Different Eating and Drinking Habit

Whoever ate and drank weird didn’t know how else they would do it. People eat and drink in only in normal manners. This person did it strange. How? I don’t know. Harry has a strange and odd way of drinking and eating. Once everyone sees him doing it at a McDonald’s they get all shocked and stunned.

He sat at a lunch table inside a McDonald’s with a large ice coffee with no straw on top and just an oatmeal without a spoon and napkin. Most strangers were having conversations with each other by minding their own business. Harry was looking outside the window to his right side.

The large ice coffee is still filled as if it is never been touched. He held it with his right hand at the table and starts to drink it by making the coffee liquid disappear without a straw to drink with it. He drank it all with his mind. All of a sudden 7 minutes later there wasn’t a drop of cold coffee left, but only ice inside the large cup. He held the same right hand to the cup of oatmeal and started to eat it without a spoon. He ate it all with his mind. He begins eating it by it disappearing by small chunks. Everyone was in awe by this process. The oatmeal was gone and the cup was empty.

He drank the ice coffee without a straw with the top covered and the oatmeal without a spoon without even touching it. A strange way of having your lunch. He only thinks of eating and drinking it. All the McDonald’s employees saw him in a stunned way. He leaves and tells the employees and customers, “What? Don’t worry I am fine. It is how I eat and drink breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Everyone keeps shaking their head with open mouths as in a shocking yes I get it. They found the situation rather bizarre and shocking.


Evil Women and Girls Brought to Hell

Dear Mom and Dad,

My name is Brees Mouse. This is my story. I have been mistreated by evil girls and evil women all my life and they never stopped. They love doing it to me and other nice people. I fought back, and didn’t pay attention to them, but it wasn’t enough. They have had all the rewards they shouldn’t have had.

Well, a funny thing happened to all those evil girls and women. When they went to go to work God burned them while they were walking in public. They screamed and cried. Suddenly they turned into grains of sands. Their bones were burned and turned into sand for all the bad misdeeds they did on good people.

After that, a bizarre thing happened the grains of sands of the evil women and girls slid down into the ground. It rapidly went to the pits of Hell where the Devil was waiting for them. The public couldn’t believe what just occurred. It was like a Clive Barker novel in real life, but God had to do it, even if it was lethal. The evil women’s and girl’s boyfriends were crying for them, because they knew they are in Hell now where they belong with the Devil them as his slaves.

Soon the evil men and evil boys already knew that they are next. They are doomed for their own evil misdeeds also.

Nothing happened to me. I became friends with nice sweet girls, have a nice sexy girlfriend and now have lots of nice friends. And nice women took a liking to Brees Mouse.


Yours Truly,

Brees Mouse

The Birds Destroy a Nice Country

The country of Geukia is sitting tight and cool with its population of millions people  intact living their lives however they can. Most people are busy working. Others are having fun at parties and events. Geukia is busy.

In one fact the birds did not take a liking to the way of life of the country of Geukia. They love living there, but the people are a hassle against them. They were thinking of destroying this place, the animals, and its people. They can’t stand the insanity of being messed around much.

Most Geukia people were doing all kinds of positive activities, while others the depressing ones. Being homeless, going to music concerts, going to work, doing illegal stuff, trying to get back home, being at sports arenas rooting for their teams, and etc. Everyone was busy doing all sorts of stuff.

Suddenly, all the bird species flew their rage all over the country of Geukia. They were destroying everything in its path, throwing all types of fires big and huge. The people are suffering by getting killed from these vicious animals.

All the buildings, things of nature, and places were falling down collapsing. The birds can see their own destruction happening of a once proud happy country. There were only a few persons and animals left standing. But, they all soon died. Nature itself is taking a beating and now gone to bits. It’s all the birds’ doings.

They dropped more types of fire to Geukia again. Till the country is no more. It is gone and so are the people and animals living in it. All gone. Just the quiet depressed place where it has nothing now.

Chained Ghost Prisoners

Dear World,

Hi, my name is Harry Kats. This is my true story. When I went out with my friends I saw chained ghost prisoners walking in public. Strangers were afraid of them from what they’re dangerously capable of doing harm at this town. I just thought that the event happening got stranger. Odd enough to me that these are hallucinations. Obviously, my friends told that it is not. I was living it in reality. Ghost cops drag the ghost prisoners by pushing their chains hooked onto them. They walk in pain groaning and asking for help, but to no avail. Kids wanted to touch them, but their parents told them not to. I walk up to those criminals who are ghosts and tell them why they appeared at this particular place. They responded to me by saying to me I don’t have any clue, but we just did. They showed up from God knows where. I couldn’t make sense of the situation (as if it did). I decided to take pictures of them and did. Also, I was thinking of sending the photos to the newspaper company to make money off of them. However, if they will ever receive those. For me yes they will. I just keep thinking to myself that this isn’t real and not happening. These prisoners have committed violent cruel crimes from murdering innocent people, robbing businessmen out of billions of money, hacking internet sites, and any crime you can possibly name. I am trying to absorb the truths of all this event, which I have no alternatives, but to accept it. I call it the phenomenon reality for me. These ghosts can’t do any harm, because they’re already dead. The chained prisoners are walking on the lonely dark paths to their own living Hell. Normal people here have screamed in shocked by seeing what they don’t accept is real. Kids were shell-shocked from witnessing it. They would never call it a healthy lifestyle. It is all so odd. Bizarre you ask me.

The Spinning Gifter

Sally, is a young adult who works as a doctor at The Baptist Hospital. She is a care-free woman who loves to go out with her female friends. The day was perfect for her to go to happy hour with Mirta, Holly, and Bria. She goes to a bar with them and they talk about the good old times they’ve had before.

She suddenly feels weird of her stomach is spinning, and swirling. Bria suddenly sees the discomfort in Sally. So, do her other companions.

“Are you alright?” Bria asked her.

“I’m fine. Just little hiccups in my stomach. An itty bitty thing.” Sally said

She finally has gotten to her happy time. Mirta, and Holly tell Bria that she’s fine. Sally starts to hear conversations of people telling their family members what gifts they want for their birthdays. A spinning cycle was forming in her mind of the gifts people want that they requested.

She starts spinning and the gifts came out. They were dropping on most of the kids, and adults laps. They were thrilled to have them, but have no price tags, and where they belong to stores at all. It was all they wish for in music CDs, Blu-ray movies, clothes, books, and etc. They all thanked Sally.

Her friends were in shock and awe. So were the people who received the gifts. She left with her friends with amazement at what she can do that nobody else can. The people at the bar spread the news about the incident all around the city.

She and her friends went to their homes. But, the next day Sally woke up she turned on the TV at her kitchen. She listen and heard that they were talking about her incident. She was an instant celebrity. Sally couldn’t believe it, and didn’t know what else to think about it. She decided not to tell her friends at all.

The news reporters talk about her amazing gift. She turned it off. I can’t believe it she thought. It was as if the Gods think she is special. Night came and she slept it off in her bedroom.

The next week she got invited to most news local channels that want to interview her. She took one of them, opened it, read it, and has decided to do it. She starts to write a letter to one of the news channel stations agreeing that she will do the interview. The next weekend she went to the Postal mail and sent it in.

Weeks later she was interviewed by a news reporters live on TV worldwide. She cooperated with them accordingly. She explained that she got the gift assuming it was from God himself. The reporter asked her tough questions and answered them all. She answered them without any personal complaints.

The news staff were happy with her cooperation and the results of Sally’s interview. She waved at them bye nicely and went driving home. Days have passed and intentionally in the present day she started spinning, but this time no gifts came out. Could it be that I no longer have to deal with this nonsense anymore she thought.

Sally stopped, dropped to the floor, and gasped for breaths feeling real dizzy. She got up and laid on the couch catching her breath. She has a sigh of relief that thank to God she doesn’t have this magical power any longer and is happy that she isn’t dealing with it anymore.

Arrival of Andrew’s Ghost Dad

Dear diary,

My name is Andrew Starts. My dad Phil visited me as a ghost himself at my home various times, years after he was executed for murdering the Mayor of our city in the electric chair. In my view he was wrongfully accused for killing the mayor of Los Angeles, California. He told me that no matter what people think of him, that it should not let it destroy me. It shouldn’t define the truth, which he is living a lie. I know that he didn’t do it. It was only my belief that counts and matters to him the most. The real killer is set free. My dad was framed. We talked about our happy moments we’ve had since I was a kid, and grown to a young adult. He began telling me decent jokes, and it made me laugh. I didn’t care what the world views my dad as a monster. I only care how I view him as a nice, decent, honest, and caring person with a good heart. He would never hurt anyone. It was great he came back as a ghost at my home to meet with me, and my family. I got to tell him about my life adventure happy moments, since he wasn’t here. I won’t ever forget his visit to me, my wife, and my wonderful kids, whom will always think of him as a saint. I love him. Our family and friends will always love him.


Andrew Starts

Ghost Feel And Seem Real, Or It Isn’t?

Have you ever thought of ghosts that are tracking your everyday life moments anywhere you go someplace? Most of us seem so. I think if anyone has recently died that we do feel like if they still exists. This is part of the ghosts’ illusions. Think about it.

One way to know this is from the shocking death of Bruce Lee, for example. He died a long time ago, but his death is still a mystery. We feel his presence as if he is really here with us. It is strange when you think of ghosts helping you out, even close late family members. Think of it. You lose the closest person next to you, but it feels like s/he still exist. Creepy right? Well, I don’t know how to explain it.

There are lots of reasons why this feels so odd. We want our late friends back. There are lots of speculations that we see ghosts that we recognize. How do we know if we’re seeing them? Do we know if they are real?

Most of us think of ghosts, but really see that it is pure nonsense. Is it? We have to consider that our late family members are helping us. Ghosts might appear it may be. One thing however they appear at us when they want to say their last goodbyes to us.

People have different theories about ghosts. Some realize that you never see ghosts, and it is only in fiction, yet we always feel them. But are they real? A puzzling question for most humans that find interesting. Most people have different opinions of it. There will be people who think entirely different from anybody. Do we feel them? Are the late famous, or late important still alive, or are they ghosts that we see? This is how we feel them and come not sure of the theories of them. We are yet to realize if it is real ghosts we witness.