Be Friends With Nice People Instead of Being Enemies

No one likes a fight and a war. No one wants to start a fight over something silly, or that is already settled. Some people take their personal lives way too serious. I think it is time to go to a Psychiatrist for therapies. You will start to feel better. Some have anger management problems and they want to be that same stubborn self. I think we need to do away from anger, because it creates much violence and crimes all over the world. Read a psychology book, or start reading some Psychology Today magazines. I bet that you will be feeling fine. Think for 10 minutes of what you are doing, or talk to someone before it gets way out of hand on you. The smartest choice is friendliness. Don’t confront whiners. Don’t confront people who hate innocent things. Just ignore them. Be yourself and start to act normal. Occupy yourself by reading books and listening to music. Take time off to let out your steam from your mind. Be happy and nice.

Living In Peace and Harmony

If you want peace make peace with all people. Especially love your family and friends. God gave you love. It’s time to show compassion to your family. Living in peace and harmony is getting along with everyone. Some people won’t change, but showing sportsmanship is best. Think of the happy places you’ve been to. Think of your family always in memories. If you own a dog show him love. Love one another. Peace is love. Your greatest gifts are peace and harmony. Like John Lennon once said, “Give Peace A chance.” It goes the same for you all. Remember no worries, and no problems. Love conquers all.

Evrything should be Cool with You

Most people feel they are cool. Everything has to be cool with you, if you want a glorious career. You have to be cool with most people. It all depends on you. It also depends on me. It depends on all of us. If you want people to accept you. You need to be forgiving and sharing. I have learned through the course of the world that all things need to be cool with me. It means no anger, jealousy, and hatred towards others. Anyway, the world isn’t perfect, so let’s just, say most of us. You need to be cool, even if some situations aren’t. I am cool with you and you are cool with me. It is easy to accept. Being cool means that nothing is bothering and disturbing you. You should feel that heaviness has been lifted towards your shoulders. Don’t get into mixed feelings in the present, because it makes matters worse for the negatives. Be happy means that you are cool. Feeling fine also means the same. Once you practice these steps everything turns out well.

God didn’t put you here to Fool Around

When you are an adult some of you want to do foolery. God didn’t send you on Earth to fool around. He put you here to make a difference, and get along with all races of color. Why do we fight over small stuff? Small stuff doesn’t matter at all. Some people mistreat certain people. Even some sons and daughters mistreat their caring parents. I think there should be a stop to fooling around. If some haven’t changed of not fooling around, then those fools should be punished. I think this world is much better without people who do foolery. God hates people who love to fool around. He doesn’t reward them, but make them pay the price. I think it is best to understand people with person’s language. This always works. If we do this, then everything is fine. God loves people who don’t make a big deal out of little things. God wants us to love each other. Let God guide you by not listening to the Devil. If some listen to the Devil, let them get in trouble. You’ll see that they will have huge problems forever. Most of us love people who do care. God gave you a gift, and that is love.

Erase Your Nice Friends’ Negative Past and Forgive Them

Most of us don’t realize that some of the nice people want to make amends to their friends for their mistakes they’ve done in their past. It is easily overlooked by most people. We enjoy whatever is out there, but we don’t approve of them, because of the hurts from them. The people who are nice are the ones who want to be forgiven. They want to be friends again. If we want to change the world. We need to start with those lonely nice people. Who knows? The world will heal once it did before. Be understanding to most of them who want a change for good. This isn’t difficult as may you think. Some of you think they are unreliable and smart-asses. Sorry to use the bad word, but it is spelled this way. Anyways, what I am saying is don’t overlook them by your false accusations of them from the present. Hear them out and take a chance on them. If it does work: great! If it doesn’t then you have every right to be and feel upset: walk away. Taking chances never hurts. It heals the world. We are in many sides of the world: good and evil. We can’t false step on every little thing, just because we depend on small things. I think for those who like sports teams. It goes like your team will win once it did before. You just need to be patient and be a fair sports fan. The same goes for all little things. I sometimes get a little too sensitive, also. You’ll laugh once I tell you, but I will allow you to. It’s no problem for me. When something doesn’t come in the mail like a magazine. I get upset, but now realize it’s no big deal. It’s just a magazine. The only thing is I control my anger towards small things. I learned not to concern with stuff ever. We have to count for people all the time, and not things you will get later, or won’t. Forgive all those nice lonely people for their hurtful mistakes towards you. We are all equal. We are not perfect. We all make mistakes. We are a work in progress. We are happy and positive.

Take Away Your Sins

I have sinned before, and made up for all of them. We all want to be without sins, but some of us did have it. I am happy and positive. You should too. I forgot about all of my problems and mischiefs. I think we go through a process that we do the wrong things without ever realizing it. The next day we feel bad, and want to apologize to the same people. This is the best thing we should do. I think we can be friends again. I have changed my habits to not make fun of people ever again. This was a sin for me. Most of you can do this. It is easy, but it isn’t a simple process. Most people have to witness you that you won’t do it again. I think this is doable. I did it. Tell me about some of your sins, and we’ll forgive you. No one should be left out. Remember that anything is possible, but some things have a little percentage of happening. Focus on the things that are reality, then you will begin to feel positive. Our lives are different. We don’t think the same. The smart thing is to think happy for what you have. After all that, your sins will go away. My sins have been gone away, and yours will too. Trust in God that everything will be fine. I think that some people don’t want to take a chance on some of us, and they won’t change their way of thinking. However, the other side is much bright. Listen to your friends who are there for you. Remember God and Jesus will help you along the way. Most of us will be sin-free.

Have Time To Hang Out With Family

I always hear that most people love to hang out with their friends all the time. But, in this instance I consider to hang out with my family in my spare time. What I envision is to have some days with friends, and the other days to hang out with family. When we are young we don’t want to be with our parents anymore. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about them. It means we are now adults. One thing for sure is that family doesn’t walk away from you all of the time. Take some time to have fun with family, and I promise you that you’re friends aren’t going anywhere. You can think about family and friends altogether. It is something of my offering. I think family comes first, after friends. I’m sure you too want to start a family of your own, and then you’ll soon understand what I am saying. Don’t back out on your family, just because you hang out with friends of your independence. Maybe, they miss those times when they want to talk to you. I hear parents say in their older years “I miss my sons and daughters. I hope they come back, and visit us someday.”. This is a sign where they chat with you even if it is for a spare time. Have some consideration that they still need you, because they haven’t seen you for a long time. I know you care, they also know you care, but at least show it to them. They’ll remember the days you did.