Star Wars: The Force Awakens (opinion)

One question remains of all Star Wars fans is: Should Luke Skywalker appear on the new installment? I think he should. He might appear in the new movie once it is showing in theaters. Well, he won’t be in the whole film, if that is what most of you hope will happen. Anyway, it looks like Luke Skywalker isn’t in the film. It is like he has been erased. However, there is a mention of him appearing in the next new Star Wars trilogy. Let’s hope he comes in the 8th installment of the series. I have no idea if the fans will be disappointed if he doesn’t appear in any if these films. I think they probably won’t care for it. He will appear anyhow, but maybe not the first one that will be shown by Disney. One other question: Is this is a smart move by not letting Luke Skywalker appear in this new movie? Maybe, we will see him for only five minutes and that’ll be it. Luke is the most important piece of Star Wars. In my opinion he should be in the film, but that is up to the director. Once we see the new Star Wars installment we will know.

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