fun. You can stay at home to relax and enjoy doing things. Read a book or magazine. Your life is not a curse. It is meaningful. The people who come up with those stuff that anyone can have a curse is not true. It is the opposite. Your life is mindful. Stop thinking about curses. Cursed don’t even exist. They are just make-believe. You are not haunted. Your life is decided by God. But, watch out what you say about things, sports teams, and people. You can get in real big trouble if you do. They say walls have ears. So, I would be extremely careful of you saying mean things at home also to anything or anyone. The best bet is to have no hatred towards anything. The choice is to like or dislike things to most of you. If you don’t like those things, then let someone else pick it up to enjoy it. It is that simple. No strings attached. Let things happen when most people or some want to for the positive. I think the most important idea to do is for most of you not to get bitter about meaningless things, for example all sports teams in general. I think that some people exaggerate almost about anything like sports, people, and etc. Choose to live life, and don’t bully anyone, wherever you are. Life is meaningful. This isn’t the end of your life. It is the beginning. Life isn’t a game of trick or treat. Life is fair, and not unfair.