Music Review: “The Edge of Heaven” by George Michael

George Michael has done this time in the song, The Edge of Heaven. This feels like I am already in Heaven. The catchy rhythm and rhymes of this song is wonderful. The beat to it is awesome. It makes you think of going upwards with your afterlife. This is what we need to think of beautiful things. The main thing is that you get to be happy and have fun with it. You certainly feel like you’re in Heaven when a beautiful attractive girl sits next to you, and later dances with you. We all want to be in Heaven. Deservedly, so. I like the dancing in this music video. The song is hyper and exciting. I would certainly be in Heaven with this song. I give it three thumbs up out of five. Three thumbs up!

Music Review: “Miami” by Will Smith

I love this song named “Miami” and it is my favorite. Will Smith has picked this song because it is a great song. He talks about all the things Miami has very good things. You can see beautiful girls and women. Miami teams are there to watch them at arenas and stadiums. Miami has everything you can be entertained from. You can catch a movie with a date. There is families get-together, and friends get-togethers. All the things you can do in other states you can do the same in Miami. It has everything to make you happy. I love this song because it is what Miami represents a friendly and nice city. The beaches here are great, and it is the same like being in California as well. You can see Hispanic celebrities entertaining the whole world. For me Miami, Fl. will always be the most beautiful city, because it has everything. It is not boring, but it is fun. A real nice and decent place to live for all Americans. The song “Miami” is a great song in my view and opinion. I give this song four stars out of five. Thumbs up!

Music Review: “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel

“Big Time” was a song I have enjoyed much a long time ago. I love the silly animation in the music video. It was clay animation in that music video. It made me feel inspired. It makes me feel big and act big. This song is for fun. It encourages you to think smart and positive. I love it because it makes you believe that you can accomplish anything. I enjoy listening to this song. It is loads of wacky fun.

It’s No Problem Having a Love/Hate Relationship on The Joker

In my view the fiction character The Joker is loved and hated by most fans who know him. It’s natural to be entertained by him. Anyway we always liked his crazy zany ways. I think it’s no problem having a love/hate relationship of The Joker. We all grow up loving and hating him. It’s in his nature to be most hated. He entertains us. He is funny. He is interesting and fascinating. He fascinates us. He is a criminal we all hate and love at the same time, but we learn to hate him all the time. So, don’t be ashamed if you like The Joker, and it’s not your fault. But, if you act like him, then it is and will be your fault in real life. Just be entertained by him without any harm to the fans all around the globe. I like the Joker. Just enjoy his antics like we all do. He is only fiction and not real.

Movie Review: Straight Outta Compton

I have seen the movie Straight Outta Compton. It should be nominated for the Oscars, including for Best Picture. Straight Outta Compton is about a rap group N.W.A that has been violated from the authority, its manager, press, and media. It shows of various rap talents of the rap group N.W.A that were firstly rising in the 80’s and early 90’s. The group gets into problems like drugs, sex, violence, and alcohol. The manager has taken advantage of the N.W.A’s money earnings. At the end of the film Eazy-E dies of AIDS. The group before, disbands and form several rap artists to solo various rap careers. The group N.W.A no longer exist because of the death of the rapper Eazy-E from the AIDS/HIV Virus. This movie got snuffed out of this year’s Oscars. I think if they do nominate it.It will probably win the Best Picture Award. I give this picture a thumbs up, because of its fine cinematography and excellent storytelling. I give a rating of 8 1/2 out of a ten. A very well made film about the young talented kids of rap and the Hip-Hop nation. I recommend this movie to young adults and old adults alike.