Hats Off Laughing

The audience is waiting for the comedian to appear on stage. He is coming to the crowd and begins telling jokes. The strangers are laughing. Once they are giggling and laughing they couldn’t stop. They kept laughing their hardest that it is echoing from our of the walls. The audience died from so loud and much laughter. I guess the comedian has made his killings from all his jokes. He is the only one alive.


You Are So Nice

Carl is the nicest person around the block. He visits his family. He is in his grandmother’s home.

“Carl, you are nice,” his sister said.

All his fingers fall breaking of his left hand.

“Carl, my sweet boy!” grandma said.

Carl’s left hand breaks off.

“How nice to see you,” his brother-in-law said.

Carl’s right hand fingers fall off.

“Aw, isn’t he sweet,” his mom said.

Carl’s right hand and right arm falls off.

All the family tells him that he is so nice.

Carl’s entire body breaks into pieces.

“We lost a real nice guy in Carl!” grandma weeps.

All the family cried for Carl because he is now dead. I guess when they told him nice things he died in the result of his kindness.

Crazy Driver

Hollard drives his Mercedes pretty fast all-around Nebraska and all the drivers driving in traffic are fed up with him. He doesn’t care and keeps going fast as if it is a care race. His skin comes off him from the adrenaline. Now he is driving without his flesh. All his blood and body parts slip out of him. He is only alive with his skeleton. He keeps driving looking like the Ghost Rider from Marvel comics. Suddenly his skeleton turns into ashes until he is dead. The Mercedes crashes into traffic causing a massive car accident with several drivers involved. An hour later, the cops find the Mercedes with no one inside leaving a mystery case unsolved.

Gerald Fenkins

A famous author named Gerald Fenkins is walking the streets of California. All the strangers greeted him and he did the same. He gave all of them his autograph in photographs. Suddenly words come out of his head but they weren’t colored black. Instead they were stained painted red. He was running out of words and blood. He died in front of his fans. They all cried, and mourned his death. I guess it was the death wish book that got to Gerald Fenkins. Out of respect from the fans they all threw him flowers and pictures of him.

The Rain

All is well in the world. Everyone is busy doing their daily activities. All the gray clouds hover the entire planet Earth. It is beginning to rain like a huge force field ball around it. The people outside in public and inside all buildings suddenly all humans and animals turn into mud sands boiling down the grounds. At the present no one is alive and the planet’s population has turned to zero. The aliens have planned their mission for what it supposed to be a pleasant planet, which wasn’t.

Insulting Tongue

A man named, Nanlu has insulted a demon from Hell. The devil thought of punishing him. He had the perfect demon for this job. He gave his soldier instructions to go to the real world. “I will do as you wish, my Dark Lord!” the Demon soldier replied. The demon came to Nanlu’s home and witnessed him sleeping. Nanlu yawned with his tongue out and the demon sliced his lying tongue with his tail from his behind. Nanlu woke up and screamed for his life. The demon stabbed him with his tail through the man’s heart. The devil told him that this Nanlu is evil. The demon soldier brought Nanlu with him to the underworld. The devil thanked him and kept torturing Nanlu as his toy slave forever. Mr. Devil gave the demon soldier the right to torture Nanlu as well and gladly paid with money for it. He thought that he will buy all the jewelry in the world to glorify it.

Books That Kill

Strangers enjoy a night out in public while reading books. The books escape from the people’s hands and tears pages of itself. The pages start slicing the strangers’ necks and arms. They all are critically injured, and blood comes out of their bodies. The book covers strangle their necks until there are no human survivors. All of them die from the victims of books. The books did all the killings. No one was spared. The next day the tragic incident killings were all over the news in all the TVs of people’s homes. They couldn’t believe it.

Evil Monster

A monster the size of a home kills innocent civilians and eats them up. It is causing havoc in Chicago. It breaks buildings, homes, and stores all around him.

The U.S. army tanks try to take him down by shooting at it–blood and guts all over the place. The monster dies. There aren’t many humans living for he destroyed the majority of them.

Streets of People

Arty walked outside his neighborhood. He saw something strange on the bottom streets. Real life people plastered in the streets like if they were in paintings. They were all crying for help.

He freaked out while encountering this bizarre event. Inside the street they were moving when Arty walked on top of them by his shoes.

Arty almost fainted. It was like the streets were painted with real life people. It is the case. He hears their cries of help and has no idea how to get home. He watches the bottom while people move inside of it.


One particular person Sandy was sightseeing the city of New York. But, ants went all through her body. There were tons of them. These weren’t your ordinary ants. They disappeared deep inside her body.

She kept screaming for help and was scratching all over her body. Blood has begun to come out of her fingers, neck, and arms. She is dying. Nobody has done nothing about it, but all gasped and cried.

When all was said and done she had died from the horrors of the ants. People out of respect took pictures of the incident. Poor Sandy had seen her own death and she was just 23 years old. Gone too soon.