Movie Review, “Star Wars: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Star Wars: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the movie prequel, that sets up the epic battle to the film, Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope. It is about a group of unknown rebels joining the Rebel Alliance on a mission to set out to steal the plans of the Death Star to haveimage any chance to destroy it. Actress, Felicity Jones portrayed very well as the character Jyn Erso in this Star Wars film.  This is an excellent movie prequel to the follow-up to, Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope. You see two short cameos from Darth Vader, and the only one cameo from Princess Leia is at the last scene of the film. I give this film 4.5 stars out of 5. Excellent film.

Somehow, Luke Skywalker is in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Warning: This post includes spoilers! If those of you haven’t yet seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I advice you not to read this! Most of us have seen the new Star Wars movie installment. Luke Skywalker was in that movie. But, only for five minutes at the very end of it. Rey travels to a mountain and she hands the lightsaber that belongs to Luke to Luke Skywalker. Now there are a few questions lurking in that ending. Why is Rey there with Luke? How did she end up there? Where are they at? Why is Rey giving to Luke Skywalker the lightsaber? Why does Luke still stands there just staring at her being handed his lightsaber to him? I think J.J. Abrahms want for the most of us to keep guessing. It is pretty clear that the secrets they have for the next movie we’ll just have to wait and see it when the next installment comes out. Han Solo has been killed by his own son Kylo Ren. So far the next movie also will show Anakin Skywalker in the next Star Wars movie. We still don’t know how he will look like. This time I have heard that he will look entirely different. There are many clues to Star Wars episode 8. There are many answers to be solved. However, the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens has grossed globally to more than 1 billion dollars across the globe. For now just enjoy the new movie. Till later we will see what happens in episode eight of the Star Wars franchise.

Dr.Chris Record Spotlight : Star Wars

See the original pictures of Star Wars where it all started. Enjoy the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters everywhere.

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This month in honor of The Force Awakens coming to theaters today we look at the original  film soundtrack. Now instead of telling you all the features  with the soundtrack and why it’s so great, I’m going to share with you some memories.


This is STAR WARS wig music by the great John Williams  who has conducted  the score for all 6 previous  films. You don’t need me to tell you why it’s so epic and awesome. John won an Academy  Award for the score in 1978.
My father had a copy for many years and he gave me his when I got my own stereo. It was a little best up but still loved it none the same. I would listen to this for hours as a kid as we didn’t own a copy of the movie. This was he 80s and VS movies were not cheap. 

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