Arrival of Andrew’s Ghost Dad

Dear diary,

My name is Andrew Starts. My dad Phil visited me as a ghost himself at my home various times, years after he was executed for murdering the Mayor of our city in the electric chair. In my view he was wrongfully accused for killing the mayor of Los Angeles, California. He told me that no matter what people think of him, that it should not let it destroy me. It shouldn’t define the truth, which he is living a lie. I know that he didn’t do it. It was only my belief that counts and matters to him the most. The real killer is set free. My dad was framed. We talked about our happy moments we’ve had since I was a kid, and grown to a young adult. He began telling me decent jokes, and it made me laugh. I didn’t care what the world views my dad as a monster. I only care how I view him as a nice, decent, honest, and caring person with a good heart. He would never hurt anyone. It was great he came back as a ghost at my home to meet with me, and my family. I got to tell him about my life adventure happy moments, since he wasn’t here. I won’t ever forget his visit to me, my wife, and my wonderful kids, whom will always think of him as a saint. I love him. Our family and friends will always love him.


Andrew Starts

Ghost Feel And Seem Real, Or It Isn’t?

Have you ever thought of ghosts that are tracking your everyday life moments anywhere you go someplace? Most of us seem so. I think if anyone has recently died that we do feel like if they still exists. This is part of the ghosts’ illusions. Think about it.

One way to know this is from the shocking death of Bruce Lee, for example. He died a long time ago, but his death is still a mystery. We feel his presence as if he is really here with us. It is strange when you think of ghosts helping you out, even close late family members. Think of it. You lose the closest person next to you, but it feels like s/he still exist. Creepy right? Well, I don’t know how to explain it.

There are lots of reasons why this feels so odd. We want our late friends back. There are lots of speculations that we see ghosts that we recognize. How do we know if we’re seeing them? Do we know if they are real?

Most of us think of ghosts, but really see that it is pure nonsense. Is it? We have to consider that our late family members are helping us. Ghosts might appear it may be. One thing however they appear at us when they want to say their last goodbyes to us.

People have different theories about ghosts. Some realize that you never see ghosts, and it is only in fiction, yet we always feel them. But are they real? A puzzling question for most humans that find interesting. Most people have different opinions of it. There will be people who think entirely different from anybody. Do we feel them? Are the late famous, or late important still alive, or are they ghosts that we see? This is how we feel them and come not sure of the theories of them. We are yet to realize if it is real ghosts we witness.

Sides Of The Mirror

Chester Hahn is at home almost finishing his breakfast, while watching the news on TV. He is done and went upstairs to his room. He dresses in his clothes, and brushes his teeth.

He looks at himself in the mirror counter and sees something strange. In the mirror he witnesses his reflection of himself in it depressed. It is different from his in the real life side, which he is happy. He wonders why in the reflection of the mirror is a sadistic person.

“Chester, in this side in the mirror people and me are dying from the spread of the plague,” his reflection of the mirror said

“But why is that? There is nothing terribly wrong on this other side of my real life.” Chester said

“I know. You’re happy there. But, you won’t see your own reflection in this mirror anymore, because of this disease in here.” The reflection said

“This is odd. It is sad what is happening in there, also.” Chester said

“I don’t look so well. I’m ill.” the reflection said

“I can tell. But, it is important to have my own reflection in the mirror, if not than I will be having serious problems. What can I do to help?” Chester said

“I’m afraid there is nothing you can do.” the reflection said

“This is a major bummer for me as, well. But, I’ve got to go to work.” Chester said

He went to work. He found the problem depressing for him. If he could only fix this problem. But, how can he? A rather complex problem to solve.

He went back home from 8 hours of work. He goes in his home and runs upstairs quickly to his master bedroom facing the mirror counter. He looks at it that his reflection is no longer there. The other side of him died inside its mirror, while on his real life side he is alive.

The Chester side inside the mirror has died from the plague, as well as the other people. Could Chester probably think that most people in real life will have the same problem he has from the mirrors? He thinks this is all so surreal to realize it.

Present Year, Past Year, Present Year, Past Year, and Than…

Dear friends and families,

My name is Samalia Horten and I live in New York, New York. I only have one issue with this planet and that is years coming, and going backwards. I am living in the present year, 2016. The whole year passes by, but by the next year is now 1945, post World War II. When the year is 1945, that year passes within all the days, and then the next year is 2016 again. I am trying to figure out why we can’t go on to the next year that should be 2017. This is all very bizarre. I keep hearing about the Chicago Cubs that have won the World Series title, and then about some recent famous celebrities that have all died in the same 2016. I hear all this all of my life, and I have to get used to it. The next year, which is 1945, again all I hear about is moving forward during the post World War II era. My life is crazy. It’s like this in order: It’s 2016, Next year it’s 1945, Next year is 2016, 1945, 2016, 1945, and so on. You get the picture. We can’t get to the next 2017. It’s all only about 2016, and 1945, throughout our lives moving in circles. I’m trying to figure out how to live through it.




Samalia Horten

Sucking It All Up

The solar system was all quiet and positive. All different kinds of species in most living planets are having fun, and others difficult times. The sun shines bright all over space. The planets rotate around the sun. However, one alien whose name is Larry is bigger than the sun and he is roaming all over the solar system.

For a long time he had wanted a taste of the solar system. He knows that planet Earth is still around and others like it, also. He wanted something to suck up eating and drinking. He is thinking to himself why not the whole solar system.

He is thinking about it and is happily going to try this idea. His mouth is used as a vacuum cleaner by sucking the whole solar system. The whole entire thing is all being drank, like the sun, planets, meteors, and etc., inside of it. The living species were all crying for help, until it is all gone.

There is nothing. Only Larry himself. He feels bored standing on blank nothing, like it is a blank page. He thinks to himself that’s what he gets for sucking up the whole solar system. He has ended the entire civilizations and the solar system as we know it. It was all, because he was hungry and thirsty.


The Earth As Of Now

In Earth the civilization has ended. The planet is now an old deserted and empty place. The winds blow all the letters moving to left and right. They are letters from the deceased people pleading to God for the world not to end and others wrote of wishing for another planet to hope a new civilization to arise.

The letters were probably too much to ask for God, or might be a miracle in the works for another species to appear in another planet. However, the letters drag along in the ground and air.

But, in Venus is occurring a rise of a new life-like planet, and perhaps that promising new civilization of a new age in time. Will time rise and come back again? A puzzling question still yet to be realized.

Jogging With Imaginary Characters

Amelia dressed into fitness clothes. She started to go outside her neighborhood. She walks outside of her neighborhood.

She is jogging in the afternoon. Amelia was sweating and passed through several stores, pharmacies, and restaurants. She turned left to the other side of her neighborhood.

All of a sudden pink cartoon elephants appear to her left, and right side of her. She felt awkward and embarrassed. The strangers took notice of her situation, and they all laughed at her. It was the pink elephants they were giggling about. She felt awful.

“Why did both of you pink elephants suddenly decide to jog with me?” she says

“We like you.” they say

“Well, I don’t like neither of you! So, get out of here! You’re embarrassing me!” she says

“We can’t!” they say

“Yes, you can! Now, bug off!” she says

The strangers laugh even more at how this event is occurring.

“Nah, this is too much fun.” the left elephant says

“You’re both incredible! I’ll make you go away!” she says

“No, we won’t let you!” the right elephant says

“Watch me!” she says

She is using her imagination to make them vanish and they finally did. They aren’t there anymore. They were erased from her memory. Now the fun the strangers had with her is over. They felt bored and disappointed, but she felt victory. She is proud of herself for standing up to the cartoon pink elephants. She arrived at her home and went inside. She took a satisfying bath in her bathroom. She celebrates her outstanding victory.